Can you please observe two minutes silence for the moment when I ordered a double-breasted fur coat from an established online shopping site in exchange for one-fourth of my salary? They said, “it will be fun!” But none told me that I might get an oversized one that was supposed to belong to Rubeus Hagrid, the half-giant professor of Harry Potter!


apps like wish



I couldn’t even return the product as they didn’t provide this facility to discounted items. Right then I decided, I will never again go for expensive clothes in any online shopping app. So, I started searching for a shopping app that offers clothes at cheap rates. 

Soon my wish came true with “Wish”. And the first amazement popped up to my mind was, why is wish so cheap?


Here I’ve summoned up a complete guide for you about “Wish” and wish like apps. Check it out.


What is the wish app? Is it better than any other shopping apps?


Wish is a USA based electronic commerce platform. This online shopping site expedites transactions between traders and customers. It helps its users to increase discounts, explore unique commodities, and get all the products for sixty to ninety percent less than in local shops.

Sites like Wish are the heaven for deal hunters. You will get plentiful products here that won’t charge a slot, inside even postage. This is the key to this shopping platform to have 500+ million happy consumers across the world.

Henceforth, you can say in a nutshell, Wish is the most populous online shopping application in the world right now.


Is Wish better than any other shopping app?

When it comes to online shopping applications, then I have to admit there are many shopping apps that are very efficient and reliable. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Snapdeal, Junglee, Jabong, eBay, and Nykaa are trustworthy and provide fast delivery. Still, you will never get any product out there cheaper than Wish.

Now let me chew over the apps like Wish. Are there really any better apps like Wish right now that get you a smooth and affordable online shopping experience? As per the reviews of users and market analysts, there are some sites like wish that are even better than wish.

BangGood has a vast collection of products. You will get here almost every kind of electronic products, daily needed items, clothes. They offer great discounts and fast item returning facilities.



Overstock, a website like wish is doing great in delivering clothes and household chores. They offer several attractive discount offers.

AliExpress is one of the most prominent sites like wish. It is highly popular among both buyers and sellers.

Additionally, JollyChic, Fab, Lazada, YoShop, GearBest, LightInTheBox, SammyDress are very trustable and amazing sites like wish.


Why is wish so cheaper? Is it safe to shop on Wish?

The main cause behind the cheap prices of Wish products is, Wish sells those products that are actually cheap! These products are manufactured and sold in China, Indonesia, and Myanmar at the cheapest rates.

Wish buys those from the manufacturers at a cheaper price. Then they ship it across the globe. 


why is wish so cheap


Thanks to the extremely low shipping charges! As per the agreement between USPS and China Post, China delivers products to the USA at a super cheap rate. So, Wish faces no trouble to sell those products at a cheap rate.

Moreover, the organization keeps faith in the “take less commission and sell a lot of items” policy. Wish keeps only 15% of the sales as profit. Maybe that is the reason for them to have 500 million+ customers who drive Wish to cross the boundary of billion dollar’s revenue.

Now it may hover around your mind whether it is safe to do shopping on Wish or not? Let me clear your doubt.

This online shopping site is no less legit than eBay or Amazon. Still, you can’t be sure about the genuineness of the commodity until it is delivered to you. Several consumers have complained that the actual product is far from the picture that is displayed on the website. All the apps like Wish have chances to cause you this problem.

All I mean is, the unbelievably cheap product that you buy from wish, will definitely be delivered to you but there is no surety on how efficiently it will work. Wish is a good option for trying your luck, jokes apart!

You might face the issues of knock-offs in those sites like wish. Wish should never be your go-to application when you want to buy electronic goods. They are very poor in quality.

There are complaints against Wish that they sell clothes that don’t fit. Notwithstanding, Wish is 100% reliable when it comes to money issues. You can blindly type your debit card details here. Your private information is quietly safe here.


11 Apps like wish you must be aware of as of 2020


Do you think there is only Wish that offers you a leather bag at 2 dollars? No! Here I have summed up 11 more apps like wish that will overwhelm you. All the apps are available for both android and iOS devices.

1. AliExpress

This app like Wish offers a plethora of products from various brands. The price is unbelievably low. It offers several discount coupons. You will get free shipping on seventy-five percent products. They import commodities from China.

Everything from technical goods to wooden items, all are available here.


2. Zulily

Zulily is an app like Wish that is very popular among women, they sell clothes, swimsuits, footwear, pajamas, toys, gaming items, household stuffs like kitchen utensils and beddings, tech items etc.

Zulily mainly works for women and children. They sell over 9000 items. You may avail upto 70 percent discount on each product here.


This app like wish will amaze you with its diversified items. They avail a large collection of almost everything, from furniture to beautiful accessories.

This mobile application gets you more than a 75% discount on numerous items. The biggest attraction to shop here is the daily desks and weekly offers that Overstock offers every customer.


4. BangGood

It offers happy discounts to its customers. You will get here whatever you want from living commodities to clothing, tech products, accessories, and many more.

