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Best Laptop Cooling Pads (Recommended by Majority of People) in 2020

A cooling pad for a laptop might have been a far-reaching thought back in those days as the equipment laptop itself stands to invention later. Of course, it became popular once the brethren’s desktop computer lost its fame to flexibility and portability to the beast.


laptop cooler


It is the coolest invention where you can carry it wherever you go instead of limiting yourself to big and bulky computers. Fast forward to a decade later, the laptop has taken its prominence from all walks of life.

However, despite their sleek design and powerful performance, it loses its light to the little heat as a technical issue. Alright, folks! I understand your frustration, You have an important task to complete but the heat pouring out from the laptop is irritating you. So what’s the solution?

Are you forcing yourself to shut off the laptop to relieve it from the heat? Then you’re in the right place to look for our collection of the best laptop cooling pad. Read along!


What are laptop cooling pads? What does it look like? 

A laptop cooling pad is a device that uses a mini platform integrated with fans to cool off your laptop’s heat. The mechanics of a cooling pad is simple; it takes in the cool air from the pad and blows it into your laptop.

Since the laptop is a little raised from the table, there is less chance for the heat to be trapped under the laptop. The pad consists of a porous surface, so you don’t need to worry about much heat confined in your laptop.

A laptop cooler is a simple solution employed in the globe as it creates troublesome noise if bigger fans are built inside the laptops.


Why Do People Buy a Cooling Pad for a Laptop? Is it Helpful?

It is not absolutely necessary, but it is better to use a cooling pad if your laptop keeps overheating. I have seen one of my friend’s laptops, reaching 90 degrees while he was playing games. But once he started using the cooling pad is reduced significantly.


best laptop cooling pad


It is helpful for people who are using laptops on their beds; in this case, the laptop pad will lower the heat when placed near the exhaust.


Does a Laptop Cooling Pad Have a Fan? If yes, How Does it Help in Reducing the Heat?


Yes, the cooling pads do have a fan. It mainly focuses on temperature control. It works based on what sort of hardware your laptop is inbuilt with.

If you test it out, when using a laptop cooling pad, there was a change in the internal temperature, processor performance, and if you’re a gamer, it sets the mark for gaming performance as well.

It helps in reducing the heat both internally and externally, dropping to almost 30 degrees. Since your laptops are enjoying a little coolness now, there will be an apparent change in performance improvement.


Factors to look for before buying any laptop cooling pad.

There are distinct types of best laptop cooling pad, depending on their brands, price, and quality. Let’s see some of the things you must know about selecting a laptop pad for both its comfort and yours in mind.



1. Flexibility

You already know how flexible a laptop can get in comparison to a desktop computer. One of them is its adaptability and ability to bend at your will. You can keep it in any position as you please. It ensures maximum comfort, especially with the addition of a laptop cooling pad.


2. Price

There are multiple manufacturers to choose laptop cooling pads from. Many come with an affordable price, you can buy different variety depending upon your budget.


3. Quality

The quality of the laptop fan must be powered to lower your laptop’s temperature. You should look for those best laptop cooling pad where the fan speed is 1000 RPM. 


Top 11 Best laptop cooling pad that you must consider buying in 2020?


cooling pad


Now, you might be on the verge of no more suffering from the excess overheating heat. Finding the best laptop cooling pads will make a difference for you. Let’s look at some of the best laptop cooling pad that is of the best form.


1. Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

The Havit model’s design, one of the best laptop cooling pad is suitable for your inherent gaming and office usage; it supports the laptop cooling up to the size dimensions of 15.6” to 17.” best laptop cooling pad

The interior is adorned with three fans with superior quality airflow to your laptop with less annoying noise. 

Spims over1,100 RPM with rotatable switch and catchy LED blue light. It is built with 2 USB ports allowing me to connect with other devices as well.

Loot at the amazon review below:


cooling pad

2. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

Thermaltake is another one of the best laptop cooling pad that is compatible with 19” notebooks and lesser dimensions. It has an amazing 3 adjustable height settings with best viewing angles intact. The built-in control panel and LED lights give out a thermal glow and performance.


cooling pad for laptop


It graces us with single supreme ventilation support with 200mm adjustable fan speed offering immense airflow with increasing performance of the laptop. Overall it’s a recommended buy.


laptop cooler

3. Tree New Bee Laptop Cooling Pad

This is specifically built, keeping in mind to improve the performance of the laptop and reduce its crashes due to overheating. It has four fans built-in with two anti-skid arms. 


best laptop cooling pad

The metal platforms in the ad help to shy the heat away from the laptop making it one of the best laptop cooling pad.

