For the past decades, our ears have been shackled to the headphones enjoying more music than ever before. Thanks to the invention of this amazing device by Nathaniel Baldwin. 

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best budget over ear headphones

Headphones allow us to listen to the latest single and also make it tolerable to work in an uproarious room or a crowded subway. They have been evolved from plain “Baldy Phones” to the latest Apple “EarPods.” 


Believe me; you’ll need the best cheap over-ear headphones 2020 to immerse yourself and shut the outside world.

Are you looking for the best over-ear headphones which fit your budget? If yes, then continue to read the top 11 headphones I’ve compiled for you to choose from-


What Are Over The Ear Headphones? And Why People Are Using it So Much?

Over-ear headphones engulf your ears. The lulling noise around the surroundings is shut off, making them pleasant to wear on train, office, on the bus, or while studying. Also, the cushions are made extra comfortable to keep your ears warm and fuzzy.

Now, why do people like it so much?

over the ear headphones

Generally speaking, people love over-ear headphones because it doesn’t do the awful things like-

  • Falls out from ears
  • Getting gross ear wax in your ears
  • They hurt your ears

Over-ear headphones have more significant drivers and broader frequency. Three hours can easily float by because of its special, longer listening sessions.

The sound stage is fantastic as you’ll feel that the sound is coming from a different place like you’re in a place of music.

Should Anyone Consider Buying Over-Ear Headphones?

Best over the ear headphones

When deciding to buy a headphone, there’s a lot of judgments that must be made regarding the model as per trends. 

Choosing between in-ear, over, and on-ear is not hard as I’ve already pointed out why over-ears are way better according to people’s reviews.

Over-ear headphones offer the most immersive and high-quality listening experience. There is no sound leakage too; the person sitting beside won’t hear a thing on what you’re listening to.

So, yes, you must consider buying Over-ear headphones!

What Is The Difference Between Over-Ear Headphones And Earbuds? Which One is good For Ears?

Switching from earbuds to over-ear headphones is a great transition; it’s like a person who has an SUV switching a new station wagon. It can be weird at first. To understand the differences, let’s consider the strengths each of these each headphone affords.


Earbuds are, first and foremost, the most portable. As the drivers are tiny and the enclosures are not very large to accommodate. Over the ear headphones can be quite a handful and it can’t fit in your pockets because of its obvious significant drivers.

However, the over-ear headphones are superior; it’s never going to be a match to in-ears for true portability.

Noise Rejection

Noise rejection is the most significant feature to consider because, without it, you have outside clutter competing with your tunes. Over-ear headphones have an excellent dynamic range achieved by lowering outside news.

In-ear headphones are not that good at blocking out exterior noise unless it’s inserted in the ear canal properly.

The sound quality of in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones can be just as good. 

What are the Best Top 11 Over-Ear Headphones Which You Should Consider Buying in 2020?

Here are the list of the best budget over-ear headphones-

1. Bose QuietComfort

For many years Bose was the gold standard for noise cancellation headphones. But now other companies are chipping away Bose’s lead with their plenty of compelling options.

best cheap over ear headphones

Well, Bose Quiet Comfort has world-class noise cancellation, which makes quiet sound quieter.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 20 hours| Weight: 236g| Style: Closed-back

According to people’s reviews, it seems that it is well worth our money. It has a stealthy build and managed to provide a balanced sound that is just right without being too heavy on bass. 

Best over the ear headphones

2. Sony WH-1000XM3

best cheap over ear headphones

It is the industry-leading digital noise-canceling tech for now. It lets you listen without distraction with its amazing QN1 HD processor. Also, sony is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant features.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life:30 hours | Weight: 255g| Style: Closed-back

Another fabulous thing with this model it has a quick charge of 10 minutes and bestowing us with 30 hours of the battery pack. The sound quality is impressive; even the full volume doesn’t distort.

3. Sennheiser PXC550

Sennheiser’s headset is tailored explicitly for travelers. It’s stylish, foldable, and compact and has excellent adaptive noise cancellation and has crystal clear clarity on sound.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life:30 hours | Weight: 222g| Style: Closed-back

The one thing people are praising about this model is its awesome look. We can use it for 4 hours straight with no stress of jawline or head. The customizations are just perfect for adjusting it to the way you love.

Exceptional battery performance, superior sound quality, and the design are lightweight and comfortable.

4. V-Moda Crossfade 2

over the ear headphones

Crossfade has an award-winning signature sounds and hi-resolution audio certification. It has an enhanced memory foam cushions to keep you comfortable at all times.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life:14 hours | Weight: 454g| Style: closed back.

