Amla is a humble fruit that has been continuously recommended by our ancestors centuries ago. You might be familiar with the phrase “bitter is better” because my parents think anything that tastes bitter is good for health.

Amla juice benefits

Well, it may be true for a few food items like radishes or bitter gourd, but Amla is on another level of being a superfood. This green colored fruit claims to give many health benefits and the source to eliminate the underlying cause of harmful diseases.


If you’re wondering to consider amla juice as one of your regular habits, you are in the right place. Let’s dive in to know more about Amla Juice Benefits.


What is Amla? Why do Our Grandparents So Revere it?

amla powder


Amla is native of India which grows in the deciduous tree. This greenish bitter round-shaped sour fruit has a distinct flavor that you will never forget in your lifetime. Especially in India, the fruit is used to curb hair loss and dire conditions extensively. 

amla powder

The word Amla descends from the Sanskrit word “Amalaki,” which holds the meaning “nectar of life.” Moreover, the central segment of Ayurveda claims that Amla has the power to balance three doshas in the human body rightly. 

Kapha, Vata, Pitta are the three doshas where it carries to eliminate the root causes of diseases. This is why our grandparents are obsessed with the benefits of amla juice. 


What are the Major Health Benefits of Amla Juice?

The tangy fruit has many benefits as it is available during the winter seasons. Another name for Amla is Indian Gooseberry, which is famous for its peculiar taste. The flavors range from bitter to sour as it contains many nutrients.

benefits of amla juice

Here are some of the health incentives you receive while tasting the Indian Gooseberry as a part of your diet. 

1. Say Bye-Bye to Your Acne

If you are suffering from a pimple ridden face, drinking a glass of Amla juice can go a long way in making your skin radiate. Make sure to drink or eat Amla regularly and get rid of your pimples with this effective strategy.

Amla juice benefits

2. Preventing Constipation

The inherent nature of Amla is known to carry many good health benefits. This is why it is said to prevent constipation, one of the most common problems faced by many people. It strengthens the digestive system because of its high fiber content. 

The anti-inflammatory properties can prevent constipation and prevent hyperacidity and stomach ulcers if you are suffering from them.

3. Improves Your Immunity

Amla has a rich source of Vitamin C, which has considerably more quantity than an orange. Moreover, it has 17 times more antioxidants than pomegranate. These qualities prove that Amla can build your immunity and metabolism

Since it has more than a fair share of Vitamin C content, Amla juice can fight against ailments and reduce the impacts of health-related issues such as cancer.

4. Fights Infections

You already know that Amla has a rich source of Vitamin C content for improving one’s immunity. Hence, Amla juice benefits your body against bacterial infections and fights against the common cold.

Suppose you mix the Amla powder with two teaspoons of honey, which offers relief from cough and cold. Therefore, Amla provides excellent relief against respiratory illness and infections.

5. Beautifies Your Hair

You might have heard about the wonder of curry leaves, the same way, Amla is proven to be an excellent hair tonic. It not only helps in promoting the health of hair but also increases blood circulation. 

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Having a strengthened hair follicle may help you walk with confidence because it gives you soft shimmering locks. Moreover, you can use Amla as powder, hair pack, or oil for maximum results.

6. Natural Blood Purifier

The nutrition-packed fruit has an excellent source of vitamins to make your blood vessels stronger. The antioxidant components present in a glass of Amla juice can efficiently detoxify your body. 

To make it more efficient, use Amla powder and add two teaspoons of honey or jaggery. This mixed solution acts as a perfect blood purifier and increases your hemoglobin content if consumed regularly.

7. Improves Your Eyesight

The presence of carotene in Amla is responsible for improving your overall vision. Consuming it regularly can improve your overall eyesight and relieve many problems related to eyes like intraocular tensions, watering eyes, itching, and cataract.

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8. Relieves Pain

If you are experiencing joint pains and other aches, Amla juice can relieve it if you add it as a regular part of the diet. The anti-inflammatory properties make Amla a natural medicine and natural cures your aches. 

For mouth ulcers, take some Amla juice and rinse your mouth well with it.

9. Aids in Weight Loss

Amla juice can speed up the process of losing fat in your body. But this is only possible if you pair Amla juice with the consequent workout. This combination will work wonders, and you will lose some pounds in no time. 

Get ready to reap significant benefits by including Amla juice or Amla powder, or candies in your diet. 

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Which Are the Different Ways Amla Can Be Used?

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These are the three most common ways Amla has been consumed.

1. Amla Juice

To taste the goodness of Amla by savoring its benefits through a drink. It is advantageous to drink the juice on an empty stomach every morning and boost your immunity.

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2. Amla Candy

Amla is a bitter fruit full of nutrients; feeding it to kids who are picky eaters can be extremely difficult. This is where Amla candy comes in to save the day. It permits kids and adults alike to find Amla candy as a healthy variant.

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3. Amla Pickle

People who love eating pickles as a side dish can find this variant helpful. Savor the sour and spicy taste alongside your favorite dish once a day.

Amla juice benefits

How to Apply Amla Powder for Your Hair and Glowing Skin?

Amla juice benefits

Amla acts as a natural conditioner for your healthy and shiny hair. Not only this, but it also slows down the hair greying process. Increasing blood circulation in the scalp is an effective solution to stimulate hair growth. For the best results, use Amla oil or apply Amla powder along with henna to strengthen your hair.

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For glowing skin, Amla works as an anti-aging component. According to Indian traditional medicine, regular intake of Amla juice can make a huge difference in enhancing your skin’s glow.


What do People Think About Drinking Amla Juice? According To People’s Opinion and Internet Research

Take a look at what people think about the benefits of amla juice from these screenshots.

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The Bottom Line

Consuming Amla every day in any form is the secret behind various benefits. It is an effective cure for various health issues and a remedy for hyperacidity and severe mouth ulcers. 

The Special fruit with plenty of antioxidants helps in the reduction of cell damage. Moreover, to reap more benefits, you can sprinkle Amla powder on top of fruits like banana, papaya, or apple as a snack.



1. What Happens if you eat Amla daily?

If you war Amla daily, you are sure to get glowing skin, improved eyesight, and increased energy. 

2. When should I eat Amla?

One of the best times to eat Amla is during the morning. It is especially good to eat it during the winter months.

3. Is Amla Juice good for weight loss?

Yes, as Amla juice helps in keeping your digestive system intact, it accelerates metabolism. This ensures to burn calories efficiently.

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