books for 10 year olds

Amazing books for 10 year olds (Best books Around the World)

Reading and storytelling for your children can promote the imagination and development in them. If you wish your 10-year-old kid would read more, then you have come to the right place! (books for 10 year olds).

books for 10 year olds

After all, reading stories with children helps in their literacy development. Your child will have the greatest opportunity to explore the world of fairies, princesses, pirates, and mermaids as if on a most exciting adventure.

Make sure to give the darling children an unforgettable trip against the menial realities of the world quite literally.

Let’s dive in…

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Why is Reading Books Important for Kids?

Reading books is essential for kids. Understanding every word on the page serves as the foundation to improve their learning abilities and function properly in an ever-changing society. Although it’s struggling at first, you need to remember why it is important for kids!

books for 10 year old girls

1. Practice Makes them Better

Practice reading can make your child way better. Something simple as reading can help them read the text in the future and being gifted with creative abilities. 

2. Expand Your Vocabulary

Children may find exciting and new words. The new word can prompt them to find their meaning and add it to their vocabulary.

3. Helps Them Understand the World Around Them

Reading amazing books makes them determine what they see around the, whether it is stickers or directions written on a board.

4. Enhance Imagination

Books for 10 year olds are designed to enhance the imagination of every child. The colorful pictures and characters will help your child create their little world, and it helps them picture what the character does and how they look like. 

5. Improves Grammar

Through continuous reading, not only the vocabulary but the grammar of your child also increases. Through consistent reading, your child will notice the sentence structure and grammar composed by the author.

6. Improves Writing Skills

books for 10 year olds

Apart from grammar, communication, and vocabulary skills, books for 10 year old improves writing skills. From cooking to learning in school, your child needs to start writing in style at a very young age.

7. Future Academic Success

Every parent dreams that their child will progress in academic achievements. Reading at a very young age will essentially help in gaining future academic success. It is essential to answer the questions which have complicated questions.


How To Choose Books to Read With Your Child?

Most of the time, children enjoy books that have good rhyme, repetition, and rhythm. A good book with pictures can help engage your child, but it is way better than leaving them alone with a device. The important elements to check out before buying books for 10 year old girls are as follows:

books for 10 year old girls

1. Excellent Story and Language

Make sure to check out whether the story is capable of capturing the child’s imagination. The wordplay must be absolute, kindling the children to read more and understand the main element. 

2. Illustrations

If you are buying a picture book, then the illustrations must set the structure and tone correctly. Along with illustrations, the words will interact with young minds and help them grasp what the author wants to say.

3. Theme

What is the theme of the book? Amusement? Education? Information or inspiration. Make sure to choose the books that have an inspiring and touching story. The illustration and storyboard must communicate the core message in a clear and straightforward form.

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Best Books For 10 Year Olds of 2021 That You Can Enjoy From:

best books for 10 year olds

Here is the list of books you can present to your 10-year-olds for an exciting adventure!

1. Peter Pan

J.M Barrie wrote Peter Pan in 1911. The story circles around a young boy, Peter Pan, who can fly and never grow up. Like a naughty boy looking for his shadow, he looks for his shadow meanwhile befriending Wendy and the others. 

best books for 10 year olds

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lead them off to Never Land to an exciting adventure, whether to meet pirates, mermaids, fairies, and incredible characters through an unforgettable trip.

2. Roller Girl

Roller Girl is a fantastic graphic novel written by Victoria Jamieson. The book is one of the favorites in children’s literature and became the New York Times bestseller. The story revolves around a 12-year-old Astrid who likes to do everything with Nicole, her best friend.

books for 10 year olds

Both friends choose their path as Astrid chooses roller derby while Nicole chooses dancing. Their journey is outlined through the book telling the readers how Astrid has to balance her newfound passion while struggling with deteriorating friendship and school.

3. The Unadoptables

The Unadoptables is a famous story by Hana Tooke where the story revolves around the Little Tulip Orphanage. As the worst orphanage in Amsterdam, it is run by a cruel Matron, Elinora Gassbeek, who considers Lota, Egg, Milou, Fenna, Sem as the longest of all Orphans. The Matron considers them Unadoptable for this reason. 

books for 10 year old girls

These babies were abandoned in a hamper, toolbox, coal bucket, wheat sack, and a coffin-shaped basket. The story makes your children wonder whether the orphans will make it through life on the run.

