You already know that 2022 is going to be your year for self-improvement. This begins with making the right financial choices. If you’re into reselling, it’s time to reevaluate your game plan and start with some fresh ideas. Kick it into high gear!

Window Shoppers

​Cop Kith Kicks and Other Shopify Sneakers

Here are some of the best bots for sneakers and other merchandise for 2022. They’re what you need to succeed. Score more on Shopify and up your profits with these top coppers. Keep business booming and stay one step ahead of those out there trying to steal your vibe.


​What to Expect from Shopify in 2022

Before diving into the tools of the trade, it’s essential to know what’s up. Shopify’s busy, no doubt. Always expanding, this e-commerce site is taking things to the next level with Shopify Plus, collaborations, and other novelties. More and more retailers are joining the force. This means there are a lot of copping opportunities out there. But it’s also met with some snags.

With more stores comes more potential to throw a wrench into your purchases. Shopify offers many customized features so that each company can tailor-make their site. Designs and spam detection are ever-evolving, so you have to make sure you stay up-to-date on the right bots to tackle these changes and get the job done.


​This Year’s Bot Trends

You don’t want to skimp on shelling out a few bucks for adaptable bots that can roll with the punches. When push comes to shove, you need quality, reliability, flexibility, and fast, top-notch performance.

For the past few years, All-In-One (AIO) bots have been the cream of the crop. They’re the go-to for multi-site action if you want to be a serious contender. For 2022, this is still a constant.

And don’t forget about proxies. The best friends your bots can have, proxies offer speed, protection, and circumventing restrictions. They help bypass barriers such as geo-restrictions and IP-based limitations. Therefore you need to find the right match since this could be useful in copping those limited-edition items only a few contestants will be lucky enough to nab.

​Another Nike Bot (ANB) AIO

Versatility is the name of the game with ANB AIO. Hailing from a long line of predecessors, its family is one of the most tenured in the business. ANB AIO gives you what you want in a bot. One of its many highlights is that you can register a whopping 100 accounts with them, and all can run simultaneously.

Another quality of this Shopify bot is that it has two different automated checkout systems: express and credit card. But a huge selling point for techies and resellers alike is that it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is not a common occurrence in most of the solid bots out there with similar features.


Dashe is arguably the king of Shopify bots. It supports all stores in all regions that have Shopify availability. It works seamlessly with hot zones like Kith, Funkoshop, Bape, and everything else. However, it does have a huge drawback in that it mainly only functions on Shopify. If this is your concentration spot, then Dashe is an elite product. But if you’re copping from multiple sites, it’s still a good idea to go with Dashe, but it’s advisable to have a more consistent tool on hand as well.

Compared to others, Dashe doesn’t have the lineage of evolution that some bots come from. This doesn’t matter, though. Built for speed, they’re tremendous at simulating human behavior. Plus, there’s a system of dedicated operators who continuously refine and update everything to prevent detection.

​Kodai AIO

A leading bot in today’s market, Kodai AIO works extremely well for Shopify. This is because it’s quite possibly the best all-around e-commerce bot on the whole. Though it boasts a nickname of “The Untamable”, Kodai AIO is actually easy to use.

This bot has logged in over 200,000 buys, so you know it’s the real deal. Its support, customer service, and updates are second to none.

​Heated Sneaks (HS) Shopify Bot

The HS Shopify Bot focuses on ease and convenience. You can remotely control it through a simple web-based application. Plus, its appearance is alluring to those who don’t care for many bells and whistles. It displays a modern yet user-friendly interface that seems especially neat and clean.

Overall, the HS Shopify Bot doesn’t set itself apart from the crowd of sneaker bots when it comes to unique performance. Still, it has the incredible highlight of subjecting you to only pay for the features you’re using. This one is definitely among the most affordable bots on today’s market.

​Most Advanced Bot

Generally speaking, Most Advanced Bot is perhaps the easiest Shopify ally you can score. Its quick performance, acquisition, and checkout are based on your own keywords. Most Advanced Bot simplifies copping at all your favorite stores, like Kith. And make sure to use proxies for Kith to enhance and protect your bot.

​Cybersole AIO

One of the fastest sneaker bots out there, Cybersole AIO is no joke. It’s a bot for the serious copper who wants to take Shopify by the horns while also dabbling in as many other e-commerce spots as possible. It can manage a staggering 1,000 tasks at one time without breaking a sweat.

Though state-of-the-art in technological performance, a major downfall to Cybersole AIO is that it’s only compatible with Windows. Keep this in mind before you invest your money in this lightning-fast bot.

​Better Nike Bot (BNB) AIO

The BNB AIO is just about the best bot available to cop red-hot Yeezys and other kicks. One of its shining assets is that it can solve basic captchas. This gives it a leg up on its competitors, though you still need to manually deal with complex captchas.

This bot gets regular updates, so you have a minimal risk of being discovered. All in all, it’s an excellent value for above-average performance.

​That’s a Wrap

There are dozens of other bots out there for your liking. This list was based on user feedback and the overall satisfaction of the average sneakerhead who isn’t able to put down nearly five figures on a bot. But if you’re on board with these and want to learn even more, names such as Wrath, Phantom, and Project Destroyer are all great routes to take.

Be safe out there. Use your best judgment, find what works for you, and happy copping!