Whether you are a student or not, you spend most of the day with a smartphone. For these reasons, many people treat phones as distractions or something that may prevent you from living life fully. What makes you so attached to the phone that you cannot look away from the first minute you are awake? That is because of the apps you have installed. Therefore, if you get the right applications, your phone may shift from being a distraction to a gadget that will help you in your studies. Here are the best college organization apps that you must have in your phone as a student.

Best Smartphone Apps For Study. How Can Your Smartphone Help You?

  • SoundNote

Students are expected to write notes while the lecturer is teaching in class. However, people have a different pronunciation of various words, and you are likely to make a mistake and may write a wrong word from what was said. Additionally, when you concentrate on writing notes, you are likely to miss on the fundamental concepts and illustrations that are relevant for the understanding of the lecture. However, when you have your phone, all you need is to install a sound note app. It captures real-time lecture audio and gives you time to concentrate on what is happening in class. This is among the best lecture apps that have the ability to convert the audio into text. Therefore, when you want to revise, you can always go back and listen to the lecturer speaking as well as read the converted text.

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  • Evernote

If you are looking for Australia assignment help, then Evernote is a must-have app that should be installed on your phone. It helps you manage several things simultaneously from assignments, group projects, and exams preparation. The app gives you an opportunity to create a to-do list, capture lecture photos, record voice and take notes. Therefore, when you have the app installed, you are sure that you cover all college expectations right on the fingertips.

Evernote  Evernote app

  • Dictionary.com

Flipping across several pages of the dictionary to get the meaning of a particular word is not only tiresome but also time wasting. You don’t want to be left behind just because you want to understand or get the meaning of a single word in the entire lecture session. However, you also don’t understand its significance in the contest if you try to find its meaning later. You can save yourself the hustle and enjoy every minute in the lecture room by having dictionary.com app. The app may give you descriptive information on the word including its synonyms and application example on a sentence.

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  • Mint

One of the enormous problems with students is planning their finances and live a comfortable life while in school. For you to concentrate on your study, you want to be sure that all your basic requirements are observed within the small budget you have. Mint helps you manage your money issues through the month and give you ample time to concentrate on your studies. The best thing about this app is that you can install it on any device from your smartphone to PC. Additionally, with this app, you can comfortably trace back every single cent you spent during a month, hence making it easy to tell where you overspent and on what.

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  • Vocabulary Builder

What makes you stand from other students in an exam room is the ability to give correct answers to every question. However, when everyone has the same accurate answers, your language is what may influence the outcome. Learning new words, however, is not that easy especially when you are preparing for an exam. Therefore, you will require to have something that can assist you to learn new words and their meaning. This vocabulary builder app may help you understand different words and make you stand out from the other students of your class. Additionally, with this app, you can comfortably synchronize your learning material to other devices.

Vocabulary Builder

  • BenchPrep

This is a study group app that will make education interesting for all students. When you are preparing for exams, and you are not sure whether you are doing it right, benchprep is all you need. The app is designed with advanced technological measures to connect you with fellow students across the globe. With this app, you can revise share notes and take tests with others using a social media networking system. Therefore, making learning exciting and more accommodative to all students.



There are several other apps that you can download and help ease your learning as a student. Some of the apps are paid while others can be got for free. However, the primary purpose of the app is to ensure that while you remain glued to your phone, you also get something that will help you secure a better position in your career.

This article is written by au.edusson to assist students on how to get their phones in good use.