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All You Need To Know About AT&T Mobile Transfer As Per The Recent Research In 2020

Long ago, we left the dark ages, and here we are with so many technological advancements and breakthroughs. You can’t even function without smartphones, tablets, PC’s in this century.

Everything was invented for a purpose. The innovation of smartphones has made millions of people around the world get information at their fingertips. 

at&t mobile transfer


It’s vital for you to know that there are several things you can do with smartphones with the advent of many cool apps. In this article, I’m going to talk about one such app called AT&T  Mobile Transfer App and find out its significance.

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What is AT&T Mobile Transfer? How To Set It Up?

AT&T  is also known as AT&T Mobility, one of the largest service providers who have a chokehold on the telecommunication industry in the United States. It later decided to rebrand by calling itself AT&T.

It also offers 4G networks with LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. So What is AT&T Mobile Transfer?

ATT Mobile Transfer is a platform that allows you to transfer all the contents from an old phone to a new one. This application was launched in 2014, and since then, it boasts over 50,00,000+ downloads.

at&t mobile transfer

Steps to set up ATT Mobile Transfer-

First of all, using the app is very simple, and it is available on Google Play Store and in iTunes.

  • Download the AT&T Mobile Transfer app from the Google Play Store for Android and Apple Play Store for iPhones.
  • After installing, connect your old smartphone and the new smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the AT&T Phone Transfer application on both of the phones.
  • Now, open the app from your old phone where you will get an option “From this Phone” pops up on the screen and follows it up with a Barcode. This barcode will be helping you in transferring the contents.

mobile transfer

  • Now, scan the code on your old phone from the code reader that you’ll get in the new smartphone. It will get linked.

Why Should You Consider Installing AT&T Mobile Transfer? How Useful Can it Be?

at&t mobile transfer


Installing the AT&T mobile transfer app can be quite useful because it has served as a great transfer alternative to Google Backup and iCloud. It’s a quick and simple way to transfer data if you’re considering transferring contacts from Android to iPhone.

phone transfer

How Can You Transfer Contacts And Data From Andriod to iPhone? Does it Really Work?

Changing to a completely different operating system can be a big leap from your usual routine. Follow the steps given below to quickly transfer your contents from the old one to the new one.

  1. Download the AT&T Mobile Transfer application on both phones.
  2. The next step is to connect both phones to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Tap “From this Phone” option displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now, scan the device by granting permission to access contacts and other files you wish to be transferred.
  5. The QR code will be visible in the android phone.
  6. Now, open the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on your iPhone.  
  7. Click on the “to this device” option at the bottom of the screen and enter your AT&T phone number.
  8. Now, the screen pops up with a QR code aiming to pair the device.
  9. Select the files you want to transfer contacts from android to iPhone, and it also estimates the duration it takes to complete the process.
  10.  As the last step, tap on the “transfer” icon at the top right corner.

That’s it; you can stop the procedure or pause it anytime you want.


What Are The Things You Can Transfer From One Mobile To Another With the Help of AT&T Mobile Transfer? How Long Will it Take to Transfer? 

att mobile transfer


Now it’s time to go over what can be transferred through this app. You can transfer contacts, pictures, videos, music, call logs, SMS, MMS, and documents. Be aware that all formats of music and videos won’t be supported in all devices. 

AT&T only supports DRM-free music, and in the case of iPhone, videos from the android phones cannot be streamed.

  • iOS phones allow the transfer of pictures, videos, and contacts.
  • Android phones permit the transfer of contacts, pictures, videos, documents, SMS, music, MMS, and call logs.
  • In the case of Amazon Fire, it allows the transfer of contacts, pictures, videos, documents, music, SMS, MMS, and call logs.

at&t mobile transfer app


How long does it take to transfer?

The time taken to transfer contents from one phone to another depends upon the data size, connection speed, file size, and the download speed. The estimated time will be already displayed on the screen, and it will keep updating the duration at the time of the process itself.

att mobile transfer

5 Things You Must Know About AT&T Mobile Transfer in 2020

AT&T Mobile transfer app has proven to be an easy solution in helping you switch between iPhone and Android. Let me enlighten you with five things you must know about the AT&T Phone Transfer app.

mobile transfer


1. You can transfer 16 GB of data Transfer

The limited content you can transfer with an AT&T app is restricted to 16 GB. On the contrary, contacts do not count into the storage limit, but the thumbnails attached to contacts will not be transferred.

