Best Gadgets for the Living Room

If you are like most people, you use the living room to relax and watch TV. Occasionally, you probably entertain guests and hold book clubs. Irrespective of how you use the space, it is important to keep the living space beautiful.

Invest in your dream furniture if you can and embellish the room with wall art. More important, have a few cool gadgets to entertain and make your life easier. You probably already have a smart 4K TV and a home theater. But there a lot of smart gadgets that can make your home better. Here are some of them.



Multipurpose Remote

Imagine being able to control your three TVs, home theater and DVD player with a single remote. At least five manufacturers have remotes you can use for multiple devices. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. Unless your devices are obsolete, the remote will do the job.

Spin, a popular multipurpose remote, comes with an android and iOS app that teaches you how to make devices in your home compatible with it. The remote works well with infrared devices, the majority of devices in any home.


Motion Detection Device

Forget the popular security systems for a minute. There is a smart device that can sense when a window is broken or when the lights are switched on. Point Minut uses temperature in the living room to detect what’s happening. If someone starts to smoke, the device senses. If connected to neighbors, it can send alerts for them to check out on your home.

While it can record sounds, the device can be programmed not record conversations for privacy reasons. That way, you only get alerted when there is an anomaly in your house. Another feature in the device is the ability to sense humidity levels.


Digital Picture Frames

Digital Picture Frames

Digital picture frames are like computer tablets, but for the purpose of displaying pictures and video clips. The devices are connected to your smartphone through an app for easy sharing of images. The devices have an LCD screen, a memory card and the ability to play pictures in slides.

Since they are Internet-enabled, you can share your photos to loved ones with similar picture frames. The devices are either electrically powered or solar powered. A battery operated digital frame provides better value. You can have your photos displayed on the walls at any time of the day.

Amazon’s Echo Device

If you love Alexa, Echo is an upgrade. The Amazon-owned devices use advanced artificial intelligence technology to do a lot more than Alexa can. In a single command, Echo will do your child’s homework and play their favorite songs.

When shopping on Amazon, Echo becomes your companion. You give orders and it follows them without any errors. Like Alexa, Echo plays music from Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming sites. The device is cylindrical shaped, with speakers that direct music 360 degrees.

In addition to playing music, Echo will read audio books, news and provide weather updates at your convenience. Echo’s technology also allows you to control lights, locks, fans and sprinklers from top brands like Philips and Samsung. And for all those services, you only pay $200.

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A Modern Ultra HD TV

If you only watch TV on your laptop, you are missing out on a whole new viewing experience. Each year, Samsung battles it out with Apple, Sony and other manufacturers to produce spectacular TV screens. You’ve probably heard such terms as wide color Gamut, HDR and ultra HD 4k TVs. These are the standard machines for washing shows and video films in 2018.

As you probably assume, the modern TVs are expensive. And if you wait for a year or more, you’ll get them for cheaper prices. While both of the statements are correct, there are numerous smart TVs you can afford. An average smart TV starts at $150 but a standard good quality TV costs $400 or more.

Of course, the price of a smart TV depends on a lot of factors. The brand name, specs and size all play a factor in costs. Shop around for ultra HD TVs and for a screen that offers great value for money.

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Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Fur, dust, pollen and factory emissions can make your living room unbearable. But with a good air purifier, it doesn’t matter where you live. You can have access to clean air like everyone else. Air purifiers come in all forms and shapes. In general, their abilities are based on the size of rooms they can clean.

Air purifiers also differ in how they purifier air. Some use coal to attract dust and other unwanted molecules from your living room’s air. The best purifiers use HEPA air filters, high-efficiency particulate air filters. A few combine up to five technologies to remove pollen, fur, smoke, and other particles.

Keep in mind that air purifiers tend to remove different types of molecules. Some are good at removing cigarette smoke molecules but will flop in eliminating pet fur. When shopping around, determine what pollutes the air in your house and purchase a purifier best for that job.


Floating Speaker

Sounds a bit strange but a floating speaker is something that could be a perfect gadget for your living room. That’s right, especially if you are a music lover, you will definitely admire this cool floating speaker. It would be great to have something in your living room that not only freshen up your mood with music but also add a decorative touch with its lighting. Nebula Floating Bluetooth Speaker from Floately is one of the kinds of smart gadgets that you should have in your home. It levitates and lights up as music plays. This levitating speaker can easily be paired with your phone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth and create crisp and clear wireless sound. You can also use it as a portable speaker by removing it from the base and can make and receive calls using a sensitive speaker it has inbuilt.

Gaming Consoles and Set-top Boxes

If you don’t play video games, you probably watch TV. Most people do both, which is why having a set-top box and a gaming console is important. Roku leads in providing set-top boxes while Microsoft and Sony are the major console manufacturers.

Once you buy either of the devices, invest in speakers and an internet router. Gaming is enjoyable when done online against friends. Streaming movies is also a norm these days. So, you can’t afford not to have all the devices mentioned above.


To Conclude

There are more than 20 smart gadgets that could turn your living room into a splendid space. You probably don’t need all of them. But a TV, consoles, speakers, air purifiers and digital frames for pics are a must have.

Like any device, don’t rush to buy. Take time and research how they work. Shop around to view what different brands provide and pick the best gadgets.