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How Brand Image can Change Your Business? {Case Studies}

 “When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable,” a more accurate word was spoken, supporting many marketers. Everybody has a unique personality, the same way every brand has a personality that reflects how the world perceives you. 

brand image


The brand is the powerhouse of marketing and increases awareness among customers, surging loyalty. The overall impression it creates in the consumer’s mind is essential for the success of the company. 

Well, 89% of marketers believe that brand awareness is essential, so let’s dive in to take a look at the clear evidence that you must follow an incredible Brand Image!

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What is a Brand Image? Why is it Important for Business?

Brand Image Definition: 

The customers’ perception of the brand is based on their interactions and personal experience with the company or their convictions of what the brand could be. 


A consumer is purchasing a project or service and suddenly notices the positive image associated with it. This makes an impression in their mind creating a unique and instant connection with the brand. 

brand image


It conveys the overall character of the product saving a spot in the consumer’s mind for recognition. Based on subjective perceptions, an image is formed from all sources equal to reliability.

brand image definition

Focusing on mental connection highlights a positive brand image describing the organization’s main goal and critical values. For example, Mercedes Benz is a symbol of luxury and quality.

The brand represents the consistent experience of what customers had with their intelligence logo slogan and many more representing the company. It is a brand image and promotes a brand feeling and resonates with the consumer.

Why is it important for business?

The primary idea behind creating an impeccable brand image depends on providing emotional benefits, functional benefits, and rational benefits to the consumer, making them trust in the brand more. It paves the way for success, so it’s time to think about building your brand identity.


What are The Elements of Successful Imagery in Branding?

To genuinely understand the value of the brand image to capture the mindset of the consumer. To make a connection like strong brands like Apple, Facebook, McDonald’s, and Twitter. According to marketing experts, here are the successful elements of the brand image.

brand image examples


1. Clear Objectives

If you have clear objectives and a predetermined outline, it can alter the brand’s values and messages. Give a clear plan to your marketing team to express your company’s purpose is a great visual.

2. Color

Color is another visual detail that customers will appreciate in any brand image. The right color combination increases brand recognition by 80%. Certain types of colors have proven effects of evoking feelings in consumers, which leads to a memorable experience. 

3. Simplest Form

The best brand logos ever created showcases a simple form giving a straightforward message to the masses. Even marketing the simplest way of brand image with elliptic designs and shapes can catch ordinary people’s eyes.

4. When it Comes to Shapes

Shapes of a brand image create value for the customers. Regardless of your company’s name, background, language, basic geometric shapes, determine the importance of the brand.

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For more information, take a look at this infographic

brand image

How to Change Your Business Image?

what is brand image

If your most loyal customers and audiences only have the same old look and feel of what you offer to the customer, it’s time to change the brand image and create something revolutionary.

what is brand image

There might be some recent issues that led to a bad reputation for your brand. Well, refreshing it with a completely new look can rebuild the trust you had with your customers. Here are some of the plans to touch up before deciding to change your brand image.

1. Planning and Strategizing a New Approach

To suit the customer’s needs, it is important to adjust the brand image according to the business’s challenging aspects. It means you have to separate those preconceived notions and structure it for your business and target market. Research on your customers’ current and future needs and see the bigger picture to run it effectively.

2. Make an Image Audit

Before doing anything else, figure out where you stand in the current branding strategy. How do customers see it through their eyes? Now it’s time to compare your brand and the other brand, which is already achieving its goal. 

To suit your new marketing campaign, make sure to target the right target audience. If your goal is to reach younger demographics, then review your logo, design, shape to see what others are doing.  

3. Data-Driven Colors

Rethink your colors into something data-driven as it has the potential to engage the audience. Color and shapes are an essential part of your successful design, proven by the marketers. Use colors that reflect the in-depth image of the company you’re hoping to achieve.

You can even take a small color quiz to select the best colors and take advice to shell out a terrific design and logo.

4. Listen to Customers Feedback

To further your makeover process, make sure to get customer feedback. It is better to note all the keywords and sources on how customers get to your site. Conduct a survey carefully and research the topics beforehand. This helps you learn the process of what customers expect from your products.

5. Add Engaging Content that Illustrates your New Business Image

Most of the audiences rely on engaging visual content to make decisions about purchasing the product. People get attracted to call to action content with amazing graphic pictures on it. Your intelligent content becomes a new business image and can spread it with communication platforms.

