About us


WhiteDust Blog was established in 2014 and within just a year it has garnered success and a moderate following. What started as a small blog has seen rapid growth and expansion into the blogosphere. The founder Aman Shams has been involved with a lot of other blogs. This has allowed us to grow as a company and become a major key player in the blog world.

WhiteDust has managed to collaborate with a wide variety of different blogs. Ranging from categories such as Business to Health to help garner and establish itself as the major go-to place for representatives looking to get something covered. We have managed to create a small group of experts and open a Consultation Firm.


WhiteDust as a blog is dedicated to publishing content related to Technology, Science, Health, Marketing, and facts about the world we live in. We employ a group of hard-working people, dedicated to bringing you more information from all around the internet. The main goal of the site is to help everyone learn and understand new things while helping others in achieving their dreams. The ultimate end goal is to establish a community of people willing to help each other. In a world filled with so much information, you have come to the right place to attain it.


We are always excited about working with other people and collaboration is one of our specialties. So, far in the short span of our existence, we have gone on to collaborate with plenty of other entities such as Wix, Bloggingcage, Bloggersideas, and Linux; among many others. We are always looking forward to more in the future.


We are currently partnered with a few sites. Our current effort is to establish a network where other people and entities interested can join in and hopefully create a creator-driven network that prevents other big networks from taking advantage of the hardworking content creators.





WhiteDust has offered a wide range of possibilities for professionals from all their respective fields. WhiteDust is currently a tightly run ship by our leader Aman Shams and his Co-Founder Ishwar Deep who together supervise almost everything that goes on under this company.

All our Health Articles are managed by Ishita Vardhan while Joshua Gabriel serves as the person in charge of all our Business Posts content. Our company’s representative and regional manager are Martina Louis. One of our recent addition to our team is Ishita Vardhan as the Chief-Editor. The founder Aman Shams is in charge of SEO and represents the company as a whole.


Aman Shams: Founder

Ishwar Deep: Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Ishita Vardhan: Editor in Chief

Elise Driteliga: Content Writer

Martina Louis: Content Writer

Joshua Gabriel: Management Team

If you need any help with making your own website or understanding the workings of it all, be sure to contact me.