Searching endlessly to find the best of entertainment for enjoying it right from the comfy of your sofa at home? Then, Terrarium TV is your one-stop destination for all your daily TV/Movie indulgence with content from all over the world.  

Terrarium TV (TTV for short) is an app that lets you watch, stream or download TV Shows and Movies at 1080p HD Quality for free. Yes, you heard it right, absolutely FREE.

about Terrarium TV: Installation and Common Issues


As long as you have an internet connection and an Android device running at least its 4.0 version or above; you are ready for launch into the skies of blissful entertainment.

Officially, TTV is available on Android exclusively. The developer has also explicitly said that he will not be creating an iOS version, however, that has never stopped us from emulating it on other platforms.

Continue reading, and I will inform you on how to download and setup TTV on all major platforms, such as iOS, PC, Android TV and Fire TV/Stick.



Terrarium TV has an intuitive and a somewhat elegant interface. The main menu is clearly structured and you can see the most popular shows right away.

You can filter the series by genre and the app features a nifty search bar.

After finding your choice of series, you will be directed to all the seasons available.Select the season and the episode that you want to view and quality options will pop up. Typically versions in 360p, 720p and 1080p are available.

Terrarium TV

Select your quality choice and you can then choose your subtitle choice. The subtitles are in English by default. TTV currently supports four subtitles server: OpenSubtitles, SubHD, Makedie, and Zimuku.

You can also enable parallel load mode: this allows TTV to multitask and load up source list faster using parallel connections.

Two column view is available for easier access.


For Android

Terrarium TV is NOT available in the Google Play Store. As such, all versions and apps that are available on Google Play Store are bogus; download them at your own risk.

The official TTV is site is no longer available and you need to download the app from third-party sites. The best places to download the app is via APKmirror and rawapk.

To enable installation via the third-party app; you need to tweak your phone setting.

Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Source.

You can then use your file manager to find the TTV apk and install it on your android phone.

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For iOS

As I have mentioned earlier, Terrarium TV is not available for iOS. And as of the current status, a few websites claim to install TTV on Mac devices using an Android Emulator.

But these are just the false pieces of information which come with the motive of misleading users into downloading the application.

There are load of sites that claim you can use Vshare to download TTV for iOS; they are all fake. Vshare is a third party app to install paid iOS apps for free. TTV is not even listed on the App Store, let alone as a paid App and as such TTV is not available on Vshare.

An act of over smart by installing it via third-party apps can prove to be really harmful to your iOS devices be it either Mac or iPhone.

Terrarium TV app

PC / Laptop

Similar to iOS devices; Terrarium TV is not available on PC. You can follow the same principle as above and use an Android Emulator to download TTV for PC/Laptop.

An alternative to Android Emulator is to download Kodi on your PC and Yatse on your android device. We will set up such that Yatse will have remote access to play the media on your PC/Laptop.

To set this up; on your PC/Laptop

  1. Open Kodi → System → Settings.
  2. Select ‘Services’ from the left menu
  3. Select ‘Web server’ → enable ‘Allow remote control via HTTP’
  4. Remember the PORT number; which we need later on
  5. Select ‘Remote Control’ and enable both ‘Allow remote control by Programs on this system’ and ‘Allow remote control by programs on other systems’.

On your Android device that has TTV installed

  1. Open Yatse → Manage → “+”
  2. Select ‘XBMC / Kodi’ – ‘Add a running Host”
  3. Click ‘Skip’ or ‘Next’ if it has finished searching.
  4. Enter the IP address of your PC/Laptop (search in google if you don’t know how to find your IP address)
  5. Enter the PORT number (the PORT number we saved from the previous steps)
  6. Click ‘Add Host’. Now you can select the host of your choice in the ‘Manage’ window.

