Music is one of the highly important sections in our day to day lives. Whether you are at home or work, you will always require a few beats on your ear to be able to move your head a little bit. Most of the time we utilize our smartphones to listen to music, but at times we are forced to leave them.

Well, windows’ 10 have proved to be one of the latest OS built by Microsoft. Windows 10′ is a widely sought out operating system after Windows’ 7. Unlike other windows’ operating system’, Windows 10’ is performance and result oriented. It offers in-built and highly powerful software for both video and music. Windows 10′ offers Groove music and Windows media player to enhance music play. Therefore, if considering the perfect music player for windows 10′, here is the way to go.

Best Music Players For Windows 10


It’s not a problem now to get iTunes free download for Windows 10. iTunes has been in existence for long on windows but the App could not be installed. The arrival of the application on Microsoft Store has become even more effective for Windows 10.

For the last 17′ years the app has been on constant criticism for being bloated because of new features’ tacked. You can argue that iTunes is no longer essential under the existence of iTunes Store, Apple Music, App Store. But to the surprise, you will realize that a huge number of people still consider backing up their manger music or iOS’ devices using the old fashioned method.


If you are a diehard music listener, you must have heard about Spotify. Spotify has proved to be one of the highly sought out services for music streaming on earth. You can easily access it via Microsoft Store. This has proved to be a great desktop’ app. It boasts of some other added bonus’ through which is frequently updated from the app’ store.

You will not only get an opportunity’ to access wide Spotify catalog’, free or paid subscriber but also you will get an opportunity to engage own stored and local content. Spotify can be accessed free of charge by anyone willing to use it. Its design can also be cluttered a little especially if you would wish to stream own catalog tunes. It is the perfect choice for that matter.

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Windows Media Player

This is the latest version of the Windows’ Media Player’ 12. Nothing much about it has changed since the period of Windows 7′. It has really added great value to the Microsoft Windows 10′ if you are a type of person that adores music play of high quality. Windows media play can comfortably support different and most common formats of audio such as WMA, MP3, FLAC, etc.

Therefore it has proved to be highly effective for all the users of Windows 10’ especially if you wouldn’t like installing a music player from a third party. This great official music player born by the Microsoft boasts of the support from the external’ plugins that comfortably extends their functionality.

Windows Media Player

Through the Windows media player, one is allowed to burn and RIP music CDs. It offers one of the best support for music’ CDs, which assures the perfect quality of sound when compared to MP3. A drawback associated with’ Windows Media player is that it does not come with an in-built equalizer.

Jet Audio

JetAudio has been in operation for a very long period of time, and it still falls under the lightweight’ music player category. Through the feature of meta-data’, you will get an opportunity to enjoy both audio and video playback of the JetAudio. JetAudio has the capacity to change video to various HD’ video, for example, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, MPEG, etc. You will also get an opportunity to enjoy different audio format because it comes with high-quality effects of sound. You can comfortably’ download various skin from sites, for example, DevianArt to increase its appearance. Lastly, JetAudio boasts of external’ spectrum visualize’ ad viewer’.

Groove Music Player

Since the Windows media player does not come alongside an inbuilt equalizer. One will be forced to rely upon software from the sound card for purposes of equalizer settings. On the other hand, if you wish to have an equalizer, then you need to try the Groove’ Music player which is supported by Windows 1o.

The Groove Music player’ is also under the control of Microsoft. It is the most basic music’ player that boasts of more advanced features. Here, one is comfortably allowed to come up with the playlist, play different types of audio formats, add some custom directories, and be able to customize your equalizer.

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Google Play Music

This is an amazing and nice music App for windows 10′. The Google Play Music also known as songza’ provides appropriate music which is built by experts in the music for different situations such as Christmas, Focusing, Being Romantic, Relaxing, working and many others. This helps to take care of various moods.

