12 Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions | Latest & Working ones


If you wish to become an Amazon seller, you need to consider a lot of things. Below are just a couple of examples:

  • Product research
  • Product Sourcing
  • SEO
  • Promotion
  • & many more…

Managing such tasks might be painful, especially if you are a beginner. That is the bad news.

Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions

The good news is that there are can help you with your work. As an AMZ merchant, you need all the leverage you might get over your competitors – and an Amazon Chrome extension can become your secret weapon. They will provide you with the tools and insight to outperform other sellers while delivering an in-browser experience that enhances your efficiency. With so many to pick from, we are deep diving into the top 12 Chrome extensions every Amazon merchant must try this week.


One of the well-known names when it comes to AMZ seller tools, Keepa is a value-packed Chrome extension that provides users with price history charts and notifications for thousands of millions of items. Unfortunately, while its database is always refreshed and updated, one disadvantage is that shipping costs are not tracked, so you are on the hook for that one.

Nonetheless, everything else is five-star. This Chrome extension is 100% free to apply with in-app purchases, but you do not need to sign up to use Keepa.

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As a merchant, you must know how well your product category performs. Jungle Scout seller extension can assist you in finding your merchandise niche’s profitability. This tool shows you the estimated sales of every product listing.

Apart from that, it may give you the following details:

  • Average pricing
  • Average Best Seller Ranking (BSR)
  • Opportunity score of that item
  • Numbers of reviews of the particular product
  • Seller information

FBA Calculator by SellerApp

The FBA calculator allows sellers to perform a profit analysis to know whether the product they wish to sell on the platform is worth it.

For this, you need to search for some Amazon products. Then, click on your Chrome Extension and enter the price, shipping costs, production costs, and so on. As a result, the software shows you a financial calculation.

DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View Chrome extension comes in two versions. The free one can be used only on the Amazon marketplace. The paid plan works on all the platforms. In the free version, you do not get any technical support, but it helps you analyze and grow productivity on AMZ. Instead, the features of both solutions of this tool are almost similar.


When you are striving to make a shortlist of goods you are about to buy for your inventory, consider adding the Honey extension to your browser. It checks out promotional codes and coupons you can use, so you do not have to search for them manually.


Free? A bunch of internal features, for example, the ability to check product listing information on other marketplaces and a proprietary search engine? Yup, that looks like AMZBase to us. However, if you still wish more, this seller extension will deliver FBA profit calculations and items’ historical prices.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch Market Intelligence is an AMZ analytics service that a seller needs. The tool can tell you which item you can sell and provide you with the most profitable goods on the platform. It may help you understand the market with yearly and monthly sales and historical trends. Besides, you can estimate costs and profits with its in-built calculator.

Four versions of the Viral Launch extension have annual and monthly subscription options. Furthermore, you can get two months free for every yearly subscription plan.

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Sonar (Sellics)

It is a free Amazon keyword research service. Sonar detects client behavior and what a user looks at on the site and gathers all those queries in its database. So you may find all the relevant search terms for your items and add those search terms to boost your product listings.

Sonar is an all-in-one service tracking profit, increasing traffic, and managing PPC campaigns across the Amazon platform. It’s available in three different solutions, Seller Edition, Vendor Edition, and Agency Edition.

Helium 10

If you are looking for a Chrome seller extension that does it all, Helium 10 has the solution. This all-in-one AMZ tool helps you find the best search terms for your Amazon goods and lets you promptly copy ASIN information. The software also tells you how other sellers are fulfilling orders and how much inventory they hold, lets you download, analyze, and filter your competitors’ testimonials, and delivers all the information you need for extensive product research.


The next entry in our AMZ seller Chrome extension list is AmazeOwl. It enables users to carry out powerful product research for their FBA business without leaving the platform. Sellers need to scroll through any AMZ keyword, niche, or category to generate a list of possible goods in the corner of their screen.

Besides, this service is incredibly user-friendly, with easy-to-understand hover information, one-click functionality, and colour coding. And to get more detailed info, you need to click “Market Analysis” to receive a table highlighting data matching your item criteria. AmazeOwl is available for 11 Amazon marketplaces, including Canada, the UK, and the US.

Scope (SellerLabs)

This Google Chrome extension for AMZ sellers allows you to discover profitable goods and sales-driving search terms to expand your stocks and sell more items. In addition, Scope helps users in the following:

  • Competitor research: With it, you can conduct a reverse ASIN search to watch other merchants’ sales.
  • Keyword discovery: You can spot high-traffic search terms to grow the search rank of your AMZ store. It indicates the highest ranking keywords for an item.
  • Product analysis: Be aware of your potential revenues for new goods via fee, sales, and price estimates for any item on the platform. Use categories, reviews, the number of merchants, sales rank, and star ratings to narrow your search and get the perfect product.
  • Organize information: With this Chrome extension, sellers can easily monitor the search rank performance of any keyword or product.


Grammarly is one of the most efficient services for checking spelling or grammar errors in your content. It’s specially developed to enhance your writing in Google Docs. The software is available in two different versions, one is free, and another is paid. In the free one, users get all the basic features, for example, spelling errors, grammar checking, and other benefits. And the paid subscription is the upgraded one in which users get all the basic features and a couple of extras like plagiarism checking. So make your doc, product listing, or any content error-free with this valuable tool.

To Crown It All

While you have got your new arsenal of handy-dandy Google Chrome extensions running while you go about making your AMZ business successful, more complicated tools like SellerSonar can be the bedrock of your work. You can enhance product and competition research, pricing structuring, keyword analysis, and sales estimating with it.

You do not have to install an extra extension; it will monitor your listings and notify you about changes in the background while you sleep, work and do everything else. Growing your business in the marketplace hasn’t been so easy!