It is 2018, yet we are here searching online for tips on how to get a girl, and probably this will save you from the embarrassment of asking your friends. There are many ways to get a girl, but not all are easy and “girl-friendly.” This article will provide you with a list of ways on how you can be a good flirt with zero act of creepiness.

Best ways to get a girlfriend

Now that we are so addicted to online dating that even if we meet a girl and have a face to face interaction in real life, we start by “Hey, What you wearing?”

Here are some of the ways which will help you in getting a girl.

Ways on how to get a girlfriend

1.Meeting the right kind of a girl

  • Trying to look cool and showing zero respect to the rules to be followed is a big no way when you are looking for a girl to fall in love with you.

Your sexy moves or a cool haircut will not land you in finding a girl, just stay who you are and the rest will be taken care of the girl.

  • Meet & Engage: If you find a girl who is attractive just walk up to her and start a conversation(If not, then just walk off).

But before going out and approaching a girl, try and understand the environment. See where you are it a library, a college or someone’s wedding, talk according to that particular environment.

Be realistic, try not to brag about the cars you own and the high-end phone you use just keep it simple.

  • Be honest: When you first meet a girl try and tell honestly about what you like and dislike. And the most important one is that if you can joke, she can as well, and if you do not like the joke, she tells then it is better not to laugh.

She might not like it but what if she likes your honest opinion on the joke?

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2. Make Girl Friend(s)

I put the ‘s’ in the bracket as it is up to you how many you would want to approach until you find the perfect love. I have listed a few of the instructions below and make the full use of these.

  • Start approaching: Find a girl alone, just go ahead and talk to her. Do not stop, keep engaging on a regular basis don’t mind about the topic and the place you are in.

The more you talk, the more you learn about girls.

  • A joke in your mind? Say it: Yes Jokes, do not hesitate to say it just go ahead with it. Have a great sense of humor and are sarcastic enough then just say it. You do not know when you are at your best, and the girl might just burst into laughter.
  • Start flirting: If you have tried your all of jokes and some seem to work then go ahead and start flirting.

Be flirty and stay out of the friend zone area.

Start taking actions to take small steps on how to approach her with some gestures and touch which she might be comfortable with.

tricks to find girlfriend

If all these works then you are happy to go to the next step.

3.Getting the right one

Found the right one? Now take a step ahead, start engaging in conversations every day and take her out.

Do not be greedy or desperate to get the girl’s attention by following her up through message or calls. If she says No then it is a No, move on from that girl.

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4. Be kind towards her

If there’s a thing you do not like about her, try not commenting on it. If you are sarcastic and she doesn’t understand your sarcasm then explain it to her.

Do not body shame or pass a racist comment.

5. Take her out

If everything sounds good and she is really interested you take her out.

  • Go on a date: follow her up and ask her out to date. All you have to do is pick her, be it either in a cab or your vehicle(try if borrowing works out)

Pay the bill and show the girl that you are not struggling for the moment.

  • Do not let go: if you feel she’s a nice and the girl you were looking for then follow up on her. You have to wait for some time might be a day or two just ask her opinions about you.

Still single? Try

Here are some of its features:

  • Hot or Not: sounds similar to Tinder right? This is a location-based feature which lets users know if any singles nearby.
  • Chatrooms: Meet new girls by joining groups and start engaging in a friendly conversation.
  • Naughty Mode: this mode allows you to view members sexy pictures. Switch to “No Limits” mode to see explicit content.
  • You can pay and view the profiles invisibly.



Once you are sure that she is the one you were looking for try asking her to be your girlfriend in a rather creative way.

Since finally, you’ve found one, do not show the act of sleaziness towards her. As I have mentioned above, try not to pass comments that are intended to hurt her by any means.

If she says “Yes” then great, if the response is not in your way then go ahead and move on. There are way more single girls than you think and repeating the ways mentioned above in finding a girl might as well help you again.


  • What can I do to better communicate with my partner?

Do not be afraid. Just say what you feel like unless those comments are not racist and stereotypical.

  • Is it good if going against my family and date that person they hate?

Caution, as there might be a conflict arising which will make you feel like you can’t be honest or even come near to the people you love. Search for the reasons why your family doesn’t like your partner or why your partner doesn’t like them.

Take their opinions, but the result is on you.

  • Why is she not saying “I love you back”?

Chances are she is not into you. She might not feel the same as you do. Maybe your relationship isn’t there yet.

Or she just does not want to brag about the stuff that you already love each other and don’t want to say it again and again.

Until then stay away from getting bro-zoned.