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Best Usernames For your COD and COC Clan (Find Clan Names which Suites You).

Are you into the age-old obsession of playing cool games like Call of Duty and Clash of Clans in short COC and COD? 

Then you must be on the hunt for Cool Clan Names, right?  It is imperative to have a stash of cool usernames when you’re in charge of creating a world, or building a strong clan. A well selected Good clan name will be on the front line to create a great impression among fellow clan members.

cool clan names



That’s why I’ve compiled a list of more than 100 Clan Names to stand out among your fellow COD and COC Clan members. Now, get ready to take a look at the vast collection and choose a unique name as your own! Read along. 


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COD Clan Name Guide and Tips to come up with an Amazing Clan Names

Are you a first-timer in playing Call Of Duty or Clash of Clans? Then the first thing you must do is sign up and register your clan name with the servers before anyone else gobbles up the name. Now, the excruciating part is you have to wait till they check the name for availability whether the clan name is taken or available. 


clan names


Before you should keep in mind that-

  1. The maximum length of the clan name must be 20 characters for COD or less than that and 15 characters for COC or less than that. 
  2. You are forbidden to use special characters like dollar signs and exclamation points. (You’re not creating a password!)
  3. The only character you are allowed to use is “_” an underscore. 
  4. Also, as a fellow clan, you already know that you must have backup plans when one goes awry. Keep some of the best clan names as a backup if you run into the problem of the name is taken.


How to change your COC Clan Name?

If you want to try something new like changing the old boring username to something cool then follow the steps to choose a name to something that you’ll be proud of.


cool names for games


  1. Go to CoC on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Navigate to settings→ Help and Support→ Report Issue→ Other Problem.
  3. You will immediately get an email popup that allows you to send a message to Supercell, who is none other than the creators of CoC.
  4. Now, write a request for changing your clan name to a unique name and hit send. 
  5. Within a few days, you’ll get an email saying they have changed your name successfully.

How to choose the right name for your clan? 3 ways to come up with unique and cool names.

Quite a few people think that a name matters the most. Well, a name also reveals the most essential details about the person’s character. It has also been said that a person’s first attraction point is his/her name itself. If we use some funky names, then it is obvious to garner interest from a large sum of people. 


cool clan names


Games like Clash of Clans (COC) and Call of Duty (COD) are where a gamer can easily connect to any player across the globe and play along. 

These games act similarly to social media platforms where one can easily chat with other individuals available online. But what attracts them the most is the user names which are used while playing games like these.

While playing games, either we can use our original names or those which we create ourselves, just to be a point of attraction, here are the 4 ways to come up with unique and best clan names.

  1. The best way to choose a cool name for your clan in Clash of Clans is to have an adjective before the name of a famous movie or any character (for eg: Masked Matrix Clan). 
  2. Having an adjective before the name of a Greek God is also considered cool (For eg: Gift of Prometheus). Please use this image for 
  3. Having a scary adjective before the name of a scary object is also something that people find cool (For eg: Encircling Inferno).
  4. A short name is always a point of attraction for people as a long name is sometimes ignored by the opposite party. One must take his/her full time and be patient in order to think of a catchy or a cool name. Also, observe his/her environment to think of a unique name.

Some tips to choose funny and best clan names that suit you the most!

It is not that simple to create a name be it either in the gaming world or on social media platforms, considering that, you have to follow certain steps in creating these names.

The first and the most important thing, you should focus on is, that the name must be impressive and include special characters in order to modify the name.


clan names


A short name is always a point of attraction for people as a long name is sometimes ignored by the opposite party. You can take your full time and be patient in order to think of a catchy or a cool and funny name. Also, observe your environment to think of a unique name.

Come to think of it, you can also come up with imaginative names by picking from your favorite T.V shows or even favorite superhero character. 

A tip- If you find that your best clan name is already used by someone then add an underscore to make it different. Now, you got the name as well as the general meaning.

