The Ultimate Guide to AI Image Enhancement Tools 

A picture is worth a thousand words; if the picture you’re using for any purpose is a high-resolution one then it’s even better. It is sometimes quicker and easier to use pictures in your articles (especially news articles), research papers, emails (especially informal emails), etcetera to convey your message rather than type lengthy descriptions. 

The invention and release of Generative AI since the end of 2022 has eased all kinds of work done on a computer and that includes editing images using various kinds of software like Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint, Picasa, Canva, etc. 


Nowadays, people use only generative AI like Midjourney, DallE, Pixlr, Luminar AI, etc. to edit and enhance images rather than manually edit images. In this article, we’re going to have a look at what is an AI image editor, what are its applications, and whether AI image editors are free and safe to use.

What is an AI image editor and what are its benefits?       

An AI image editor works in the same way as any image editor except in this case, the AI software does all the photo-editing work. With AI image editors, you can add a background of any type to an image, alter the image’s background, remove the image’s background, remove any blurs in an image, alter the content, color, brightness, contrast, saturation, effects, and many other parameters of a virtual image. The benefits of an AI image editor are as follows.

  • Time-saving: AI image editors can edit any kind of image format faster and more accurately than a human editor. They can finish an image editing or even an image creation task in a few seconds or a few minutes at most when compared to a few hours taken by a human image editor. 
  • Better quality edited images: Since any kind of Generative AI like Midjourney, DellE, etcetera are developed by feeding them a large related database, they are more knowledgeable of and thorough with any known image editing software than a human editor. 

AI photo editors will surely use all the required photo editing tools and produce high-quality edited images whereas a human photo editor may or may not produce high-quality edited images. 

  • Very easy to use: To use an AI-powered photo editor, one only needs to input how one needs to edit an image or create an image and the AI-powered photo editor will do all the image editing or image creation work. 

One need not have knowledge of any image editing software or possess outstanding image editing skills if one is using an AI-powered photo editor to edit or create an image. 

  • Cost-effective to use: If you use an AI-powered photo editor to edit or create an image, you need not pay any money to a Photoshop specialist or any photo studio. You can get your work done in seconds or minutes and that too mostly free of charge. AI-powered photo editors are cost-effective yet effective to use. 
  • Gives you more time for personal development or to spend with family: When an AI-powered photo editor can finish your photo editing or photo creation work within seconds or a few minutes at most, you’ll obviously have more time to spend on personal development or your loved ones. This luxury of personal time was scarce before the invention of Generative AI software of all kinds.  

Top 5 AI image editor software in the UK

The following AI-powered photo editors have made editing and creating virtual images a piece of cake. One need not have exceptional image editing or creating skills to use them. Even a person with zero knowledge of photo editing or creation can get the desired image within seconds or a few minutes at most. 

AI-powered photo editors are especially extensively used by bloggers to upload high-definition images to their blog posts thereby making them more attractive and appealing. The following are the top 5 AI-powered photo editors in the world as of 2023. 


Canva is renowned for its user-friendly interface and its extensive photo editing templates that make photo editing easy and quick. Some basic photo-editing tools are available in the free version of Canva while you’ll have to pay a small annual fee to use the premium editing tools in Canva. 

The most famous feature of Canva is its Magic Edit tool. With Magic Edit, you can describe what you want the app to change and select how much of the image you want to change with the brush, and the editing will be done in a few seconds. If you want to know how to use the Canva AI image generator, kindly watch this tutorial to the end

This AI-powered photo editor has some basic photo-editing features such as sky replacement, perspective correction, and image relighting. The catch with this online image editor is that it is only free to use for editing up to 15 images. After that, you’ll need to pay a small annual fee to use this online image editor. The edited photos are instantly available for free download. 


This online free image enhancer even has a Google Chrome extension. This online photo editing software has an extensive collection of photo editing templates, photo editing tools, and photo effects to choose from. 

All you have to do is upload the image that you want to edit, tell the image editing software what edits you desire in the image, and let the AI do the photo editing job. If you want to know how to use this free online AI-powered photo editor, kindly watch this YouTube video made by Mrs. Anna Godfrey. 


This is one of the most advanced free online photo editors there is in the world. It has some vital photo editing options and templates for background altering, adding effects, filters, animations, colors, etc. You can even make picture collages on this application. 

Some of the most popular features of this application are a plethora of photo overlay options, stickers, and its premium photo editing options. You can either download the edited images or send them to your account on cloud platforms, GCP, Microsoft Azure, etc. If you want to know how to use Pixlr with AI to produce better quality images than Midjourney, kindly watch this tutorial video made by the company, Learning Design. 


This AI image editor even has a mobile app. You or the AI can choose from 100 plus filters, photo effects, background choices, graphic options, animation options, and even collage options. If you want to know how to use iPiccy with AI to create high-quality edited photos, kindly watch this video till the end. 

Our Take

Online AI-powered free image enhancers have certainly made life easy especially for journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, and professional photo editors. Using them, even a person who has zero knowledge of virtual photo editing and creation can create high-quality edited photos. 

Online AI image editors have eased a lot of manual labor that was required before their invention. They have also freed a lot of time for people that can be used for personal development or being together with one’s family. Photo Editing is an evergreen field and Generative AI has created a plethora of new opportunities for professional photo editors worldwide.


  • Are free online AI-powered image editors safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. Free online AI-powered image editors are 100% safe to use. Kindly ensure that you have a robust firewall and anti-phishing software installed on your PC just in case. 

  • What is the fundamental knowledge required to use a free online AI-powered image editor?

In order to use a free online AI-powered image editor effectively, one needs to know how to give the right instructions or prompts to the AI-powered image editor. This is a new field of AI known as Prompt Engineering

  • Which is the latest and most popular photo enhancer app as of 2023?

YouCam Enhance is the latest and most popular photo enhancer app as of December 2023. It was released on December 10th, 2023. The AI-powered avatar generator is the most popular feature of YouCam Enhance. 

  • Which is the most popular completely free online AI image editor?

Picsart is the most popular totally free online AI-powered image editor as of 2023. It is especially popular for generating attractive and highly customized AI-powered images.

  • Are AI-generated images subjected to copyright protection?

No, absolutely not! Only human artists can and have the right to copyright protect their images.

  • Can AI-generated images be sold online and offline legally?

Yes, absolutely. AI-generated images are not copy-protected and can therefore be sold by anyone legally anywhere in the world online and offline.

  • What is the major drawback of AI-generated images?

AI-generated images are not copyright-protected or intellectual property rights-protected. Therefore, they do not give originality to any artist or author and can be used by anyone anywhere in the world. 

  • How can AI-generated images be kept private?

Unless one shares AI-generated photos publicly on social media websites or cloud platforms, one’s images of any kind are always private. Kindly ensure that your PC has a robust anti-phishing, anti-malware, and antivirus software. 

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