It’s attractive gold plated design and military level durability can keep you on toes all the time. It has a sculpted bass and better detail. The headphones fold up and have a case that now includes air vents.

5. COWIN E7 Pro

Cowin E7 pro comes with a significant noise reduction system for travel, work, and anywhere. The 45mm large-aperture drivers provide you with a deep, accurate bass experience that makes you focus and enjoy your music, videos, and movies.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 30 hours | Weight: 386g| Style: closed back.

It’s a little challenging to see the controls because of its sleek design. Overall it’s the best over the ear headphones but not as good as other headphones.

6. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

best cheap over ear headphones

Sennheiser Momentum is a dynamic headphone sliding slightly to the expensive side but has incredible dual built-in microphones that cancel out external noise for the perfect symphony.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 22 hours | Weight: 265g| Style: Closed back.

It is the most user- friendly Bluetooth product is the easiest ever pairing. Even the noise cancellation is pretty decent and an upgrade from the previous momentums because it doesn’t hurt the ears as it used to before.

7. Beats Studio3

It is the best bass headphones. There’s a huge fan base for this headphone, and that’s why people go for beats — nice try in developing noise canceling but has stayed in the last position.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 22 hours | Weight: 1.9p| Style: closed back.

Although it has a premium sound quality with fine-tuned acoustics and Pure ANC, it lacks many things. The design and build quality is all plastic and feels a little cheap. The buttons are clicky and feel dirty too.

An interesting thing is the headphones come with a range of colors like red, pink, blue and black.

8. HyperX Cloud Mix

best budget over ear headphones

This mid-range over-ear headphones are incredibly budget-friendly. HyperX cloud mix is an obsession among gamers. The people who used if feel there that it has virtual surround sound but not Dolby 7.1 range.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 20+ hours | Weight: 275g| Style: Closed-back

It has a comfortable design with a 90- degree angle for a better fit. For ultimate and prolonged gaming sessions, it features high-quality HyperX signature memory foam.

No ugly LED for distraction, and the cable is long enough with a splitter at the end. 

Users who tried out these headphones reviewed that- 

 I can hear every single footstep when watching movies, and it is amazing.

9. Jabra Elite 85h Wireless

top 10 headphones

If you’re looking for one of the best battery life headphones, then this is the one. Jabra elite is one clever piece of technology, and the features are quite exceptional.

The battery back up of over 40 hours without noise cancellation and 30 hours with noise cancellation. The sound quality is good but not actually studio-grade. It has auto ear detection, which plays music immediately when your ears are detected.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 36 hours | Weight: 264g| Style: Closed-back

The unique feature is that you can access your vice assistant with one touch, it’s also powered with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and google assistant.

10. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Best over the ear headphones

If you want a reliable pair of headphones that don’t look ordinary, then Plantronics is the one. The wood grain color gives a strange, beautiful appearance to it. The sound quality is pretty good when listening to jazz and death metal.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 24 hours | Weight: 0.62lb| Style: closed back.

When you take the headphones off, they auto-pause, and the music feels like magic. The only downside is the active noise cancellation which isn’t up to par, and the reviews are- 

“great set of wireless headphones that will probably satisfy most people, but perhaps look elsewhere if your ANC demands are high.”

11. Skullcandy Hesh 3

Best over the ear headphones

Are you looking for headphones that can pack a good bass? Then get the Skullcandy Hesh 3 as it is the best over the ear headphones. Although they don’t have the Noise Canceling feature, you’ll get decent sound with impressive bass.

Type: Over-ear| Wireless: Yes| Bluetooth: Yes| Battery Life: 19 hours | Weight: 0.62lb| Style: closed back.

A 10-minute charge is a convenient bonus, and you can use them wired if the charge runs out too. They might feel a little cheap; nevertheless, they’re an excellent option to go.

 As per the reviews-

“Best headphones, if you like natural sound, then this is the perfect Headphones for you. Bass is natural. The rapid charge is the best feature. This headphone is very comfortable. The foam reduces noise.”

“the build quality is not the best. It may break away if misused. But this can be overcome by buying a cover for it (a hard case)”

Yes, that’s the end of our shortlisted headphones compiled by comparing the best. Now when looking to buy new headphones, just look for headphones that make you feel comfortable and fulfilled while using them.

Things You Must Be Careful About Before Buying Headphones? Considering The Most Important Factors. 