Here are some most clever and cool clan names you must keep for your clan

Now that we have seen how to keep cool clan names for your Clash Of Clans (COC), let us now see some names which are considered cool for clans in Clash of Clans (COC). Some cool clan names are:

Arrow Assassin Avenger
Blaze Bodhi Cyber Legends
Commanders of Duty Cold Hearted Giant Slayers
Demon Doom Doctor
Enigma Tornado Fate
Fierce Fighters Frozen Ghost
Ghost Attackers Infinite Killer
Knight The Ultra-Force Neo
Nightmare Ninja Outlaw
Swordplay angles cry
ThunderCats Reddit Troopers Cranstoun
Regicide Kinloch Spottiswood
Seeker Shadow Silver
Sinister Slayer Sniper


Lion Hearts Instinct Martial Warlocks
Mercenaries Gift of Prometheus The Immortal 50
solar Immortals Embers Rising Written in Blood
The Invincible UraniumPotato Martians
Zombie Hordes ClashForCash Scrymgeour
Legendary Spalding Clan of Coats
Micro Bus City United Warriors Call of Beauty
Swarm Kung Fu Phooey Zombie Canibus
Matrix Clan CraZe Shields
Melville Fenton Ogilvy
UprisingRivals ifarm.01 Team Y.o.l.o


Good names for all type of games 

Arbiter Maxton Letters of Marque
Grant DATING CLAN Volume Zero
Nevoy Pantheon Mad Scientists Powerful Peons CochraneMoffat
Nova HaigMcKerrell Montgomery
Thedarkwim Twoearth Farmer
Megalodons Newlands WeirSinclair
Legendary Noob Helmeted Destroyer Wild Wrecker
Marjoribanks SpongerzThe Art of War ReC
Detonator Heroic Hunks Rapid Ninja
GoldEpidemic MajesticAv3nger GuërillaPriest
Ball Blaster Plain Privilege Demonic Criminals
Optimal Aces CãrnageEpidemic Outrageous Dominance
KerrQuantum Performance MiSTaKeZ Parabolic Projectiles
ReCoiiLz RioT ForresterPatullo XaGLeZ
Rutherford Hope Russell
Leask Phoenix Viking Vivisection


Best clan names to make you look cooler

Void Clan Axis Lamont Myst
Heart Vs Feather Power Within Noobs Hitmen
Immortal Dynasty Straiton Iron Edge
Beg For Mercy Survival Strategy DispatchEdmonstone
Logie clashmebro Bloodline Apocalypse
Inglis Cathcart Wallace
FORUM ELITE Magister Mortalis (masters of death) Xenocide
Black Plague Death Zone Alchemy Assault
Green Bobin Mercer Whitefoord
Tactical Telepathy Primeval Pest Maggot Militia
story unfolds CarNaG3 Ether
BlaDeZ Contract Killers Follow the Fallen
Shape shifters Glendinning Urquhart
Blue Clan Battlefield Carrion Terran Titans
Monteith Harvest Lammie Redemption
Blackadder Ralston Hannay
Beat clan Brisbane Masterton


Cool clan names to get you excited

Knaves Graham BlaDe
Destroy The Noobs Ritzy Kings Epicenter Glas
Armifera Fatum (bearer of fate) Derezzed Exentric DreTron
Talisman Sons of Ra RaG3 Sliice
Slay and Flay Buchan iLLuZioNz
Clan or Clam? Vultures Death Bloom
Crescent Blow Poseidon’s Whim Alchemic Elixir
TuRRe7z Untitled Clan Dunlop
Echoes of the Lost Age Purves Executor
smash and grab Rebels Blair Ripper
Brute Fact Abnormal Vigor Inimical Thugs
Abercromby Slice and Dice Bastards of Oldearth
Cloudy Perpetrator Dark Warrior Lone_Ranger
Complex Slayers Tango Boss Straight Gangsters
FalconerMorrison dFuZe Sandilands
Meldrum Moncreiffe S.Y.G. (Stole Your Glory) Hippocratic Heresy eRaZe


Ramsay CoC Boss Tweedie
Dalmahoy ShoTz Gregor
green Zone Sudden Death Eye for an Eye Trace
Lumsden Diplomacy of the Sword Broun Tennant
Rait Porterfield Crawford Wedderburn
Aikenhead Turnbull Hamilton Babos
Aiton Hall Dalziel
CoD Detonate Farm4us Carmichael Boswell
Alpha Helix Call of BeautyDeMartino Under_eS!:timated
angels cry Buchanan Sundown Rising Norvel
Kirkpatrick Tronners Clan Natural Born Killers
Auctorita Kroniikz ReaP Darroch
Squeeling Hog sunset moon Nesbitt
Cranstoun ThunderCats Ross Forsake the Fallen
LockhartReddit Troopers The Oracle Death DealersSuRE
ChroMe ButchersXtreme Tronners Concord
Spottiswood DeLiiRiuM Kinloch
Hangmen Mar Byres Jackals Demolition Demons
Colquhoun Laing Tait
Ragtag Rush Symmetric Chaos Ascension Clan
Battlefield Brawlers Clan or Fam Regicide Menzies
Wauchope Mow Turtle
Salt of the Fields Philistines Anatomy of Death
Wolverines Blood Lust Arrow-Clan 
UniqueLegacy Minds of Murderers Hive Mind


