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Now send invitations for free with these best Evite Alternatives in 2020

Spending your hard-earned money to celebrate the big day preparing for invitations to blow off the guest’s mind is a tiring and necessary task. It brings joy on one side but also a weighing burden to people. An average party doesn’t cost around an eye-watering $1,532.

So, it’s not surprising that many people are willingly saying NO to wedding invitations and other event invitations. And nobody can blame them? 


Evite alternatives


If you are looking for an efficient option to send invitations, then go for the Evite app where you can choose among many designs and send free online invitations quickly!

Evite invitations may be your first choice when it comes to planning your party, but if you want to explore some new apps we have compiled a list of Evite alternatives for your benefit. Take a look, but before, learn more about the impact of the Evite app as well!


What is Evite? What’s Unique About it? Things You Must Know.

Very recently, I used Evite to send invitations to the bashing party I planned at my house after my parents went to Thailand to celebrate their anniversary for the weekend. I was very much pleased with the way things turned out, long story short- the party was a hit!

But turns out, many people weren’t aware of the existence of Evite free online invitations, they were surprised and intrigued about the app that caught their attention. One of my best buds even commented that “ The invitation was lit bro” in his semi-drunken state.


are Evite invitations free


That’s when I realized as a blogger I have a mission to spread the word about Evite and educating people on how to use evite. So, What is Evite?

Evite is a social-planning website for creating, sending, and managing online invitations”

Sounds cool right? But it wasn’t invented recently, it was launched in 1998, I was a toddler back then. Co-founded by Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala, they discovered the way to create free online invitations through a very straightforward interface. 

What makes Evite app so unique is that whether it may be a happy hour virtual event or a graduation party and BBQ gathering you can rely on Evite. It provides a creative platform to unleash your skills and thoughtful quotes to gather a crowd anywhere you like. 


How to Use Evite? How Does an Evite Work? Is Evite Safe to Use?

Although any websites like Evite alternatives offer similar services, Evite partially helped people in reducing the work of preparing real invitations. 

Now, let’s see how to use Evite in detail-

  1. Firstly, register on the Evite website to log in. (Although it’s possible to send one invitation without signing up if you’re planning to send multiple then you must register)

Evite app


2. Now, click on the “Create an Invitation” button displayed on the evite login homepage.


Evite alternatives

are Evite invitations free


3. Scroll through all the lists of events and parties showcased on the hand sie of the page. If you click on the featured design it will show you the list of options customized for upcoming holidays.

4. Choose an occasion, for example- “Anniversary” and go through spectacular designs. 

5. If you don’t like the specific design, you can always choose to go back and click on another ideal design.

6. Now, fill the box, which asks you to mention the vent details like “Event Title”, “Event Type, “Where” “Phone Number,” “Location,” and address details.

7. Fill up the message box to give a human tone for the invitation.

8. Now, it’s time to choose the reply style. There are default replies, but you can create your own reply when people say “Yes” maybe” or “No.”

9. Now choose the option below the page and check the boxed if you want to put restrictions on some guests and if there are any RSVPs to notify you by email. 

10. Now, add quests from your contacts.

11. Check the invitation and click for preview and a neatly designed Evite free online invitation will be displayed. If all is well, then-

12. Click on the finish and send button also don’t forget to verify for security purposes. 

13. If you want to check who is attending and the progress as the event near login to Evite and see your RSVP list.


Is Evite safe to use?

Evite app


For me, Evite alternatives fall into a safe category, but the rule of thumb is don’t click on the suspicious links. If you get a link to register with Evite account, don’t click on the link, instead, go to the website or app and then manually log in to Evite.


How to Use Evite to Text Invitations to Your Guests? Is it Worth it? If So, How?

If you would like to send Evite free online invitations via a text message to your guests, well it’s possible!

Follow the directions below for sending invitations via SMS TEXT for both iOS and Android Apps.



  • First, go to the Evite Login page and select a beautiful temple in the selection of galleries to start the invitation.
  • Add event title, date, and other required information. Now, select “Add Guests” located. 
  • Now, a message that asks permission for allowing access contacts.
  • Select “OK.”


what is Evite

Evite app and its alternatives are worth it because more than 1,484,000 event’s digital invitations are sent through Facebook every 20 minutes.  


What are the Core Elements of the Evite App? Does it Face a Lot of Competition? 


Evite app

There are lots of core element of evite app, some of them are-

  • Mobile Invitations

You can also send evite via SMS text and not only through the traditional email method. This gives certain confidence that the guest will receive notifications.

  • Private Messaging

Evite premium offers amazing private messaging capability which allows you to communicate with guests as a host of the event. It also allows the hosts to share photos on the feed. 

  • RSVP Tracking

To ensure that the event goes smoothly, Evite app provides you with effective tracking RSVPs. This helps you in knowing how many guests you can expect for your event.

