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180 Compliments For Men {An In-Depth Compilation From Trends} 2020

Compliments are a confidence booster. How would you feel if you get complimented by someone? Proud? Flattered? Admired? There are countless reasons to feel appreciated when someone praises your best qualities.

compliments for men

One of the myth busters we want to address is that even though women are getting complimented, most feel that men don’t get compliments. Away from the typical statements, men do love compliments. A sincere compliment can turn around for the better. 

If you want to make your significant other feel special and admired, then you need some awesome tricks right up your bag. In this article, we have gathered some of the best compliments for men and also on how to compliment a guy.

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How to Compliment a Guy? How would it make him feel special? Some of the Tips you must Know!

Keep in mind the following things before attempting to compliment a guy. Any human likes praise that comes deep from the heart. Let’s take a look at some of the tips.

compliments for men

Compliment His Looks

Most of us think that only women obsess over their looks. But the truth is even men care about their looks. Making a guy feel special to his earnest efforts to look and attire is a great one. 

Don’t hold yourself back if he has nice hair, eyes, or body that might even make him blush a little. 

Admire his work

All people have some appreciation for their hard work. And men are no different from expecting some love. Whenever you work with him or see him work with others, be sure to compliment him for the work done. 

If he likes to talk passionately about his work, then it’s time to make him feel suitable for the job well done. Acknowledge his skills, and don’t miss out on making him feel nice about it.

Being Sincere

Don’t just shower compliments for the sake of getting it over with them. Men can detect when you’re faking our compliments. 


What do Men want to Hear? Some of The Best Compliments for Men!

Some of the best compliments for men you can use to make your friend or husband feel special. 

 how to compliment a guy

  1.  You are amazing
  2. You are awesome
  3. Your body is so fit
  4. I am so thankful to have you in my life
  5. You are incredible
  6. You are brilliant
  7. You are beguiling
  8.  I am so lucky to have you as my friend
  9. You are powerful
  10. I respect you
  11. You are such an outstanding guy
  12.  I look up to you for being so strong
  13. You make me happy
  14. You are an inspiration to me
  15. You make me proud
  16. I am so proud of you
  17. You bring out the best in me
  18. You make me a better person
  19.  You are so handsome
  20. Looking good
  21. You look so smart
  22. You are one of the strongest men I have ever known
  23. You are handy
  24. How come your body is so fit
  25. I love your beard
  26. I admire men who take care of themselves
  27. I love your broad shoulders
  28. I love your hairstyle
  29. Your eyes are so deep
  30. I am jealous of your eyelashes
  31. Your hugs feel warm
  32. Your dressing sense is dope
  33. Your shoulder looks broad and sexy
  34. You’re strong as hell
  35. I love your long legs
  36. Why are you so attractive?
  37. You are so manly
  38. You got a sweet smile
  39. You have a great sense of humor
  40. You are so understanding
  41. Aww, you are so cute
  42. I love how you are a great listener
  43. I was thinking about you
  44.  You are so cheerful, I love it
  45.  Are you always this goofy?
  46.  You are so matured
  47. I don’t know what to say, I’m impressed
  48. You are the best
  49. You are so open-minded
  50. You really care about me
  51. You have a really big heart
  52. You look so professional
  53. You are a very interesting person. Do you know that?
  54. You deserved it
  55. I am a big fan of yours
  56. You never fail to make me smile
  57. I feel safe around you
  58. I trust you
  59. That girl would be so lucky
  60. I love spending time with you

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  1. You are so unique
  2.  This shirt suits you
  3. You are a lovely person
  4. I feel very lucky to have you in my life
  5. You are a responsible person
  6. You are so daring
  7. I’m a big fan of your creativity
  8.  You make me feel complete
  9. I admire your passion
  10. You are such a down to earth man
  11.  You have an amazing body
  12. You have nice lips
  13. You have such a toned body
  14. You seem athletic
  15. You smell irresistible
  16. You are so suave
  17. You look hotter than Chris Hemsworth
  18. You smell fantastic
  19.  I am a fan of your impeccable style
  20.  Your muscles are well defined
  21. You look ravishing
  22. You are an eye candy
  23. Those abs are to die for
  24. I love the color of your eyes
  25. You make sweating look irresistible
  26.  You look even more manly today
  27.  You have such big, strong arms
  28.  You are so stylish and polished
  29. You have beautiful eyes
  30.  You look remarkably hot
  31. I love spending time with you
  32.  I blush around you a lot
  33.  Your form is so captivating
  34.  I love your manly voice
  35. Something about just really turns me on
  36. You are so desirable
  37. You are my strength
  38. You are my favorite weakness
  39. You are so chivalrous
  40. Everything about you is incredibly sexy