 Most famous names of COC and COD users

Lost Legion Superfluous Optic
InsomniaSwordplay Velocity DeViiLzTank
DONATORS United Warriors nyx`Clan DoomHammer
Vans Pennycook Murder For Hire
Tronners UnlimitedSkirving Bitten Bone Bits Red OnslaughtKilling Code
Encircling Inferno Chemical Death Herries
TheDamned Slayed and Flayed Pride of the Fallen
Gunn Avl ClanAnstruther Greek Fire
Super Squad Anderson Cubed2 Heir of Thrones
aMaZeee Lumencidium Apex Stratagems of Sedition
Muirhead CoC Inspectors Lennox
Solaris RiseOfAbyss Predation Black Magic
Blades of Rage CreD Speed of Light
Cairns NoNerdsJustGeeks Spens Sutherland
CoC Crew FreaK CoD Dominate
Moncur Osiris’ Scale Maori Tribes
Horsburgh Swift PrimroseCannibals Halkerston
Luck Marauding Maces Wardlaw
Omega Makgill Stewards of Gaia
Baird Collision Rossie Cheyne
Skene Delicious Desserts Paradox
Meet Your Maker Auchinleck RaZe
Bravo Pentland Death Dose
Cameron Live to Kill Seven Scimitars Pownage Wood
CarrionEvolutiionz Micro Bus City Song of the Blade
KiLLz Fairlie Halket
Erskine Plague Death Eaters
Farquharson Synergy Super Powers
Stirling Lyon Immortal Dynasty
Borthwick This Is My Clan Epsilon
Hunters Ged CoC Craze
Ringing Blades Galloway FullartonNobmping
Xy Clan MocK Tomahawks
Bigfoots Killer Whales Strange 


Last Stand Earthly Arbiters Straiton
Jardine Boyle NORTH 43
Iron Edge MathesonOverpowered Vindicated Villains
Rollo Clan This Fallow Field FLaM3z
DoDG3 United Noobs of Armagetron Vitality
Pure Luck Massacre GalbraithSins of Salem
Black Plague Annihilation Hominid Hegemony
Dunbar Dunbar Arbuthnott
Keith Gardyne Death Zone
Inevitable Prodigies BiGTyMeRz Scott


Covert Destroyer King-Pins Noobies Choosies
Loser Hunters Vampiric Ghosts Dirty Grenadier
Eliott Agnew Elemental
DarkSyndicate BrisbaneMasterton NORTH 44
VaPouRz Fire Dragons Mechanistic Mutation Lyrical Armed Services
Locusts NORTH 69 Serenity
POWN Beat clan Magi
BlaSTz McCorquodale Whats in your Clan Gray Kelly
Sons of SalemCollateral Damage Final Strike Immortal Essence
Beautiful Diztruktion Lyle Pollock
Elphinstone SicK Terran Titans
Psycho Vipers Blind Assassins Boiled Blood Hunters
Hawk Masters Spanking Legends Grim Leaders
RadicalTerror Silent Sprayers Lagging Experts
ProHeadshot Strangelove Noscoping Campers
Mercy Killings DeadShot CoolShooter
Ochterlony Clephane Maori


Tools of Death Butter Battlefield CarrionMiddleton Whitelaw
Blue Clan MiDNiT3 Hive
Iron Clan Swinton Orrock Ne Agito Oppeto (death is unavoidable) Tragiic
ViiPeRz Bounty Hunters Twisted Rats
Blood Rich Army Of 4 Death By Distraction
Baillie Follow the Fallen Ainslie The Fallen
WarheadCarruthers RisingPhoenix Paterson Moubray Medieval Methods
KampretRiddell Kennedy GuTshotzFotheringham
Assaultz Alpha ProjectArthur Keepers of Hell
Gladstains Seventh Circle PuRe Henderson


