The Microsoft MB2-716 (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service) exam is designed for professionals who want to validate their skills and knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise. The test is aimed at IT specialists and developers who work on Microsoft products and services. To earn the certification, the candidate must be able to display a level of knowledge in the areas of contents of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 – MB2-716. Each of the content areas of the certification is designed to measure specific skills during the exam. Therefore, it is highly important that you go through the skill areas of the credential and ensure you cover all the subtopics before you attempt the test. The skills that will be measured during your test are highlighted below:

  • Cases management, Interactive Service Hub, and Knowledge Base – 25-30%
  • Queues management, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and Entitlements – 20-25%
    Management of Unified Service Desk – 15-20%
  • Implementation of Service Management Analysis, Voice of the Customer Surveys – 15-20%
  • Management of Dynamic Field Service, Interactive Service Hub – 15-20%

The certification exam is aimed at those professionals who work as customer service managers, sales operations managers, administrators, service schedulers, executive, office managers, consultants, and partners. They must be able to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the functionality of the application. Professionals who do not have experience in CRM can also take the exam. However, they must have background knowledge of Microsoft Office and business process. To know more about this certification test, click here:

Can you use braindumps for your exam preparation?

Preparing for the Microsoft MB2-716 certification exam requires that you put in a lot of efforts into studying in order to cover all its contents. Microsoft exams are very popular and there are various resource tools that are available for the preparation. One common tool that many test takers resort to using is exam dumps or braindumps. These preparation tools are designed to offer the candidates real past questions that have been used by other test takers. Questions available at exam dumps sites are real and valid, that’s why many people believe in using them for their preparation. Before you join the bandwagon of professionals using these platforms to prepare for their exams, it is important to understand the usefulness and effectiveness of such resources for your preparation. You also need to know its implication on your exam result and your career, especially if you are taking any Microsoft certification. Until you understand everything about using exam dumps, it is recommended that you do not go close to it. So, what do you need to know about preparing with exam dumps?

1. Exam Dumps have real Exam Questions

As mentioned earlier, questions available through exam dumps platforms are real that some other test takers have taken in the past. No doubt, many candidates have used the questions from various exam dumps sites to prepare for their exam and they have testified to their success. There are numerous online platforms that offer braindumps for various certification exams, including Microsoft MB2-716. To make sure of it, follow the link Many Exam Dumps have outdated Questions

Many Exam Dumps have outdated Questions

Although the questions available on these platforms are real past exam questions but this doesn’t mean that they are relevant to your current exam. The field of Information Technology is constantly changing and so are the products and services offered by the certification vendors. In order to keep professionals up to date with the various changes happening in the industry, these vendors change their certification contents on regular basis. This means that the contents that are relevant two years ago might not be relevant today for the same test. Many braindumps do not keep up with these updates by reviewing and updating the contents on their sites. By taking questions on such exam dumps sites, you open yourself to uncertainties in your exam.

2. Exam Dumps are Illegal

As you might have known, braindumps are illegal in every sense of the word. Microsoft especially frowns against the candidates using them for their exam preparation. If you are caught using braindumps for your exam, Microsoft can cancel your certification and you might not be able to take another certificate through the vendor again. Of course, you might scoff at the idea of Microsoft getting to know that you have used exam dumps to prepare for your test but remember that they have been in the business of providing certification exams to professionals probably before you started your career. So, do not underestimate their skills in detecting individuals that have used exam dumps to prepare for their exam.

3. Using Exam Dumps deprive you of Learning

The purpose of writing a certification exam is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to function in real world scenarios. If you focus only on using braindumps, you will only cram answers to pass and not really understand the certification content. To function optimally in your job role, it is important that you develop competence in the role and the only way you can achieve this is by learning. You can be assured that exam dumps will not give you this level of knowledge. You need to sit with real resource materials, study the exam topics, and be equipped with the necessary skills needed to pass your certification test, as well as function in the market place.

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Exam dumps are not such a great idea if you consider all the negative impacts they can have on your career and skills development. If you are also ethical, you will discover that it is practically unjustifiable to use these tools to prepare for your exam. There are various resource materials that have been created to help you prepare for the Microsoft MB2-716 certification test. You need to settle with these materials and study properly for your exam. If you need to work on practice tests, use only those that have been designed to help you evaluate your level of understanding of the certification contents and not necessarily the real exam questions.