You will get 200000 exceeding products with great quality here. They arrange alluring flash sales every week. Moreover, a 10% discount is mandatory for first time purchasing.


It is not only a similar app like wish, but it is an extended part of Wish as well. But unlike Wish, Geek concentrates exclusively upon technical goods. You should visit the app when you want to purchase tech products such as earphones, speakers, wristwatches etc.

It offers a 50 to 80 percent recession on all the items.


6. Cute

Cute is an app like wish that focuses on beauty products. You can get attractive makeup products for 50 to 80 percent off here.



Hollar gets you 50 to 90 percent off on home items, kitchen stuff, beauty products, office goods, apparels, health products, grocery items, party items, pet supplies and tech items.

They offer lucrative “one dollar deal’ to their customers.


8. LightInTheBox

You will get millions of products here with lucrative discounts in those categories: fashion, prom, wedding, lifestyle, gadgets, technical, home decors, and fashion. More than 1000000 people from 200 countries do online shopping on this app like Wish.

You can save up to 59 dollars on your first purchase. This app like Wish offers 3% cashback every time when you purchase something here.


9. YoShop

You will get all kinds of ladies and gent’s clothing, accessories, sunglasses, pet supplies, home decorating items, wrist watches, and beauty products in this app like Wish.

You will get an extra recession on your first purchase. Products are cheap as well.

10. Mama

Mama is one of the Wish’s mobile applications. Just like the name of the app like wish says, it is completely designed for mothers and children.

They sell various kinds of maternity apparel and clothes for newborns, infants, toddlers, and kids. The most exciting aspect of this app is it offers those products at a 50 to 90 percent discount!

11. Home

As you have already guessed by it’s name, this app like wish sells household products only. You will get here all the stuff you need at your bedroom, restroom, hall room and kitchen for 50 to 80 percent off.


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Things you must know before going ahead with any of these apps:


sites like wish


Who doesn’t love purchasing plentiful items at the lowest prices? But you need to keep some facts in your mind when you decide you want to use Wish or a site like wish.

  • Don’t neglect the reviews. If you find out all of the reviews are negative, don’t go for this product.
  •  Websites like wish don’t do fast delivery. Your product will come from china. It will take time. You have to wait two 2 weeks to 1 month to get delivery. Be prepared for that.
  • Select the appropriate size when you’re buying dresses from the sites like wish. Don’t go for “S’, “M” or “L” size. Products are measured according to Asian size chart. So, don’t confuse yourself. Figure out which dress you want by seeing the length (by Meter) of it.


Are there any websites like wish online? Let’s find out!

Wish is a popular e-commerce site that offers products at cheapest rates. Users often look for some more reliable online shopping sites like wish. Therefore, I have added up the names of 3 websites just like Wish.


1. JollyChic

It is one of the best sites like wish. It sells numerous fashion accessories. Ladies, gents, kids, and infants all have something to buy out of this website like a wish. These items are also available here.

  • Beauty product
  • Apparel
  • Living items
  • Home decorating items
  • Sports goods

You will get all kinds of branded items here. Moreover, jollyChic provides you virtual shopping assistance during your shopping.


2. Lazada

It is a German-based online e-commerce company. Alibaba Group is the owner of this site like wish. They deliver products from the warehouse directly. No third party is involved here. That’s why you will get these products here at a very cheap price:

  • Electronic goods
  • Apparels
  • Sports goods
  • Travel items
  • Home appliances


3. GearBest

GearBest is an online shopping site.  You will get daily deals on that website like wish. Let’s check out what they got for us!

  • Fashionable clothes
  • Tech items
  • Makeup products
  • Sports items
  • Warehouses
  • Travel accessories


Additionally, BangGood, Fab, YoShop, LightInTheBox, AliExpress, Overstock these online e-commerce companies like wish have both mobile applications and websites. You can do your online shopping on their websites as well. I have already written about the above.


Do these sites provide good security and safety of payment and personal details?


These apps never steal your money. All of them are 100% genuine. You can trust them blindly.

Apps like wish are completely legit just like Amazon is. When you buy something from wish, it is like buying a product from a manufacturer who will deliver the item at your doorstep. They never steal your personal information.


What do people think about apps or sites like wish? According to internet research and people’s review:

websites like wish

Winding Up;

Wish is just a go-between from the manufacturer to the buyer. When you buy something, wish delivers the item from China at a cheap rate. So, you should be sure about getting the delivery but should not be sure about the quality of the product. “You get what you pay for!”



1. Is the wish app safe?

Yes. It is completely legit and safe.

2. Why is wish so cheap?

Wish is cheap because it sells cheap products. It delivers products directly from China with surprisingly low shipping charges. So it can sell items at such cheap prices.

3. Does Wish sell fake products?

Yes. Sometimes Wish sells counterfeit items. Products are not genuine. These are poor in quality.

4. Is Wish a Chinese company?

No. Wish is a USA based online e-commerce shopping company.

5. Is buying from Wish a good idea?

When you want to buy products at cheap rates and are ready to compromise with quality, then bringing products from wish is a good idea.


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