Blood of the Soil Ra Power Bitter End
Gibsone Eat What You Kill Adam Chalmers Logan
Titans Craig degree
JumPShoTz NooBz GodlyCurry
Sacrament Kinninmont Heron
Route of Rouges Maule Lineage
Newton Death to Tronners Mercenary Guild
Contract Killers Monypenny Preston
dFuZR Raven demonic faces
A Martyr’s Death FaKe Hoplite


WidowmakersEnmity Kirkcaldy Fleming
Ethereal Entities Napier This is itSpRaYz
Metamorphosis Adair The Bad Guys The Ancients
ToMoHawkzPhi Supanova DynastyAllardice
Maxwell BlaDeZDouglas Common Grave
Cloak of Twilight Bizarro Zenco
Colville TeMPeR Berserkers Mortal Selection
Pervigeo Neco (perpetual death) Dundas Watson
The DJ Clan Sixth Sense Blood Circle
Mutable Artisans Zone Avengers TexasFight


DimDimDim Clan Amoeba Human Shield Carnegie Armored Army HepburnAlchemic Elixir
A House Divided Mercator Mortalis (merchants of death)An Ancient Score Gwaps25 Clan
Elixir FiReZ Team Rocket Pcc
Bonkers FresH Bannerman
RaPiiDz Balfour Guardians of Terra
FraGzZ Severed Remains Vector
Poseidon’s Whim Disgruntled Programmers Stewart
Chattan CripTik Order of Acolytes
Clelland Undead Means to End
TrueRoadRunnerZ Hutton Martial Law


Cocoon Forsyth Kinnaird
moveableRezurrection Mutalist Hellfire HelixBattle Cry
Gunslingers Forgotten Warriors Glen RawR
AtomicPotato KaRiZMa Kill-or-die
Fergusson Nairn OutOfCurry
broken wings Vlad’s Children TriB3z
Munro Wild West Pwnage
Quiet Moguls Quiet Moguls Habitual Deadly
Uptight Force Nostalgic Butchers Difficult Sharpshooters
Quarrelsome Strategy Fuzzy Pack Gangs of COD
Garrulous Thugs Rigid Power Puzzled Criminals



  1. Tears of Gaia.
  2. Gift of Prometheus.
  3. Masked Matrix Clan.
  4. Written in Blood.
  5. Zombie Hordes.
  6. Encircling Inferno.
  7. Legendary Immortals.
  8. Heirs of the throne.
  9. Powerful Peons.
  10. The art of war.
  11. Vicious Vikings.
  12. Beg of mercy.
  13. Bloodline.
  14. Destroy the noobs.
  15. Clan or Clam?
  16. An eye for an eye.
  17. Death Dealers.
  18. Anatomy of death.
  19. Hire to murder.
  20. Blades of rage.
  21. Song of the blade.
  22. United Clans of Armageddon.
  23. Last stand.
  24. Bounty Hunters.
  25. Battlefield Cry. 

cool names for clans

How to keep a name which is merged with multiple languages?

Keeping a name that is merged with multiple languages can be done through the art of portmanteau. A portmanteau is a linguistic blend of words. Parts or phonemes (sounds) of two or more words are merged together to form a new word.  

Good clan names


For example, smog is a combination of smoke and fog and motel is a combination of motor and hotel. The word ‘nomenclature’ in English is a portmanteau of the Latin word, ‘nomen’ and the Scottish word, ‘late’. Hence, ‘nomenclature’ is a word that is merged with multiple languages. 


What is The Cheat Code For Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is one of the top-grossing games available in the play store and app store. Talking about the cheat code of the game there is one which is XMOD. However, it will ask you to root your phone. Another method is to buy gems and then one can go for cheat codes.


20 hand-picked cool usernames for you in 2020

Choosing a cool username for anything is very important. It speaks volumes about your personality and your passion. It can also be used to impress the opposite sex (only tech-savvy people though).

cool usernames


Here is a list of cool usernames that you can use for any domain as of 2020:

  1. Glamorous angel.
  2. Kitty dance.
  3. The prophet.
  4. The merman.
  5. HandyMan.
  6. Pool Dude.
  7. The Red Kingdom.
  8. Monster blood.
  9. Midnight Maniac.
  10. Tender Cross.
  11. Oblivion.
  12. Black hawk.
  13. Love Seeder.
  14. Hangman.
  15. Jungle Jones.
  16. Elegant Point.
  17. Teen Graph.
  18. Sexy Scientist.
  19. Naughty Ninja.
  20. Epic passion.



clan names

Some of the top and unique names for Call of Duty players in 2020


These are some of the cool and unique usernames which some Call Of Duty (COD) players have in 2020. Here are some cool names for games. If you want to know how to design a video game from scratch, please read this article. 

