“Is it a joke that we able to become Pinterest marketing king? Seriously? Possible or not?

Seriously talking then an answer is straight forward to yes. I am simply letting you know the reality about your capacity and possibilities to become a Pinterest, Marketing lord.

When you look at some other successful internet marketers, then you will find they aren’t different from you. They are the same guy like you who started with lots of dreams and ideas of doing something awesome and became successful in marketing. Then what made them so special to stand out in the crowd of Pinterest and become successful in bringing the huge amount of traffic from Pinterest.


how to use pinterest for marketing

Just think about this.

They just share a single photos or videos on Pinterest and get thousands of visitors flow to their website. How it becomes possible to them?


But, don’t worry, Now it’s possible for you also. You can also drive thousands of visitors to your website without reading any magic spell.

But, are you ready to drive thousands of visitors to your website?


So, tight your seat belt, hold your seat and let’s go.

But, before getting started to remember one thing, you are not going to be a master in one day. It takes your time, efforts and your patience to achieve this greatness.

Then, are you ready to reveal the secret of becoming the Pinterest marketing king?

So, here is the secret what I revealed from 10 different niche bloggers by analysing their Pinterest activity and strategy to become a successful Pinterest marketer. This strategy works great for them and me and I hope it will also help you in Pinterest marketing to become a successful Pinterest marketer.

Let’s Take A Look What These Strategies Are:-


1: Fall In Love With Pinterest

Had you ever fallen in love with Pinterest?  Just look, it is made for you and only you. Look at its design, doesn’t it inspires you to take action. Just take a close look at photos and videos, cool looking thumbs line. It looks awesome and feels great.


People use Pinterest for keeping up with a thing, which inspires them. Things, which makes them happy or things they desire and wants, and this is the reason why you want to fall in love with Pinterest.

This is a success mantra of those successful Pinterest marketers, which I have analysed from their regular Pinterest activity. They have fallen in love with Pinterest and Pinterest marketing. They keep sharing and keep inspiring people’s, and people start loving them.

More they share; more people’s love them and care about what they have shared. It helps them to get users attention and spread their content viral. Then just start falling in a love with Pinterest.

Tips for you: Pinterest is designed for users to keep inspiring. People share, what inspires them, what they desire and what makes them happy. If you want to win peoples, then keep inspiring them and fall in love with Pinterest and what you share. More you inspire people; they care more about you.

2: Become A Power User

What is a power user?

It is nothing but a regular contributor to a great thing means a regular user of a product. You can also become a power user by using the interesting product regularly and continuously.

If you really want to become a successful a Pinterest marketing king then you need to become a power user of a Pinterest product. Share more great things, contribute more and the chances are more, that people will love what you share or contribute. They start loving you and care about what you share.

Those entire successful Pinterest marketers are a power user of a Pinterest product and that the reasons why they flow a high amount of traffic to their website. People love what they share and they help them to spread it virally.

Tips for you: Become a power user of the Pinterest product and start sharing things what other people’s love. Inspire your followers by sharing and contributing a great content to your Pinterest board.  More you gain the people’s exposure; more chances they love you and helps to go your content viral.

3: Learn The Peoples Tendency

What people tend with your content is always matter. If you are able to grab the people’s attention, then congratulate to you because you are on the way to the success of Pinterest marketing, but if you are not, then I feel sorry for you.

What kind of content people likes to tend?

Here is your answer what I reveal from those popular Pinterest marketers.

  • Quality Images: Quality images always matter to grab your user’s attention. Visually appealing, more colourful and higher contrast images get more tend by users than a low quality, less appealing images. Quality images inspire people to tend.
  • Great Size images: I noticed that images, which are taller, get more repins and goes viral faster than images, which are smaller in height. People like to repin more images, which are less tall than 4000px because an image taller than 4000px creates more difficulties to repin.
  • Original images: Peoples like to repin images, which are original. I noticed that Images, which are real and high quality get more repins and goes more viral than a normal text or plain background images.

Tips for you: Always share original images, which are tall and highly appealing to your users. Choose a taller image which is high in quality, appealing and original. It helps you to grab more follower’s attention and more repins.

