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Bumble vs Tinder (Which is the best app for you)

Buckle up, folks! Here I am about to preface the incredible love story of my best friend. She had her break up after having a seven years-long relationship.

When she started sinking in loneliness, depression, and frustration, right then the world started facing it’s most dangerous enemy ever, the pandemic! Both her mental health and career were at stake.

Bumble vs Tinder


She got a hot guy way out of her league (as per her opinion), who kickstarted the conversation by using some cheesy icebreakers. And they ended up getting married last week. But, today’s article is not about my best friend or her husband.

I researched a lot for her to make her know which one is the best dating application, bumble, or tinder! Let me tell you how it led to two innocent people coming together in a marriage where you have to always prepare for war! Jokes apart, let’s get another war named “bumble vs tinder” started and know is bumble better than tinder?


Why is dating hard in 2020? How does Dating apps help you?

I know most of you are floundering nowadays through the ups and downs of lives. A partner who would suit your whims and fancies could make the challenges life easier for you. But, getting a perfect date nowadays has been like finding a needle in a haystack.


bumble or tinder


Wondering why dating is so hard in 2020?

Youth at present tend to “measure out love”. They think if they display much affection, the person on the opposite side will get afraid and run away from them.

Today’s generation is afraid of attachment and heartbreaking. All these fears make them excessively calculative when it comes to love. As well as, finding a partner for a one-night stand is easy in modern days.

Above all, everyone has sky-high expectations when it comes to finding a date. So, dating someone is not an easy job now.

Moreover, the pandemic has reduced the scope of people to meet their soulmates. Nowadays people can’t go out and find their matches.

People need to stay home for their safety. An online dating app gives them the chance to find a suitable partner for them among plentiful options without going out of their homes.

Now, how does a dating app help you?

All the problems I have mentioned above have a common solution. That is installing a dating app. Before I come to the universal question, “Which one is better, bumble or tinder?” Let me tell you how a dating app plays Cupid’s role in your life.

  • It drives away your loneliness. If you have none to talk about, the dating apps can help you a lot. There are plenty of people, ready to shower their care and attention on you.
  • Dating apps bash out your socializing skill. It is the place where you will feel carefree to talk to anyone. Nobody is there to judge you.

So you won’t hesitate to come close to anyone and open up yourself. You will turn into a really striking social butterfly in a wink.

  • The best thing out of these dating apps, you may get an amazing person as your lover through this app.

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Does dating apps really work? If yes, how?

Dating apps are really effective for those who are introverted, lonely, and don’t prefer to go out every now and then.


is bumble better than tinder


The people who don’t have the scope to meet a lot of people in their real lives every day, dating apps like bumble or tinder help them out to get in touch with manifold new peoples.

A dating app is a great place to feel free to communicate with numerous individuals. If you are that kind of shy folk who has let go of thousands of dating opportunities because of the lack of his confidence and communication skill, then a dating app like tinder or bumble is going to be your savior.

The people, who have been tired of loneliness and singlehood, find an aura of hope through these dating apps. So, yes, definitely dating apps work.

Now, how do the dating apps work? Let me explain what the dating app UX holds inside!


  • Diversified Bio:

A chunk of the description that defines who you are and how you are is your biodata in a dating website. Here you have to resemble your persona in a fashionable way. If you want to attract someone who is intelligent and seeking love seriously, then you definitely need to attract him through a cool bio.

bumble vs tinder

The people who will like your display picture and bio will choose you to look forward to starting a conversation with you. You can do the same as well. 


  • Location

The developers of those dating apps know you are not going to afford a flight ticket to meet a random stranger to hook up. So, you will bump into those persons only who live nearby. This is the feature of those dating apps.


  • Matching

 When two people like each other, the “matching” happens. You will see a profile if you like then you can match it. Otherwise, you may skip the profile.


is bumble better than tinder

Which is the best dating app: Bumble or Tinder?


bumble or tinder


Are you confused, which dating app you should go for, bumble or tinder? Then have a look at my breakdown of the special aspects of these two dating apps. It will help you to get the answer, is bumble better than tinder?


Best dating app for women: Bumble vs Tinder?

