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11 Apps Like Offerup You Must be Aware as of 2020

2013 is the golden year because that is when two young entrepreneurs raised around $221 million to play havoc with Craigslist. 

It’s the troubling year for Craigslist because up until then it was the number one brand and a go-to website to buy and sell some of the used items online. Suddenly with the entry of OfferUp app, they realized there is a competition much stronger. 

offerup app

Well, all thanks to Nick Huzar and Arean Van Veelan, they found a mobile-driven local marketplace where we can buy and sell called OfferUp. Since the disruption by the OfferUp app, many apps like OfferUp have emerged.

If you are tired of using the OfferUp app and looking for an alternative, then you have come to the right place!


What is the Offerup app? How does the Offerup app work? 

OfferUp is one of the free smartphone apps that disrupted the giant “Craigslist” who sells things locally. It has become a popular app to buy and sell used or new items according to what people search on the internet. 

Now, how does the OfferUp app work?

It’s simple really if a buyer uses the “hold offers” button, then the item is clearly sold. Then the OfferUp app takes information for the payment for the purchased item.

It also works like if two people meet up, the buyer will offer the QR code and the seller can scan it. Ultimately OfferUp app provides all sorts of payment options for your convenience.


Why Do People Use It? Does This App Really Help Us in Selling and Buying Things?

People are bent on using OfferUp because selling things on the app is very easy compared to Craigslist because you don’t have to disclose your name, phone number, or email in your ad. The transactions are completely anonymous like how blockchain works.


apps like offerup


Yes, the OfferUp app has many features that any other app doesn’t have like its buyer rating system comes in handy as you can accept offers from only verified profiles. The tasks of uploading ads are really fast, taking more than one minute. 

Another advantage is you get low ball offers, but if you make a counteroffer, all will disappear for good. 


Are There any Other Sites like the Offerup of the Internet?

Like how the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” without question there are a lot of popular sites like OfferUp app that give you an easy to use platform for both buyers and sellers to despise their used stuff.

11 Best Apps Like Offer up you Know as of 2020

If you surf deeply, you’ll find that OfferUp is only the tip of the iceberg because there are a plethora of apps that sell you used items for prospective buyers. Do you feel like going on a shopping spree for cheaper prices then here you go, enjoy these assortments of apps that are close to providing services like OfferUp?

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1. TradeMade

TradeMade is an exciting trade and barter app, which is offers a video game-like trading interface. It allows you to add many items and services. This platform works like if you are good at something- for Eg. maybe you have the ultimate collection of comic books that you no longer find use, then upload them.

Now, you can trade or sell them and chat with the counterpart with the built-in chat system. 

sites like offerup                      

2. LetGo

LetGo is one of the most popular alternatives for the OfferUp app that lets you buy and sell easily. Many users have also commented about the likeliness, so that  it has been compared next to Craigslist. 

One of the best features you can expect is, it can immediately auto-fill your ads. If you have clutters and clutters of items to sell you can post them quickly to spruce up your ads. 

apps like offerup                        

3. Mercari

Mercari promotes itself as the “Selling App” making it one of the perfect apps like Offerup where you can buy and sell stuff locally from the list available. The app provides you with significant tools to advertise, ship, and withdraw money. 

The shipping options are plenty making you focus on making more bucks by selling and buying offering great deals.

offerup app                          


4. Close5

Close5 has made it easier to buy and sell unique stuff around your neighbourhood within seconds. From fashionable clothing to baby and kid items, the search within 5 miles will get your treasure delivered at an appropriate time. 

All you have to do once the message pops up is agree on the price, discuss the exchange on how you’ll exchange the item and that’s it.

offer up free stuff


5. Recycler

Recycler is another one of the sites like OfferUp where users can buy and sell stuff like vehicles and rental properties, not only that you can find normal items sold as well.

One of the amazing features of the Recycler app is that you can directly communicate with the owner from the app.

sites like offerup


6. Yerdle 

Yerdle is a little distinct from apps like OfferUp. Because this company helps you sell things for free as well, isn’t it great? It’s an exceptional way to get rid of your junk stuff because once you post the item, all the buyer have to do is pay shipping fees for the item. 

This way, you can receive credit if you sell more items you can get for free. This app, unlike Craigslist and OfferUp, isn’t for making money from old things but rather for swapping goods for good.

sites like offerup


7. Oodle

Oodle is another one of sites like offerup app because this helps you in putting up ads for items you’d like to put up for sale and also to find sellers who can find you things nearby your location. 

The fun things about this app are you can even sell your pets, and if you’re looking for a little ball of fur as your pet, you can easily find one. 

      apps like offerup

8. Listia

Listia is not similar to the OfferUp app but more likely to Yerdle, which is a leading platform that helps swap stuff for your required items. Same as Yerdle all you have to do is pay for shipping costs, but that’s even more eventful to get rid of unwanted stuff that’s been collecting in your attic.

offerup app


9. SocialSell

SocialSell is primarily a blend of social networking and classified ads. In this app, you can follow your favorite sellers, contact sellers, leave comments. This app is similar to Offerup app in a way because it’s only about selling all types of goods as you would do on Facebook.offer up free stuff


 10. eBay Classifieds

I guess we never knew that eBay has a classifieds section. Surprisingly it does. You never once thought about spending money on eBay. But yes, similar to apps like offerup eBay uses an auto location feature so that you can find your closest seller or buyer. From the app, you can post the add for selling items locally.

              offerup app                                       

11. VarageSale

Even VarageSale is quite different from traditional sites like OfferUp, but you have to connect with Facebook for this app to work. Otherwise don’t bother with VarageSale. This measure is to provide additional support by checking out the pages of sellers so that they don’t scam people.

offerup app


Does The Offer up App Provide You Any Free Stuff?

Yes, the OfferUp app provides new and used free stuff for sale, but you need to pay for the shipping expenses. Get great deals for free in your area and avail the local meetup opinions as well.

What do People Think About Apps Like Offerup? According to Internet Research and People’s Review.

People always wonder how to make apps like offerup and Craigslist. With the recent boom in the industry, the usage has increased, and many are trying to replicate the business, here’s a review for your consideration.

offerup app

offerup app

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The Bottom Line

With so many clusters tacked up in your home, it is easier to sell it with apps like Offerup. The items will be no longer used by you anyway. The amazing thing about sites like offerup is that you can exchange the items you no longer need items that intrigue you around your location.

All these apps potentially offer free ads and private contact, so spend some time, learn, and invest in something you want to buy.


1. Is the OfferUp app free?

Yes, the OfferUp app is available for free, and the software program is clean. 

2. Does OfferUp charge a fee?

Yes, the sellers who are listing the products for free must pay a 7.9 percent fee if the item gets sold to OfferUp. Buyers have to only pay for shipping costs.

3. Can you pay cash on OfferUp?

Yes, cash is the standard to accept in-person payments while you meet up to discuss an exchange. 

4. Which is better? OfferUp or LetGo?

Both the apps are modern and are very easy to use. Both apps are viable contenders for an alternative to OfferUp. It totally depends on you because some like the service of the OfferUp app while some may like the LetGo app better.

5. Do you have to pay taxes on OfferUp?

Yes, the sales tax depends on the location where the item was posted if you do an in-person transaction,  but OfferUp does not collect taxes on sales if it is paid in cash or through off-platform payment service.


If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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