To stream Shows/Movies

  1. Open the Terrarium TV app on your android device
  2. Select the show, season, episode and the video quality
  3. Select the video source, and tap ‘Open with..’
  4. Choose ‘Play on media’ and your PC/Laptop should show the fullscreen video.
  5. You can now control Kodi with Yatse, and view TTV on your PC and Laptop

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Other Platforms

You can use Terrarium TV on various other devices such as Android Box or Fire TV/Stick.

To install TTV on your Android Box, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings → Security and Restrictions
  2. Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’
  3. Open your browser and search for ‘Terrarium TV apk’, download the apk
  4. Open the apk file by finding it via your ‘File Browser’ and install it.
  5. Open the TTV app and allow it to access your location
  6. Choose ‘Yes Player’ as the default player
  7. Accept the disclaimer
  8. The first time you view a movie/show, you will be prompted to install ‘Yes Player’, click ‘Yes’
  9. Now, your Android Box has been customized and you can view shows/movies to your heart’s content.

Depending upon your Android box, the above steps may differ by a little amount, however, the underlying principle is the same. If you understand the above steps, you will be able to install TTV on every android box intuitively.

Terrarium TV downloads

To install TTV on your Fire TV/Stick, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over Settings → Device
  2. Click Developer options → Apps from Unknown sources
  3. Click ‘Turn On’
  4. Then from the Home screen → search for Downloader
  5. Click Downloader → Click Download → Open
  6. Click Browser → Click OK for Java Disabled Message
  7. Click select button on remote to open keyboard
  8. Search for ‘Terrarium TV apk’ and download the apk
  9. Click Install and Open the App
  10. Allow all Terrarium TV prompts and choose ‘Yes Player’ as the default video player
  11. Accept the Terrarium Disclaimer
  12. The first time you play a show/movie, you will be prompted to install ‘Yes Player’, click ‘Yes’
  13. Terrarium TV is now installed in your Fire TV/Stick.

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Terrarium TV on Smart TV

Smart TV

Install Terrarium TV on your Smart TV with these simple steps.

Follow these steps:

  • Head on to the Menu screen of your Smart TV ->Open Settings
  • Move to the Preference option and click on “Security & Restrictions.”
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in the settings to allow third-party apps.
  • Visit Play Store app on the Smart TV and Download ES File Explorer.
  • Download the Terrarium TV app and copy it to a pen drive
  • Connect the pen drive to your Smart TV and Open the ES File Explorer
  • Now, Select the pen drive and steer to the APK file
  • Click on Terrarium TV.apk and Install it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • The last step is to click on the app and run it to enjoy seamless entertainment.

Voila! Now enjoy the best of entertainment on a giant screen.


No app is perfect. In the TTV app, you may encounter instances where incorrect information is displayed, season/episodes for your show are missing as well as no source for what you want to watch.

The app retrieves its movie and TV show titles/episodes from TMDb (The Movie Database). TMDb is a user-driven site; this metadata is sometimes not complete, and as such TTV is unable to search for its corresponding show/movie.

You can contribute to the metadata (TMDb) if you know the correct information which will help everyone.

There are also cases where you are given incorrect sources; however, TTV can’t resolve this issue as it doesn’t host any files.

issue with Terrarium TV

TTV sources many different sites for the relevant videos and if videos are uploaded with incorrect information; TTV has no way to distinguish it.  In case of incorrect sources, the only solution is to try other links.

Certain sources also ask that you verify yourself using captcha; their purpose is to verify whether the user is a human or a bot. You can turn this off in the TTV settings.

Terrarium TV creates a high amount of cache. Common issues such as ‘no update notification’ as well as app crashes are a result of high cache, and as such regularly clearing cache in the settings will smoothen your app experience.

Alternatives of Terrarium TV


Movie Box HD is similar to Terrarium TV, both in design and looks. It is a product of Sky HD and HD cinema developers. With Movie Box HD, you can download and stream movies, and shows offline, free of cost. It includes a search toolbar, allowing you to find your favorite shows and movies in a jiffy.


