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Cash Flow Frog: Easy Cash Flow Forecasting in Seconds

Ask business owners what is holding their business back from growing, and most will say “cash flow.” Lack of cash flow causes businesses to remain stagnant because they’re unable to make growth decisions with confidence.

You may be making an abundance of sales, but if your invoices are not paid on time, your cash flow may be in the negative.

The importance of cash flow forecasting is why Cash Flow Frog created their forecasting tool back in 2015. When businesses can run a cash flow forecasting app, they can:

  •         Make smart business decisions
  •         Plan for future cash flow issues
  •         Map out the impact of decisions

The benefits of cash flow forecasting cannot be underestimated. It’s up to business owners and managers to use cutting-edge tools to run forecasts on their business’s financial health.

Cash Flow Frog makes it easy for businesses to run forecasts in seconds.

Functionality and Main Features

Cash Flow Frog focuses on cash flow. You’ll find that their tool is developed from the ground up to provide you with accurate, up-to-date cash flow forecasts in seconds. The platform allows you to:

  •         Pull financial data from Xero, QuickBooks and more
  •         Generate forecasts based on historical data
  •         Run reports in seconds

You can also use the platform to:

  •         Forecast what cash flow may be in a week, month, year or so on.
  •         Create scenarios to learn how decisions today may impact your financial health in the future.
  •         Generate branded reports to provide stakeholders with professional, accurate reports.
  •         Gain customer insights to learn who your most valuable customers are and who fails to pay their invoices on time.

You can view multiple perspectives with the click of a button and also view actual versus planned cash flow to see how your forecasts planned out. As the number one cash flow tool, it’s easy to see why people rely on Cash Flow Frog to gain valuable insights into how their business is run and its financial health.

Additional features are added to Cash Flow Frog often, and each new feature focuses on cash flow and insights that you’ll receive from it. With real-time reports and the ability to generate new reports in minutes, you’ll be able to manage your business better than ever before.

It’s a platform made for non-CPAs to gain insights that only accountants could provide in the past.

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What Sets Them Apart

Cash Flow Frog’s goal is to focus on cash flow. When you open most accounting software, you’re bombarded with features and functions that you’ll never use. Cash Flow Frog offers you the features that make the biggest impact on your financial health, including insights into:

  •         Customers to learn which customers are having a negative impact on your business
  •         Cash flow-centric planning and what-if statements
  •         Reports with high refinement to narrow down cash flow over any period of time

The group behind Cash Flow Frog ensures that you don’t need an accounting background to understand your business’s financial health. Developers and UX specialists spent a lot of time ensuring that everyone without an accounting background will have an easy time mastering their cash flow and understanding their business’s financial health.

With in-depth data and insights, the platform empowers its users to make smarter decisions that drive business growth and help them make informed decisions.

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Working With Xero

Xero is one of the leading accounting software in the world. Businesses big and small rely on Xero to properly manage their financial data. You can import all of this information directly into Cash Flow Frog using Xero add-ons.

When you connect Xero with the power of Cash Flow Frog, you have the option to run:

  •         Cash flow statements based on your updated Xero data
  •         Forecasts and projections to view your business’s financial health
  •         What-if scenarios to make data-driven business decisions

Connecting Cash Flow Frog and Xero empowers businesses to plan out their cash flow, view customer insights and even share detailed reports with other business stakeholders.

Running cash flow forecasts and reports has never been as easy as it is using Cash Flow Frog. In seconds, you can begin gaining in-depth insights into your business’s financial health. If you’re not automating your cash flow reports, you’re spending too much money on cash flow reports and making uninformed decisions that will impact your business’s future.


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