There is a tough message to obese women from doctors- Obesity can make it harder to have a healthy baby. Hearing this news from the doctor shocked me to the core because the recipient of the news is my cousin.

cinderella solution reviews

As a woman of 25 years old, she has been trying to have a baby for over nine months. Add to the fact that she is overweight. She weighed over 300 pounds; after this, she tried to lose her weight through a workout; she even joined the gym but to no avail.


After my research in various sites, I found a healthy solution that might help her. It is none other than Cinderella’s solution. After going through numerous reviews and question forums, I concluded that it is genuine. Through this detailed Cinderella solution review, let me take you through the journey of what I found out recently.


What is the Cinderella solution? How does it work?

Incessant weight gain is a huge problem faced by many women today. They can trouble any woman regardless of their daily habits, especially after pregnancy. Reports have also suggested that weight gain causes more harm to females than to males. Despite these facts, it is clear that women need an innovative solution for their weight loss.


The Cinderella Solution is a comprehensive 28-day weight loss program that comes with an easy downloadable option. It is available in a series of PDF ebooks, which can be downloaded and accessed through smartphones to women who wonder, “why can’t I lose weight?”

cinderella solution reviews


Not only smartphones, but the program is also easily accessible through desktop, laptop, and tablet. Thus this Cinderella Solution is one of the most convenient weight loss programs in use now. 

Keeping in mind the dilemma women face through soul-crushing experiences like not being able to fit into their favorite pants anymore, Cinderella’s solution is customized for women’s needs. 

The program consists of two key phases, namely Ignite and Launch, designed to burn maximum fat. It includes weeks of extended meal plans and a low-intensity workout guide. According to my Cinderella Solution review, every woman has every option, no matter the weight.

cinderella solution

Although my cousin is a little lazy to read, I got her started on the process with an ice cream promise later. The 17-page starting guide to the program is essential to all women as it educated them about nutrition, which most of them are clueless about.

The Cinderalla solution is completely distinct from other solutions out there in the market. The sustainable idea beats the traditional ways that did not bring you success. 

By the time you are reading the last page, you’ll get to know a lot of information in a brief period. 


Who Designed The Cinderella Solution?

cinderella solution

From the darkest days of her life to one of the rightest days, Carly Donovan has gone through a lot. But the idea that brought her to the limelight is none other than Cinderella Solution, designed based on a Japanese concept called Shoku-Iko. 

cinderella solution


Well, Shoko-Iko is the process of pairing foods and flavors in an incredible way to balance irregular hormones and metabolic activities. 

As it is a program designed for women who are done with difficult meal plans, the cinderella solution approach is like an eye-opener. The new method has drawn inspiration from diet habits popular in results from countries like Spain or Japan.

Carly Donovan was a fitness instructor in a gym operated locally, and she led some classes regularly. Even though she was a fitness expert, she suffered from weight loss problems imminently. Many people have commented that she still does not have a perfectly toned body despite working out so hard. 

Adding to the disaster, she had diabetes, which led to gaining over 100 pounds in weight. Frustrated with the way things turned out, my cousin vowed to turn things around in her favor and started to search for an effective solution.

This is how “The Cinderella Solution” was born and made people rethink modern medicine. Her shocking discovery led to a revolutionary twist in the weight loss product industry. As a brainchild behind the winning idea, she gained access to a wealth of information to stop weight gaining fur to hormonal imbalance and any other issues.


What Is The Process Involved in The Cinderella Solution?

why can't I lose weight

The potency of the creator is using the program has already inspired countless people. When it comes to specifics of the Cinderella solution, the program is divided into distinct parts. 

the cinderella solution reviews

First Part: Explanation of Cinderella Solution

This part begins with comprehensive instruction and an introduction to the program. It elaborates on the best ways to go on with the journey. The chapter includes all the information related to the pairing of foods and information on flavour profiles. The first part consists of the critical phases of the program, such as Ignite and Launch.

Second Part: Includes The Daily Nutrition Blueprint

Part two of the program includes regular meal prep plans with a 14-day calendar. This part of the program helps people understand the best way to nourish the body and eat food that encourages weight loss. Meals and recipes with food pairings are available. With this detailed information, it is easier to chart a meal plan that is useful for weight loss.

Third Part: Flavor Pairing and DIY Meals

This is the third part of the Cinderella Solution that focuses on providing the user with detailed information. It aids in making low-calorie meals that are nutritionally rich. This section helps you make the right decisions. I will never forget this phase because it helps in the recipes taken through the Ignite and Launch phase.

Fourth Part: Weight Loss Food Combinations

This part provides the top 10 flavours and weight loss food that helps in emerging victorious. The colorful food combos and flavorful ingredients never fail to boost her journey. By this time, my cousin was exhausted by the information. 

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For Whom is The Product a Perfect Solution?

If you see countless Cinderella Solution reviews, it is designed for women. Keeping in mind that weight loss means more to women than men, it is a perfect solution. The program is entirely focused on women ranging from a wide variety of factors. 

the cinderella solution

The formal function and body composition of females are taken into account to provide unique solutions to the weight loss requirements. An easy workout regimen designed to work along with food combinations and regulating hormones boosts weight loss.