Another terrarium TV alternative for perfect viewing of shows and movies seamlessly is ShowBox. ShowBox lets you find media content from all parts of the world. Also, you can enjoy exclusive content right at your fingertips from the language of your choice.

Just like Terrarium, ShowBox conveniently lets you download and view media offline, without any additional charges, and no signup required. While streaming and downloading you can set the resolution of the content, and there is no limit to how much a user can download.


PlayBox is yet another exceptional platform to view content from all over the world. With PlayBox, you can set up the resolution in High-Definition and 4K as well.

It allows you to have access to thousands of videos spread out in different sections along with animated movies, animes and even more. Be it a classic or a movie still playing at the theatres, all you need to binge on is available in PlayBox.



There are various alternative show/movie streaming apps available, however, Terrarium TV is one of the best apps of its kind.

From its aesthetic to its simple interface; TTV stands out from the masses.

There are some ads in the app (the devs have to eat too), however, it is not obtrusive and usually, you can press ‘back’ to exit the ads.

All in all, you will be hard-pressed to find a better Show/Movie streaming app than Terrarium TV.

So try the Terrarium TV app and let me know in the comment sections below what you think of the app.  

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  • How do I adjust the subtitle settings?

Subtitles can be modified according to your preferences.

Go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Choose Subtitles Languages’ → choose your language and press ‘ok’.

Terrarium TV doesn’t make subtitles. It shows different subtitle sources according to the server you have chosen for your video.

You can also download and use local subtitle files, however, you need to enable this feature by going to ‘Setting’ → ‘Apps’ → and allow the storage permission.

In case of subtitles not being synced, you can use a different subtitle or use ‘MX player’ which has a feature for syncing subtitles.

  • How do I download to an external SD?

With the option to download and watch your series/movies, later on, TTV directly downloads to your device’s own memory. Currently, TTV doesn’t support the function to directly download to an external SD.

However, you can use other download manager apps and configure system settings such that the videos are directly downloaded to your external SD.

The Dev has said that he is working on creating an inbuilt downloader to the app, Hopefully, he will also add the option to change the download location to an external SD.


  • Is there an Ad-free version for Terrarium TV?

Unless you have already purchased the Ad-free version (when it was available), there is no Ad-free version of TTV is available currently. The dev has disclosed no information regarding the implementation of an Ad-free version in the future.

Any Ad-free versions of TTV you find online are not official/supported, use it at your own risk.

  • Do you need a VPN to use Terrarium TV?

All videos on TTV are hosted by a streaming service provider. There is neither P2P activity nor torrenting in the app and as such, you are not required to use a VPN. As long as TTV is used for private viewing, there are no risks. However, public sharing via social media, online or any other platforms carries a risk for you.

It is important to protect yourself digitally, so an investment in VPN is a long-term investment. However, you do not need a VPN to use Terrarium TV.

  • Why does Terrarium TV need permission to access Storage/Location/Contacts?

TTV asks for permission to access Storage, Locations, and Contacts. You must grant permission to access storage; without which video playing is not possible.

The permission to access Locations is for ad-targeting only. You do not need to grant this permission.

The permission to access Contacts is to verify if you are a paid user or not. TTV reads your email id to verify if you are a premium user or not. Premium isn’t available at this moment; so unless you have purchased the premium version when it was available, you can deny this permission with no repercussions.  

  • Why is the subtitle not in sync with videos?

Terrarium TV does not create subtitles from their end, but it has specific streaming partners displaying subtitles from multiple sources. Selecting of subtitles rely on the server you have chosen to stream the media content. The subtitles you choose does not work, try applying other subtitles. We recommend you in using media players like MX and VLC for a better syncing experience.

  • Is Terrarium TV legal for viewing online content?

YES! It is entirely legal to watch shows and movies since it is using streaming technology. This technology is by no means related to the torrenting technology used for streaming videos. Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can browse and watch shows and movies anywhere and at any time.