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Here Are Some Best Compliments to Give a Guy That he Will Truly Appreciate

compliments to give a guy

  1. I am lucky to know you
  2. You’re amazing at everything you do
  3. You are such an accomplishing guy I know
  4. You are an inspiration to everyone
  5. I am awed at your ability to make everyone laugh
  6. You are a master of creativity
  7. I admire your professionalism
  8. Your smile lights up my day
  9. You have such strong principles
  10.  You are so full of integrity
  11. You are reliable and manly
  12. I love your confidence; I guess giving up is not in your vocabulary
  13. You’ve got a respectful work ethic
  14. You are always full of energy
  15. I love your positivity in any given situation
  16. I love your candor
  17. Conversations are the most productive with you in them
  18. I love how articulate you are
  19. You are such an easy-going guy I know
  20. I admire your positive aura
  21. You are a true born leader
  22. I like how genuine you are
  23. You are so brave
  24. You are funnier than I thought
  25. Your determination to accomplish is admirable
  26.  You are the strongest guy I know
  27. Your presence is refreshing
  28. I love honest you are about anything
  29.  I love our midnight talks; it’s so meaningful and fun
  30. You are always upbeat
  31. You always know what to say
  32. You light up my mood
  33. I like how driven you are
  34. You are such an innovative and inventive person
  35.  You are so cool
  36. I love your enthusiastic side
  37. Your optimism inspires me
  38. Your laughter is contagious
  39.  I love your sense of humor
  40. You are so reasonable
  41. I wish I was as fast as you
  42. You are a quick thinker
  43. I enjoy our time together
  44. You are very easy to talk to
  45. Nice bike!
  46. You are one of the good guys
  47. You have great hair
  48. You are way too interesting
  49. Is that your new cologne? You smell so good
  50. You are so smooth
  51. You are such a helpful person
  52. Being with you is fun
  53. You are such a sweetheart
  54. You are an insightful person
  55. You are so outgoing
  56.  You are truly an inspiration
  57.  The twinkle in your captivating eyes can light up the whole room
  58. You are so observant
  59. You are so charming
  60.  Whenever you talk, it makes me want to listen

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  1. You are a go-getter
  2.  I believe in your dreams
  3. You make me happy
  4.  I love your unique style
  5. In your arms, I feel safer
  6. I am with you, no matter what
  7. I love the way you are
  8. You make me feel special 
  9. You are my favorite person
  10. You have changed my life for the positive
  11. I like hanging out with you
  12.  You look hot
  13. You look great today
  14.  You could be a model
  15. You have such pretty teeth
  16. You look really in shape
  17. People could get lost in your eyes
  18. You are such a talented person
  19. You are such an attentive guy
  20. You are so hardworking


What are Some Terrible things to say to a guy which can break a relationship? 

compliments for men

Below are some of the collections that include some of the worst things ever to say to a man. They are definitely worth mentioning. 

  1. Grow a pair
  2. He would kick your ass
  3. I’m pregnant …. Just kidding
  4. Do you even know where the nearest gym is?
  5. Why do you want my number?
  6. Can you afford that?
  7. I made a promise not to tell, but…

What do people think about compliments for men? According to internet research and people’s opinion

Here are the screenshots on what people think about complimenting men-

compliments for men how to compliment a guy

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, compliments for men work if you do mean it sincerely. The man will surely take it encouragingly. Most guys would love to be appreciated for doing something right.

That can be anything, from saving a pet to cleaning the roof; if he did something, don’t forget to compliment him on his excellent work. So forget about the typical nature and go out of your way to compliment men.


1. Is cute a good compliment for a guy?

Yes, cute is a perfect word to use to admire a certain quality of the other person. But make sure not to use the word for undermining masculinity.

2. Do guys like being called beautiful?

No, beautiful may not be the right choice of word for complimenting men. Although you can joke around, the recipient won’t take it as a joke as it undermines masculine qualities.

3. What are hurtful words to say to someone?

  • Retarded
  • You’re stupid
  • Gay
  • Never mind, you don’t get it
  • That makes me want to kill myself
  • I don’t have time to talk to you right now

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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