The mix and match food combinations is an amazing method that helps in burning fat which makes losing weight an enjoyable task. The flavor pairing strategy which was initially implemented for people to lose weight is much better than regular diet plans.


What Does The Program Contain? How is it Helpful?

cinderella solution reviews

Let’s dive in deeper to know more about the process involved in the Cinderella solution. The Program is ideal for 28 days, and it is divided into 2 phases where each player takes 14 days to complete. 

why can't i lose weight

Ignite Phase

Ignite is the first phase of the program, where it requires you to eat three meals per day. This ensures to regulate the hormones in your body and creates a welcoming atmosphere to bring weight loss.

Launch Phase

The launch phase is very crucial during the process as it suggests to take four meals every day. This phase is characterized by a combination of unique foods and flavors that stimulates and enhances weight loss. To see the promising result in this phase, it is important to combine the right food, such as:  

  • Fish and garlic
  • Apples and chocolate
  • Ricotta and barnins
  • Mint and green tea
  • Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes

the cinderella solution

Combining these foods creates the right atmosphere in inducing weight loss. The site is available in PDF form; it can be easily viewed on laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets seamlessly. It also contains video plans, which are about eight to twenty minutes long designed especially for women.

It includes a bonus daily nutritional blueprint that provides every set taken by Carly Donovan to achieve the dream figure by losing 84 pounds in weight. On the other hand, Cinderella’s book exposes all the primary agents that are causing weight gain in women.

One feature my cousin found incredibly useful is the movement sequencing guide that explains the plan’s workout part. Although it is optional, it indeed stresses the importance of exercise as a part of the Cinderella solution, according to some reviews.

The meal plan proposed in the Cinderall solution tells you what to eat for 28 days. You can be rest assured to get relieved from mandatory workouts because workouts are totally optional.

Although it does consist of 8 to 20-minute gentle workout plans designed to balance female metabolism. But these exercises can be done with no use of gears like dumbbells or others.


Table of Content

Part one: The Program Explained
  1. Weight Loss from the inside out
  2. Weight Loss Rituals
  3. Ignite and Launch 2 phase approach
Part Two: Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book
  1. Cinderella Tool14 Day Calendars
  2. Macros and Food Pairing Rituals
  3. Meal Timing and Frequency
Part Three: DIY Meal Creator and Flavor Pairing
  1. 3-Step Instruction Guide
  2. Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends
  3. Portion Options
  4. Food and Portion Blocks
Part Four: Top 10 Flavor and Weight Loss Combinations


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Meet Carly Donovan, The Mastermind Behind The Cinderalla Solution

Carly Donovan is the brainchild behind the revolutionary weight loss solution for women. She is a nutrition specialist originating from Ontario, Canada. With over 10 years of experience being in the weight-loss business, she knows about women’s struggles to achieve weight loss goals intricately.

Cinderella solution

Her personal milestone achievement is quite impressive because she was formerly overweight. Experiencing all the ups and downs following traditional strategies, she came up with a mind-blowing flavor pairing strategy. 


How to Purchase the Cinderella solution?

the cinderella solution reviews

Cinderella’s solution costs only around $37. So you don’t need to have a concern about the product is expensive. Once you purchase the program, you can easily navigate the website and download all the information to your phone, tablet, or laptop. The program also offers a 60 days money-back guarantee policy in case you didn’t like the program.

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The Pros and Cons of The Cinderella Solution. What be Will Your Decision?

What We Liked

What We Did Not Like

  • It is designed for women considering body composition and hormonal functions.
  • It requires high commitment in adhering to procedure ultimately to lose weight.
  • Workout plans are quite easy and not demanding in terms of intensity.
  • Results are not instant, they take time.
  • The information provided in the program is quite detailed.
  • It only focuses on women and does not focus on men’s issues.
  • Amazing money back policy
  • No calorie counting is available
  • Value for money and excellent customer service.



What do People Think About the Cinderella Solution? According to Internet Research and People’s Reviews.

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about the product and according to the Cinderalla solution review.

cinderella solution reviews

cinderella solution

The Bottom Line

According to my in-depth Cinderella solution reviews, the program is undoubtedly useful as I have seen my cousin’s visible results. It is suited especially for women aged over thirty to tackle weight loss problems.

In my opinion, the solution is useful to tone your increasing waistline, and the low price tag makes it all the more enticing. Moreover, we also liked that the program is not based on any other misconceptions on the diet, lifestyle choices, and other complicated procedures.

With a fantastic idea of the “Flavor Pairing ritual,” Cinderella’s solution is no doubt an exceptional solution for women having extra 20 pounds that they want to shed gloriously.



1. Is the Cinderella Solution legit?

Yes, the ideal solution is a specific diet plan that is designed especially for women. It is best suited for women aged around 30 to 50 who want to lose more than 10 pounds.

2. What is in the package?

Cinderella solution contains an accelerator package, which is free included among the main kit. You will get a comprehensive guide on eight loss that enhances weight loss. 

3. Is it effective?

Although some women may have found the solution too much to handle, thousands of women have seen the answer extremely helpful. It depends on your mindset and decisions to lose weight.


If you have found this article helpful do let us know in the comment section below!!