4. All Four Stars

All Four Stars is one of the best books for 10 year olds that puts a smile on their face. The cute story is about Gladys, an aspiring chef who has disapproving parents. They cut off her allowance and ban her from the kitchen for a creme brulee accident, but in turn, she sees it as an opportunity to get back at them.

best books for 10 year olds

By hiding her identity, she writes reviews of the popular newspapers in the world as a food critic. But to keep her dream job, Gladys must continuously cook her way into the heart of New York City, all the while keeping her identity safe.

5. We Are The Beaker Girls

Jacqueline Wilson has rereleased another hit, the story We are The Beaker Girls offers a fantastic adventure for your ten-year-olds. In this book, Jess and Tracy Beaker will find happiness in the Dumping Ground. It is a seaside shop full of treasures and friendly company.

books for 10 year olds

The classic story tells about family and friends’ importance by sweeping you along to uncover the truth. Jess wants to find a fantastic boyfriend for her mother but has more problems of her own to solve first. Excited?

6. Treasure Hunters

Children’s imaginative quest is never-ending, so Treasure Hunters will be one of the best books for ten-year-olds you can find in 2021. The author James Patterson has captivated the children with another winning book.

books for 10 year old girls

The story follows the Kidd Siblings who are plunged into a hunt to find valuable treasures while their adventurous parents dappers while on their job. The siblings must work against pirates’ strong forces and escape the evil rivalry to solve the ultimate parent’s disappearance.

7. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s E.B. White wrote Charlotte’s Web in 1952. Although not a new book, it is one of the best books recommended for a ten-year-old to learn about friendship and survival against challenging situations. 

best books for 10 year olds

The story revolves around farm animals and human friends. Wilbur the piglet, a runt, gets help from farmyard friends to ultimately become a prize-winning pig.

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8. The Graveyard Books

Here are another one of the best books for ten-year-olds by Neil Gaiman. It was one of the most insightful and fun books I have ever gone through, so I couldn’t leave it off the list. How could I?  When the book itself won the Newbery and Carnegie medals.

books for 10 year olds

Bod, a boy lining in the graveyard, is raised by the ghosts and a supernatural guardian watching over him. The adventure he goes through while living in the graveyard is countless, and it enraptured your attention. The boy must escape from the danger from a man named Jack who killed Bod’s family.

9. The One and Only Ivan

This is another New York Times bestseller that is based on real events. The one of a kind story is narrated by Evan, a gorilla in a glass enclosure. He spent his 27 years in the enclosure and did not miss his home.

books for 10 year old girls

But his perception changes once he meets the baby elephant who is taken away from home. This moving story will give your child a new perspective of the world, especially animals and nature. 

10. Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster

This enchanting story follows a lonely orphan called Nan. He worked as a Chimney Sweeper, which was unrewarding and tedious. She gets stuck in the chimney fire but suddenly finds herself unharmed. The person who saved her was a golem.

best books for 10 year olds

Nan and Golem have unique bonds, and as they outcast, they try to comfort each other. The beautifully written tale enhances their friendship, and your child gets to imagine one of the best friendships. 


What Do People Think About Buying Books for 10 Year Olds? According to People’s Review and Internet Research!

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about the best books for 10 year olds

books for 10 year olds

books for 10 year old girls

The Bottom Line

When your child or nephew turns 10, they would want to read more. These are the best books you can give them to improve imagination and cognitive functionality. From marvelous mysteries to trips back in time, everything deserves a post on your child’s imagination.

Make sure to get these creative gifts to make them understand the world of adventure and promises. The reading levels vary; therefore, it is your responsibility to push them into appreciating the classic collections to read much better books in the future as an expert. 


1. How long should a 10 year old read?

15 to 20 minutes is the recommeded time to read for 10 year old child.

2. What age should children start reading fluently?

Children will start reading fluently from 6 or 7 years of age.

3. At what age kids start writing?

Kids start writing at the age of 3 or more.


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