2. 3D Phone

If you move the content from the 3D phone to a non-3D phone, the process might experience some glitches. 

3. Multiple Transfers

You don’t need to worry about restoring all the data in a single session. You can complete the process with multiple transfers.

4. Uninstalling the app.

AT&T mobile transfer app can be uninstalled after your use. If you install it again, there will be no issues.

5. Check whether both phones are compatible

You must text TRANSFER to 6565 from the old phone to check whether the transfer will be compatible. If it does, then you will receive a text message with a link to download the AT&T mobile transfer app. 

You can also directly search for the app in the Google play store, Amazon App Store, or Apple Appstore.


Do AT&T Mobile Transfers Contain a Virus? Is it Safe to Install?

transfer contacts from android to iPhone

File security is an important thing to consider when downloading any apps, So AT&T Mobile Transfer App does not contain any virus. If anything suspicious is identified, you’ll be notified instantly. And yes, it is safe to install.


From Where Can You Download The AT&T Mobile Transfer App? Is it Free or Paid? 

You can download the app from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Store, and Amazon App Store.

The Mobile Transfer app is completely free, and the usage of the app is intended for a single-time use where the user has to upgrade or while purchasing a new phone.


What Are The Pros And Cons of AT&T Mobile Transfer?

The best advantage of any application is it increases efficiency and saves time. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the AT&T Mobile Transfer app. 

transfer contacts from android to iPhone



Quick and easy to use It takes time to transfer content.
Transferring contacts between phones is straightforward. Issues in the transfer of some contacts and calendar appointments.
Customer service is excellent. Ringtones cannot be transferred.
Data privacy options are fantastic. Text messages cannot be transferred; only logs are available.
Option to skip transfer iOS only allows the transfer of contacts, pictures, and videos.

A Complete Guide on How to Use AT&T Mobile Transfer?

As long as the Wi-Fi network which you connected is similar on both of your phones and there is enough storage space on your device, the process of transferring the contacts like contacts, photos, videos, call logs will be easier.

at&t mobile transfer


Using the app is very simple, the steps to transfer contacts from android to iPhone-

  • Connect both your old phone and new phone to the same Wi-Fi network, a pop up with “From this Phone” will show up on the screen. You will receive a barcode code to make the transfer.
  • Now, in the new phone, the option” To this phone” will be visible, select it and follow the instructions till you see a barcode reader.
  • Now, as a final step, scan the code displayed on the old phone with the barcode reader in the new phone. It links the devices, and the transfer will begin in no time.

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What Do People Think About AT&T Mobile Transfer? According to Internet Research And People’s Review.

Here are some of the honest reviews by the customers who have used and experienced the AT&T Mobile Transfer App.


at&t mobile transfer


mobile transfer


phone transfer

Final Verdict

According to the reviews and my experience with the app, there are some negative and positive things to consider. It’s quite a lifesaver as it saves a lot of your time by not letting you transfer data individually.

On the other hand, the app has some issues which have frustrated the users as well. Note that the issues brewed depend upon the devices and it may vary.  It worked fine for me. I recommend you to try it and make your own assumptions. 



1. How long should AT&T mobile transfer take?

At&T mobile transfer time depends upon the data size. File size and connection speed to restore your data to the new phone. It can be only used for a one-time transfer to be moved into the secure storage system.

2. Can I get a list of text messages from AT&T?

The extra charge is not levied for opting to use AT&T message Backup and sync. It permits you to send and receive text messages on tablets. Apart from this, you can also send messages by signing in at through the browser.

3. Can ATT print out text messages?

ATT does not have access to print out messages, but you can get the log of the date, time and number. Unfortunately, not the content of the messages.

4. Can AT&T transfer pictures to the new iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer your content like contacts, pictures, and videos from your old device to the new iPhone over Wi-Fi.

5. Can I recover deleted text messages from AT&T?

No, AT&T does not store text messages as it is wiped away from the servers. It’s possible to get it if you have a backup of your phone, then it’s possible to recover deleted text messages.


Have you already tried the At&t mobile transfer app? If yes, do let us know in the comment section below!

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