The only negative is that the controls of the pad are in the back, which makes it difficult to change the settings when the laptop cooling is adjusted.


cooling pad


4.  AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad

You can rest assured by using this pad as it not only lets the laptop lower heat but makes your spine and neck comfortable to your desired position with adjustable pads. You can adjust within 0 degrees to 21 degrees without a doubt makes it one of the best laptop cooling pad.


cooling pad for laptop


It’s fitted with four blades and rotates at a maximum speed of 1500 RPM. The surface is covered with metal mesh. It has 2 USB ports and adjustable foam pads. The protective sides help the laptop from slipping away if kept in elevated positions.


best laptop cooling pad

5. TECKNET N5 Laptop Cooling Pad

The metal mush surface of the laptop cooler radiates excellent airflow to keep your laptop healthy while you are busy playing games or browsing online. It has 2 USB ports with 110mm fans. The dual-fan design indeed keeps your laptop dissipated from the heat.


best laptop cooling pad


The rotation speed is notable with 1200 RPM, and the adjustable heights help you to work with laptops easily. The surface is anti-skid and rubberized to ensure comfort.


laptop cooler

6. Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

This is another cooling pad with high performing 160mm fans running in 1500 RPM—the ultra-slim profile of the laptop cooling pad great for your gaming needs. There are two distinct height settings to stand your comfort.  5” to 17” laptops are supported.

It is lightweight and serves as the best chill mat for your laptops overheating concerns and helps the system to run faster—the metal mesh surface aids in the heat displacement immensely.

best laptop cooling pad

7. Kootek Laptop Cooling pad

Kootek has five inbuilt fans, and the control works them in 3 modes with a switch to press at your will. The blu LED lights to ensure that it works properly, providing a thermal performance. It is extremely compatible with laptop sizes from 12 to 17 inches.

laptop pad

Two USB ports help in connecting the port to various devices. You can sit back and relax, enjoying your work, movie, or a game with the ultra-quiet operation.


best laptop cooling pad

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How Do These Cooling Pads Help You Maintain Your Laptop? How to Use it?

Laptop Cooler pads can really make a difference, but to be honest, it completely depends on how much your laptop is on the heat and the type of cooling pad you chose to buy. 

If perhaps you decide to use laptop cooling pads, then it will increase the processor’s performance and reduce the internal/external heat to some degrees.


 cooling pad for laptop


Now, let’s see how you can use a laptop cooling pad-

First, make sure of the design like it may either run from the laptop USB port or by way of AA batteries.  It is portable. And then you keep the laptop on the pad that helps in the drawing away of heat that the microprocessor creates. 


Is it worth buying? Does it really work or it’s just a scam?

Yes, you can survive without using a laptop cooler, but it is advisable to use them since they help ward off heat as sometimes it becomes unbearable to work on overheating laptop for one. And since I consider my laptop as a part of me, it saddens me to imagine them in great distress?.


laptop cooler


So, it’s not a scam as it helps prevent the laptop from malfunctionings like system crashes, data loss, and other annoying issues.

Another thing of note is, it prolongs the life span of your laptop as you will be working at optimal temperature.

Another major advantage is that it gives ergonomic angles to work and be free of stress and tensions from the spine and neck. It gives the best feeling to work from your laptop, increasing the touch and feel.


What type of material is used to make these cooling pads? Is it safe to use?


cooling pad


Most of the cooling pads are made with metal mesh on the surface with plastic on the sides. Sometimes you won’t even notice that you’re using them because of their sleek design and lightweight feeling.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use the laptop cooling pads

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Now, let’s see some of the reviews based upon people’s thoughts about using laptop cooling pads-


best laptop cooling pad

best laptop cooling pad

The Bottom Line

This article clearly shows you how the Laptop Cooling pad helps you in extending the life of your laptop. I have listed down the seven best laptop cooling pads that make a difference in your life according to their ratings and usage. They are strong enough to hold your laptop and so to save them from excessive heat.


1. Can laptop cooling pad replace laptop fans?

Cooling pads will help you to maintain posture and hold a laptop more than reduce the heat of the laptop. To some degrees, it does reduce the internal heat, but unless it is penetrating far to lower temperature, it’s not enough.


2. Are cooling pads bad for laptop cooling?

Cooling pads are not harmful to laptops, but they are not that useful either. If you want your problems to be solved, then try to take out the dust blocking in your laptop’s ventilation.


3. What happens if a laptop overheats?

A laptop that overheats can cause internal damage to various components. But if it is warm, then it is reasonable, no need to panic.  


4. How hot is too hot for a laptop?

The secure temperature for your laptop ranges from 20 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If more than that, then consider it an abnormal issue that seeks attention.


5. How do I stop my laptop from overheating?

  • Clean the fans regularly.
  • Use a dust removal sprayer to remove blocking dust from the ventilators.
  • Use laptop cooling pads.
  • Avoid the installation of intense processors.

Have you tried already? Let us know your experience in the comment section below

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