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What are the ways to Refresh your Brand Image? Top 5 Ways That You Can Try to Implement on Your Company

brand image definition


Have you recently thought about finding new ways to give a more human touch to your brand image? Then refreshing your company is the best choice. Here are the top ways to do so that you might find helpful.

1. Don’t be too Formal With Your Customers.

Many companies make the harsh mistake of being too formal with their customers. It is acceptable to some extent, but it is better to try sounding a little less professional as being too rigid can backfire instead of compiling the customers to buy. Add a human touch to your message by injecting a personality into your new brand image. The down to earth tone is effective in commuting well with customers.

2. Logo Redesigning

The logo is another important aspect of every company. It is the visual marketer for your overall brand. At the same time, refreshing the image of your company. Changing the logo is not that costly, too, as there are cheaper and affordable options. You don’t need to hire talented graphic designers. If not, you can hire freelancers from various websites like Fiverr to get a fantastic logo within $20. 

Other than that, creating a logo yourself with a logo maker is also a good option. Redesigning logos can be over in a matter of minutes.

3. Try Introducing a New Product or Service

If your business is going down for some reason, you might feel like creating a new product from scratch. The dramatic idea of tearing down and establishing a new product line is not so bad, but the only difference is you don’t need to destroy your business; instead, roll out a new product in the market that customers won’t be able to resist. This can give your brand a complete makeover without confusing the audience.

4. Get Help From Influencers

Influencer marketing is hitting the roof. Hence, it is quite effective in bringing popular influences to help redefine your brand. The right influencers can take your business to a new level, where customers will recognize the benefits of your product or service.

5. Explore New Channels of Marketing

If your brand’s primary focus is on social media marketing, only it’s time to whip up a path to a new marketing channel. Apart from PPC and SMM, you can consider email marketing as it is one of the affordable forms of digital marketing, which can have fantastic ROI. 

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Brand Image Examples That Has an Awesome Visual Identity

brand image examples


A beautifully designed brand will instantly communicate what you are and what you do to the audience without any complications. There are plenty of brands that got their brand image just right with objectives, color, shape, and new ideas. Let’s take a look at those examples at work below.


1. Colgate

Colgate still has a unique identity that it had years ago. That’s why it is popular in every household globally. How do you think it was possible? Because Colgate redefined its brand, making the customer’s belief and trust in them for a long time.

brand image examples

It has carted an unforgettable image in customers’ minds by delivering satisfactory results through constant innovation and significant changes in their product. All people believe that using Colgate is better for health and is recommended by dental and oral health.


2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a fast-food chain and a global franchise that is attracting the young generation to eat their offerings. It remains one of the most popular despite countless criticisms. In recent years, the restaurant has been redesigned to appear more artistic and modern.

brand image

Different approaches were implemented even in its commercial and ads, adding a tinge of humor into the message. Customers surely know what they are getting once they visit McDonald’s.


3. Coca-Cola 

Started with a red logo in a script, it signifies one of the world’s most favorite drinks. Not only does it sells drinks, but the color elicits such confidence that people immediately think that this the rand’s face. Coca-Cola, in this way, created credibility and reliability with smart logos printed on its bottle.

brand image

What Do People Think About Brand Identity? According to People’s Research and Opinion

Take a look at the screenshots below to determine the importance of brand image to a company.

brand image


brand image definition

The Bottom Line

Overall, a company is more than just a medium to buy goods and services. You are in charge of creating a brand that completely resonates and expresses what to do through rich visual context and illustrations. From your employees’ customers, the brand is a reflection of the people surrounding it. Make sure to align a particular set of words and build something with integrity. 


1. What does a brand image include?

 A brand image includes various associations and attributes like ease of use, appeal, value, functionality, and fame. 

2. What are the merits of a strong brand image?

One of the most significant advantages of having a strong brand image is recognition and loyalty. It helps your company in mind for a long time for potential customers. Because ultimately, people love to be associated with iconic brands. Make sure to keep your customers happy with products and services.

3. What are some examples of a lousy brand image?

  • Ugly drinks – The name of the brand itself creates a negative impression on customers
  • McNeil Consumer Healthcare – People took extra strength Tylenol because someone laced each capsule with something lethal
  • Procter & Gamble – Clients tainted Tide’s brand image

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