Before considering to buy headphones purely based on its looks, I advise you to look for the following things to look in a headphone-

1. Type

top 10 headphones

Be clear about the kinds of headphones you want. There are three significant types like In-Ears, On-ears, and Over-Ears.

2. Drivers

The driver generates the sound in the headphones, and it is made of magnet, voice coil, and a diaphragm. So larger the driver, the better the sound.

3. Sensitivity

best cheap over ear headphones

Sensitivity can give an idea of how loud your headphones can get, anything lower than 85DB/MW must be avoided.

4. Impedance

The power needed for the headphone is called impedance. Generally, 16 Ohms is a good impedance number to consider.

5. Frequency Response

Most headphones come with 20Hz – 20000Hz, so if you like more bass, than find a higher frequency one.

Does Noise Cancellation Work? Is It Worth Buying Noise Cancellation Over The Ear Headphones?

Noise-canceling headphones use microphones and some advanced processes to create an opposite sound wave obstructing the Ones that head for your eardrum. The inverse waves cancel the intruding sound wave.

Even the best noise-canceling headphones won’t work their magic entirely and correctly. It is reported that steady sound is easy to cancel out, but you’re still going to hear the sound of a baby wailing or higher frequency sounds.

Make Sure To Check Frequency Range And Sound Quality Before Buying Any Over-Ear Headphones. 

Checking for the best frequency range is essential. As I said, generally, most headphones come with the frequency range of 20Hz – 20000 Hz, so if you want more bass, then it’s better to look for a higher frequency range.

best budget over ear headphones

As for sound quality, there is no absolute reference, but it varies depending on the personal taste. The best sound quality must have a check for bass-heavy, deep bass, V-shaped, dynamic sound, flat, balanced, and neutral sounding frequencies.

If you need help finding out, take some headphones quality test by watching this video.

How Much Do Over-Ear Headphones Cost? And What Is The Best Budget To Buy Perfect Over-Ear Headphones?

Over-ear headphones may range anywhere from $50 to $5000. The best budget to buy headphones would be above $200 because you can get the noise-canceling feature that can drown out the outside noise by several notches. 

What are the People’s Suggestions On These Headphones | Reviews, And Research On The Basis of Current Internet Trends?

According to quora, people feel that over-ear headphones are far better than on-ear or in-ear headphones any day. 

best budget over ear headphones

The over-ear headphones have strong sealing ability and are comfortable to wear. It is a kind of ear protector that can cover the whole article.

The internet trends reveal that people are tired of wearing on-ear headphones which is resting on your ears and feels heavy and can also break after prolonged usage. 

Over-ear headphones are very good in particular because they can insulate outside noise and gives a fantastic experience.

Which One Is The Best One According To Us?

I particularly liked the Sony WH-1000XM3, it’s the best over the ear headphones because of its top-quality noise-canceling system. They have a perfectly balanced bass, and it’s easier to drown out the outside world.

Battery hour lasts up to 30 hours, and the Bluetooth pairing is quick. It is an ideal companion for you while traveling and to enjoy your favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Bottom Line

No smartphone is complete without a pair of headphones, isn’t it? You might like to use in-ears, but now it may not be an ideal format for enjoying the music. It’s a worthwhile purchase for you because it is more comfortable, long-lasting, and versatile. 

This article exactly tells you which headphones to buy, and hopefully, it helps you buy the best one. You may prefer a different style. Just give this pair of headphones a listen and guide your future decisions.

General FAQs

1. What is Over the ear and on the ear headphones?

On-ear headphones are literally on your ears, and over-ear headphones fall over your ears. With over-ear headphones, you won’t be suffering from burning ears.

2. Are over-ear headphones better for your ears?

Yes, it is better than any earbuds because the sound travels from outside of the ears to inside. There is no straightforward impact on the eardrum. They have big drivers to deliver better and balanced sound.

3. Are noise-canceling headphones bad for ears?

No, noise-canceling headphones are not hazardous for health or ears. It does no emit low- level radiation that could stem from frequent usage next to the ear through loud noises that can damage hearing in the long run.

4. Does wearing headphones without damaging my ears?

Yes, wearing headphones for just one hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times. It’s not wrong to wear headphones, but wearing them for more than 30 minutes in a sitting is harmful to your ears.

5. Does Headphones increase ear wax?

Yes, the wax can build in your ear canal, causing blockages. It also builds a large plug of earwax leading to ear pain.

Have you tried any of these headphones? Did you face any type of issue? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.