Other than the above features there are more to the paperless invitations than you might think like- 

  • Gifting with Amazon
  • Design-Your-Own Cards
  • Invitation and Card Templates
  • Free Trial

Even though the Evite app is the first in paperless invitations niche. However, I have experienced it to be a little slow and has lots of advertisements. So, yes, it does face a lot of competition, and there are countless evite alternatives for you to get better user experience. 

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Bored of Evite App? 5 Best Evite Alternatives That Work in 2020.

These are some of the best Evite alternatives for you to send free online invitations. 


Evite alternatives


1. Anyvite

Anyvite is one of the best evite alternatives if you want to create an online card with a myriad of creative tools. The results will be professional.

Evite alternatives

You can also easily share the cards with your friends with the help of twitter integration as well.  Like Evite you can manage online invitations through mobile access. Another outstanding feature is iCal, Google, or Outlook calendars. 


2. Punchbowl

Punchbowl helps you send free online invitations to a party. Not only that, but it also helps in planning the party step by step as well. 

Evite App

The interesting thing is it also offers Disney theme free online invitations. You can delight your kids with an invitation theme that has characters the kids love like Mickey Mouse, Moana, Spider-Man and many more. 


3. Facebook

Facebook is another one of the best Evite alternatives that provide you with the means to send invitations for the party. First, you must create an event and choose the friends you want to send a free online invitation.

Evite alternatives

Here, you can watch the status of every guest diligently to know who is coming and who is not.


4. Celebrations

Celebrations is another one of the Evite alternatives for sending free online invitations to create specific cards for events. You can invite guests by choosing templates according to the occasions. 

Evite alternatives

5. PurpleTrail

Purple Trail has more than 5000 designs to offer you for various events. The great feature is you can customize it adding photos, messages, embellishments. Unlike the Evite app, there are no ads that make the experience super-efficient. 

are Evite invitations free

The themes are inspiring like ranging with daily & weekly planners, custom guest books, academic planner, and the one like wedding Evite, wedding planners, bridal shower and many more. 


What are the Pros and Cons of using Evite Alternatives?

Here are some of the limitations and benefits of sing Evite alternatives

Evite alternatives


Pros of Evite App

Cons of Evite App

  • You can track responses and get comments from the guests who are invited. 
  • The big downside of using Evite alternatives is that many people have no idea what they are receiving at all.
  • There is a free option that you can use to select cards making it adorable. 
  • Not everyone is online to view your free online invitation.
  • There are plenty of templates to choose from helping you organise the RSVPs.
  • I disliked that there were a data breach and the possibility of my information being exposed. 
  • Amazing product for business and personal use.
  • The huge disadvantage would be, sometimes the guest might see your post a little too late.
  • Less expensive a great alternative instead of purchasing invitations.
  • Honestly can’t think of any more bad thing to say as I’ve been using it for more than 5 years now.

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Why do People Like the Evite App and its Alternatives? Most Important Reasons & Factors Behind it | According to The Evite Reviews and Powerful Internet Research.


Evite Alternatives has given the opportunity for many folks to handout invitations without spending a fortune on it. If you are done with paper invitations then sending out free online invitations from Evite app can be the best experience satisfying you to the core.

Some of the best Evite reviews to consider when planning for the next adoring event according to internet research 2020!


what is Evite


Why do people still use Evite or Evite alternatives for that matter?

Evite app


What about the review from Evite alternatives Reddit? A couple used Wedding Evite!!

Evite alternatives

To Wrap Up

Above Evite alternatives focuses deploy on free online invitations and if you choose you can subscribe for premium planning as well. With the professional chives you can easily throw a party that is fun and what more? Even more fun!



1. Can You merge accounts in Evite App?

If you have many Evite accounts that you forgot to even think about with different email addresses you can merge the accounts in the Evite app. All you have do is-

  • Log in to your Evite account.
  • Go to the account which is the main or primary account. 
  • Scroll a bit, then select settings from the upper right corner.
  • Click on the account settings and emerge the account from the field of options given. 

2. How can you invite Facebook friends on a free online invitation?

If you are trying to share free online invitations of Evite app or Evite alternatives on Facebook then you can add the event in a few clicks.

  • Firstly, navigate to the guest option.
  • Create your invite. Or if you have already sent it go to the guest option located on the guest page.
  • Now, under the guest page, check in the box to allow guests to share the event. 

3. How to hide a guest list on a free online invitation?

  • Click on the option “More” and choose “Add guests.”
  • Now, click on the “Hide Guest List”
  • Right-click on the “Make the guest list only visible to the host.”
  • That’s it click on the green “Update” button.

4. Can you see who viewed the Evite app?

Yes, once the quest you’ve sent the Evite, has opened and seen it, the Timestamp will show the “Viewed xx minutes ago”

5. Should you hide the guest list on Evite?

It’s up to you. If you choose to hide the guest list, it will also hide your guest’s name and any comments thereof. 


If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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