Google Play Music’ has proved to be the perfect choice for individuals who don’t find fun in sifting via various tracks in order to identify a favorite playlist or like listening to the old songs. Via Songza, one can get their favorite music from Google’ Play Music. It assures same music experience, choices and music professionals involved in curating of the playlist.


VLC is one of the highly popular and most handy music players. VLC has everything which any fan of music needs for any great music. Through VLC’ one can stream and build a playlist via your network. One of the highly notable’ VLC is the inbuilt equalizer’ and highly upgraded features of the audio’ support.


The reason as to why VLC’ is overrated, it is capable of playing any format and type of video brought to you. Additionally, VLC is an app for any given Operating System’. The Supported OS, include MAC OS, Android, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, Apple TV, Windows Phone.


Dopamine app is very easy when it comes to the navigation of the interface. This is one amazing feature that is adored and loved by most of the users. The app allows tweaking’ on your taste through an option of customization. This app comfortably supports various audio formats. Some of its examples include MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, OPUS, APE, FLAC, OGG, and WAV. You will also get an opportunity to enjoy display lyrics in the last’ real-time, FM scrobbling, etc. Nonetheless, to extract the best from Dopamine, Windows 10′ is the way to go.

Foobar 2000

Since the launch of this great music player, a huge number of people have developed a very strong liking for music. It assures high flexibility level to allow users to comfortably add new features and components. Foorbar2000 boasts of the minimal interface. Due to this, several users have wrongly judged it as being designed for the windows’ 98. Foobar2000′ can comfortably support the audio format such as MP3, ACC, WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, etc. Additionally, the Foobar2000 can comfortably support CD’ ripping and the auto Meta import. Also, it assures access to the compressed’ archives, for example, ZIP, GZIP, 7Z, and many others.

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Music Bee

Music Bee is not a Universal Window Platform’ app for Windows 10′. It is a sport modern’ design, which is highly attractive. It comfortably receives podcasting’ streaming protocols and HTTP. It is also capable of importing WMP’ libraries and can comfortably import iTunes. Music Bee assures an automatic organization of library for individuals looking forward to managing music, audiobooks, podcasts and radio stations scattered all over.

Music bee has the capacity to run a CD, and at the same time allows the missing functionality of the windows 10. Note that this is a highly effective music player that can comfortably support various audio formats except’ for the RealAudio. It also gives you a chance to comfortably move the existing music’ library from iTunes by use of the import feature and facilitate the organization of the audiobooks and the podcasts.


Whenever you think about a music player who is highly keen on the music file arrangement, then you need not think beyond MediaMonkey player. Although it is considered as being a revamped version’ of the WMP, the MediaMonkey boasts of several other features you love.


MediaMonkey’ Music player boasts of different audio formats. Also, the MediaMonkey’ is capable of effectively syncing’ files alongside other devices. Additionally, one can comfortably and automatically’ tag stream and audio files through MediaMonkey.

The 5K Player

This is exclusively reserved for Windows 10. The 5K Player has the capacity to play video/audio formats which may include; WMA, MKA, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, AMR, DTS. It is specifically built for Windows 10 and audio player assures a sound quality which is peerless and conversion experience and free downloading for hot and new music’ videos. This allows you to directly’ access a free download of the MP3′ AAC Music from the Audiomack and the Soundcloud, especially for the local’ collection.

Also, it allows you to comfortably tune in for any given music’ radio station, for example, Heart FM, Music radio, and it is capable of engaging CDs/DVDs that are newly bought. The 5KPlayer’ boasts of great support on Airplay, which gives one an opportunity to link the Windows 10′ PC with the Airplay Speaker, especially for highly advanced and most comprehensive enjoyment auditory. Therefore, go ahead and have it installed on your Windows PC. It is one of the best audio’ players we have in the market.

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There are several music players for various Operating System, available that requires your keen selection. Before you scroll down to identify your most favorite music player, note that all apps can be downloaded for free. Therefore, with this extensive list of best music players, you should be able to identify one that will serve your purpose.