Who doesn’t love Instagram? The network started as a place where people showed off their cooking skills and love for nature (mostly sunsets and views from aeroplane windows), but it quickly grew into something much bigger. Today, this is one of the social networks viewed as fertile ground for successful communication customers and improved online reputation.

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The photos are getting more tasteful than ever, so it’s hard to beat the competition that’s taking Instagram a bit too professionally. Don’t worry; there are some tricks and secrets that will help you master this network and build your influence over the crowd. We’ll skip those obvious tips like “post high-quality images and be interesting”. You clearly know that the only way to attract more audience is by promoting quality and creativity. Let’s focus on the Instagram secrets not everyone knows about. Some of them will help you build your reputation, while others will simply make Instagram more convenient to use.

So how to Remove Tags from Photos You Don’t Like?

Instagram users get too excited about challenges. One of the conditions for the most Instagram competition is to share the photo and tag your friends. That can mean only one thing – tonnes of tags you don’t want. Some of your friends are even worse; they decide to post embarrassing photos and tag you on them.
There is an easy way to get rid of those tags: tap the photo and you’ll see remove the tag option. Tap on it, and select Hide from My Profile. If you don’t want others to see the tag, tap More Options and choose to Remove Me from Photo. You also have the option to report the photo if it is spam or scam, so don’t hesitate to do that if you get tired of all the spamming.

new instagram tricks


⦁ You Need Recognizable Aesthetics

3-minSo you like experimenting with all possible filters Instagram offers? That’s cool, but your curiosity won’t help you establish recognisable presence on this network.

Brands and individuals who use Instagram professionally should make sure to maintain an organic vibe to their profiles.

If your followers recognise your aesthetics in the feed without looking at the username, you can call yourself a successful Instagrammer.

How To Zoom In?

You don’t have to put a lot of effort in it.
Just use the pinch gesture to zoom in and zoom out  to any of your
photos or videos in present in your feed.
It is as simple as that.

Now you can save your favourite photo in app itself

Instagram introduced a “Save for later” button. You can save things in the same way you like them — simply click the save button along the bottom of the post. Your friends won’t be able to see which posts you have saved.

How to Link to Important Content?

Why doesn’t Instagram allow you to post links in the photo descriptions? We’ll never get a reasonable explanation for that policy, but there is something you can do when you want to promote an important blog post or web page. Change the website URL in your bio. Then, use the space for photo description to ask your followers to click the new link. This strategy is not as convenient as posting a link directly under the photo, but it still achieves good results.For example, AustralianWritings, a company that offers assignment help for students, gets a great amount of traffic using this tactic.

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Emphasise the Details in Your Photo

You can create cool photos even if you avoid the filters. When you choose the photo you want to edit, go to the settings and tap Structure. Adjust the feature to your preference, and voila – you get a cool HDR effect without even using a filter. Of course, a nice filter will add to the fun. A lot of new features have been introduced. So many new filters have been introduced namely Perpetua, Amaro, buttonand, Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, Valencia and much more!You can also adjust the orientation of photos using button and use any of them, namely Adjust, Fade, Highlights, Vignette and

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How To Download Photos to Your Computer?

Now, this is a pretty serious issue for some Instagram users. For example, you see a lovely, inspiring post and you really want to save it, but the app doesn’t allow you to do that. Well, there is a simple solution called Log in with your Instagram profile and open the photo you like. The app will let you download it, share it on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, and print it.

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How do you see who you blocked on Instagram?

Initially, there wasn’t any tab to check the blocked users and you had to go and check each of the users manually whether the user is blocked or not.Recently, Blocked user tab was added. You can just go to settings, scroll down and you can find the Blocked Users tab. There, you can see the list of users whom you have blocked.

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Use Other Apps for Editing

You’ve surely noticed some photos that look way too professional when compared to the usual Instagram trends. Some of them have been taken with advanced cameras, so you might think your phone doesn’t stand a chance. You’re wrong! If you use different apps, you can add to the appeal of your photos and make them look livelier.
For example, you can use Camera+ – an app that features an awesome Clarity filter and enables you to manually adjust the focal and exposure points in the photograph. Snapseed is another cool app that allows you to retouch, adjust perspective and re-edit. It’s almost like Photoshop for the phone. Filterstorm Neue is a bit more complex to use, but the app will help you achieve that oomph on your profile.

Instagram introduced Story and live video

Now you can add a kind of status update on Instagram known as story. You can add a photo or a video which will appear on the top of your feed of the people who follow you. Just click the add story button and add a photo or a video at the instant. If you want to make the story of a previously taken photo or a video, just slide your finger towards the bottom of the screen and then the recently taken photos and videos appear and you can add them as a story.

  • Now you can go live straight from your Instagram app.So, share something great with your followers, go live and feel special!

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This is one of the greatest secrets for Instagram success: sharing posts at the right time. If you work all day, you might miss the activity peaks and share the photo at a time when fewer people are able to see it. If you want to get the most out of your Instagram activity, you have to be there during the busiest periods of the day. People usually use Instagram around 2.00 a.m. and 5.00 a.m., but you should definitely monitor the activity of your audience and come to your own conclusions. Then, you should serve your content when most of them are able to view it.
That doesn’t mean you need to stop whatever you’re doing to create an Instagram post. You can schedule your updates with tools like Latergramme, ScheduGram and like this, there are lots of tools.

Share on WhatsApp

Now you can share your photos directly on WhatsApp using the Instagram
app.You can find “Share on WhatsApp” button just below the copy URL
button just beside the photo or video shared by the user whom you
This can be a strategy by facebook to increase the buzz of all of it’s
owned social media apps.

new instagram tips and tricks

Use Instagram’s Potential!

Those tricks are pretty cool, huh? They will make Instagram a more convenient app to use, but the strategies will also boost your influence and popularity on the network. Remember: the plain old rules of posting good content on planned intervals are still valid. You just need to update them with some new methods that boost the effectiveness of the app we all love.

Frequently asked Q&A:-

How to increase the number of followers?

The million dollar question! Everybody strives to increase the number of followers. The main thing is being active most of the time.Besides that, you have to comment on most of the posts you come across in your feed.

Whenever you upload photos use the most popular and trending “#”.

Also include the location in your photos, many times people search for the location and if you have included the location, your photo pops up!

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