We are pretty sure that you have Netflix. Everybody does. Well, unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years. 

For those who don’t know, Netflix is a streaming app where you can watch movies and television series. Recently, Netflix has been a staple for the millennial lifestyle due to its convenience and original content. Take the example of one show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Cleaning and Organizing: Key to Mental Health

The Konmari Method

You don’t know who Marie Kondo is? She is a published Japanese organizing consultant who invented the Konmari Method. 

In its basic sense, the Konmari Method helps you declutter and organize your home or work space by rounding up literally all of your belongings, finding ones that “spark joy” in you, and then keeping them. Those items that don’t “spark joy” however can be discarded.  

We are talking about Marie Kondo and her organizing efforts because keeping the house clean is going to be very beneficial healthwise. Supporting her perspective, there are studies that say that a well kept home actually helps alcohol and drug abusers – especially those who just went through a long term residential treatment – to recover from their addiction. 

Possible explanations for the link between cleanliness and addiction recovery is the absence of physical triggers and stress brought about by clutter. It turns out that organizing and cleaning up maybe one of the most reliable ways to relieve stress

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The Buddhist Roots

The Buddhist tradition aptly emphasizes the importance of letting go of earthly objects. But let’s face it, it’s difficult not to accumulate stuff. Many of us don’t want to leave our mobile phones even across the room from us! Phones are so useful nowadays that even if they do not spark joy, they scream necessity!  

That handwritten letter from a previous partner? It might’ve sparked joy five years ago but now it’s time to let go and create new memories with a better person. Attachment to things, in Buddhism, is said to be the source and cause of suffering. Letting life flow through an organized space is important in keeping stress levels down.

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Home Order and General Worldview

Who would have thought that the way our living spaces are organized, whether they’re large or just enough for a strong, independent person such as yourself, greatly affects our general outlook toward life?

Aside from emphasizing the need to NOT get too attached to things, the Buddhist tradition also strongly emphasizes simplicity. It assumes that the more things a person has to deal with, the more complicated they might feel. 

However, it is difficult to live a simple life in 2019 with all the stuff that we have to deal with– from work and home to our hobbies.  

Nevertheless, success comes to people who know how to prioritize. What things should be in the home? What things can be let go or at least stored away for now? Order has to be achieved to clear a cluttered mind.

Maintaining order should be something that every person should aspire to, especially in their homes. It’s not always easy to do, but the effort will be worth the peace of mind. Of course, cleaning is also a good form of exercise and physical activity, after all, is also a good stress reliever.