In tinder, you will see more guys and fewer ladies. So, a woman’s profile is visible easily here. You can break the ice yourself in tinder but usually, men prefer to do this.


bumble or tinder


There are numerous guys on Tinder who are looking for casual dating. So, a woman will get an inbox full of messages every day from a lot of men on tinder.

Henceforth, a woman will get more options on tinder when it comes to the confusion, “bumble vs tinder.”


Best Dating App for Men: Bumble or Tinder?

As guys don’t use bumble as much they swipe tinder, their profiles are seen on bumble for two times. So, many girls will see a man’s profile quickly on bumble.


bumble vs tinder


Secondly, bumble allows only girls to send messages first. Therefore, a man can get female matches on bumble easily without any effort. He doesn’t need to try on a gaggle of girls by using cool punchlines and a bucket full of compliments.

So, bumble is the best dating app for men.


Is Bumble better than Tinder? Differences between the two dating apps.

This question has no proper answer. I personally think tinder is better for girls. Still, I will prefer a girl to be on both dating apps, tinder, and bumble.


bumble or tinder


The same goes for men as well. Bumble is a smoother one for guys while tinder can break a man’s confidence so easily if he plays wrong. Still, I will suggest my men’s friends stay active on both dating apps.

We all have different requirements and expectations behind accessing dating apps. Some of us want a serious relationship.

The rest want a one night stand and some casual romance, in a nutshell, bumble is better than tinder for the first category. And, tinder is better than bumble for the latter group.

Now, what are the differences between Bumble and Tinder?


is bumble better than tinder


is tinder free to use


  • Bumble has more women than men. Tinder is exactly the opposite. It has more men than women.
  • On Tinder, you can start a conversation if you like someone. But, on bumble, you have to wait for the text of the women. Bumble lets the woman message first.
  • Bumble clearly announces itself as an application that finds serious commitment in relationships. On the other hand, tinder is more famous for hook-ups.
  • Bumble users are usually more educated. Tinder is the proud dating platform for both career-oriented and blue-collar people.
  • You will avail unlimited swiping on Bumble without spending a penny. But the tinder is not free of cost. You have to subscribe to the prime membership of “Tinder Gold” or “Tinder Plus”.



5 things you must know about Bumble Vs Tinder

is tinder free to use


There are 5 basic things that you should consider before you start using any of two major dating apps, bumble or tinder.



  1. You have to download the dating app that you want to swipe from the app store at first. Then you need to get your account here. You can log in with your Facebook app as well.
  2. Now you should choose a profile picture that you can select from your Facebook account as well. 
  3. You should write an attractive but short bio on your dating app profile that describes your charismatic personality.
  4. Now you should allow the application to use your location so that it can scan effective nearby matches for you.
  5. You have to mention what your preferred age group and gender are. The app will show the matches only that fulfill your preference.

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What do people think about Bumble or Tinder dating apps? According to the latest internet research and reviews.

 Here are some reviews of people on bumble or tinder-


 bumble vs tinder

bumble or tinder

Final Thought

We all have different priorities when it comes to romance. Therefore, it’s better to go with the app that fulfills our priorities rather than chewing over which one is best: bumble vs tinder?

But I will suggest you be on both dating apps to explore the charm of romance up to the fullest.

And, one thing you always have to keep in mind, either bumble or tinder, nothing can help you unless you upload an amazing display picture and attractive bio.

So, spend your attention on these to get the best matches out of those dating sites.



1. Why is Bumble better than Tinder?

Bumble prioritizes the security of females. Only women can text for the first time on bumble. Secondly, using bumble is absolutely free of cost, unlike tinder.

2. Bumble vs Tinder: Which one is better for guys?

Bumble is better for guys. A man’s profile is more visible on bumble than tinder. Additionally, they don’t need to put an effort on messaging first.

3. Is Bumble for hookups or relationships?

Yes. Bumble proudly announces that it is a relationship app.

4. Is Tinder a good dating site?

Yes. When it comes to hook-ups and sometimes serious relationships, tinder is really a good dating site.

5. Is Tinder free to use?

No. tinder is nor free to use completely. You can use the basic version of tinder for free. But when you want to access more matches, you have to get the paid version of tinder called “Tinder Gold” or “Tinder Plus”.


Do let us know if you have found this article helpful, in the comment section below!

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