4: Use Pinterest Badges

Pinterest badges are a great way to promote your Pinterest stuff, through your blog or website. It is a great way to get more followers and more repin directly from you blog or website.

pinterest marketing tips

Let’s take a look at following Great badges offered by Pinterest:

Pin widget: In this widget, you can use your best pin for your website, shared on Pinterest. This widget helps you to get more repins from your blog or website.

Profile Widget: Profile widget is another great widget offered be Pinterest to your users, to directly follow you from your website or blog. This tool helps you to increase your Pinterest followers.

Board Widget: Board widget is a great badge to offer you best pins to your users on your website or blog. Using this widget, you can grab more user exposure and attention.

Tips for you: Use the mention widgets on your website or blog to grab your user’s attention and tend your content using your blog. By using given widget, you can get more repins more followers and more traffic directly through your blog or website.

5: Know Your Perfect Timing

One of the negative points of Pinterest is that its pins have the very short span of life. You have very little time to spread some magic over your users and to get their attention. The experts say that you will get maximum 20 to 30 min to grab the users attention through your content.

To avoid this situation, knowing your perfect time for posting a pin is most important. This is an ideal time to spread your pin when your users are online to share it and make it viral.

I analysed the perfect timing of those popular Pinterest marketers to spread their content on Pinterest. It seems their content goes more viral in the morning between 10AM to 12PM and some prefer an evening time in between 4PM to 7PM to spread their content goes viral.

Tips for you: Find out your perfect time to pin when your users are online. It will help you to plan your marketing strategy to goes your content viral by sharing it with your users. Post two to three pins at the different time it will help you to know which time your pins go viral.

6: Always Pin Fresh Stuff And Know What Users Want

Pinterest users love to share new and fresh content like other popular social media users. Always try to pin a fresh content to your pinboards rather than repinning the old one or a pin that has already existed. Search the web to discover the great content that you can share on Pinterest.

Don’t share a content that does not interest your users. Try to look what your users want and pin according to them. Most of the successful Pinterest marketers know what their users want and share according to them. It helps them to spread their content viral.

Examine the thing what appeal and interest your users. By knowing your user’s choice, it gets lots easier to pin according to them.

Tips for you: Look what your users are sharing around the Pinterest, curate your content according to them. Know your users and “what they want from you?” It will help you to get more viral by knowing your users well.

7: Build Relationship With Others

Building relationship with others is a great way to get success in your Pinterest marketing. Don’t pin or repin your stuff all the time. Always pin or repin, share and comment on others pins or from blogs. It will grab their attention and they will look at your pins.

Most of the successful Pinterest marketers use this strategy in theirPinterest marketing to spread their content. They respond to each comment get on their pin to keep user engaging.

pinterest and business marketing

Tips for you: Don’t share only your content on Pinterest. Look at another user’s  pinboards also and try to share their content. Comment on another user’s pin. It will help to attract more users to listen to you. Go through the web and collect the content which feels you more appealing and pin them to your website.

8: Use Proper Tags And Call To Action

Tagging and call to action are the most important part to force your users to take action. It is the way to get more repins and more followers to your account.

Know what type of call to action suits your Pinterest pin and add proper tags according to it.

Learn from others pins about how they call their users to take action. Some of popular Pinterest marketers always follow tagging and call to action in their pin to get more repins and followers.

Tip for you: Add a call to action text when you share your content with a proper # tag in your call to action. It will help to users get noticed, your pin and get more repin as well as spread your pin viral.


The given strategies are used by mostly used by successfulPinterest markets. It is most useful strategies you need to implement, to do your Pinterest marketing in a right way. By Understanding and implementing the following strategies with you,Pinterest marketing you will achieve the following things.

  1. You will understand the Pinterest platform better.
  2. You will know the Pinterest user’s tendency.
  3. It will help you to get known, what your users want from you.
  4. You should find, what is your perfect timing to spread your pins?
  5. You will understand which kind of images, tags and call to action suits your pins.
  6. It helps you to know the power of relationships in your Pinterest marketing.

You achieve the lots of things to become a successful Pinterest marketing king.

Now, it’s time to implement it with your content. If you want to add, anything or you might think I missed or forgot to add anything in this manual then let me know it by commenting.

Don’t be selfish and don’t forget to spread this manual with your friends to help them to become successful in Pinterest marketing. If you learn it, then spread it to others for learning.

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