  1. Blood calls.
  2. Blood Duty.
  3. War arsenal.
  4. Spilled Blood.
  5. Brothers in arms.
  6. Vengeance is sweet.
  7. Nerves of steel.
  8. Ripper.
  9. Joker.
  10. Militaristic Fighting Machine.
  11. Dragon tamers.
  12. Nutty Demon.
  13. Dark Knight.
  14. Dark Lord.
  15. Outrageous Dominance.
  16. Hungry Devils.
  17. Sure Shot.
  18. Fear Striker.
  19. Alien Predator.
  20. Arrogant Admirals.
  21. Perfect Smoker.
  22. Raven Fury.
  23. Cool Lava.
  24. Brutal Killer.
  25. Thug on the loose.  

30 most famous names of COC and COD users

These are some of the most famous clan names in Clash Of Clans. Some of them are very intelligent and well thought out names:

  1. Around the COC.
  2. Clannabis.
  3. COCtail.
  4. Clash of the Dummies.
  5. Clash Bandicoot.
  6. COC Sucker.
  7. Loading.
  8. COC-A-Holics.
  9. Clash of Clans.
  10. Clashtronauts.
  11. COC Block.
  12. COC Driver.
  13. SDRAWKCAB SSA (Ass Backwards in reverse).

These are some of the most famous usernames in Call Of Duty (COD). They’re really creative:

  1. Zue$.
  2. Black Death.
  3. Skull Boy.
  4. Sniper Lord.
  5. Crazy Bacot.
  6. KinG Ass.
  7. Darkfire.
  8. Deadshot.
  9. Viral Virus.
  10. King of the Dead.
  11. Ghost Ripper.
  12. CallMeHoney.
  13. Master Venom.
  14. CoD bot.
  15. Hell Shark.
  16. CoronaVirus (trust me, it’s there).
  17. DieGo.

You May Also like WhatsApp usernames.


What do gamers think about having unique and cool names? According to internet research and gamers review.

As far as cool usernames for games are concerned, gamers believe that the following guidelines will make your username cool. If you want to know how to play Xbox games on Xbox 1, please read this article. 

cool usernames


  • Your username should not contain more than three syllables.
  • It should not contain separators like underscores, hyphens, or periods.
  • Any letter should not be repeated subsequently in your username (For eg: xxx).
  • It may contain an analogy like Cool As Cucumber, Slithery As A Snake, Black As Night, Hot As Hell, etcetera.

Passionate gamers around the world feel that one’s gaming username speaks volumes about that person. It tells about that person’s personality and passion. 

Hence, gamers around the globe feel that one’s gaming username should not be childish or too long. Kindly follow the above-mentioned guidelines and your gaming username will be good to go.


The Bottom Line

One’s gaming username speaks volumes about one’s personality and passion. Hence, one must be careful in choosing one’s gaming username. 

It should not be too childish, too old, too common, or too long for convenience. It should be short, cool, creative, and catchy. It should suit the genre of the game for which it was created.

So kindly follow the guidelines mentioned in this article and create a cool gaming username for yourself. You don’t want to be seen as being too naive or too childish in front of all those players on the internet now, do you? 

You may also read already popular gaming usernames and get an idea for your own username. So, “All the best!”



1. How Difficult is to Create Games Like Clash of Clans?

It is very difficult to create such games like Clash of Clans and Call of Duty which is very similar to any social media like Facebook. The whole credit goes to the people who are involved in the making of such games. 

Games like these require a good programmer, sound recordist, game designer, and a marketer who give their full time to making it popular.

2. What characters are allowed in Xbox Gamertag? 

Any character up to 12 characters are allowed for Xbox Gamertag.

3. What is Clash of Clans Clan Names?

Well, having a unique username is a point of attraction for other people. It allows the maximum number of people across the globe to connect with you. Here are some of the funky names WITCHES, DIAMOND EAGLES, MAGICIANS, IRON BOX and much more

4. Should you change your Riot Games username?

Yes, you must change it before 22/02/2020. Otherwise, you’ll no longer be able to sign in with your old username and play any of Riot Games’ games. 

5. What is an Xbox gamer tag?

An Xbox gamer tag contains your name, your avatar, and a little bit of information about yourself. It gives a little bit of information about yourself to other members of the Xbox community.

6. Which is The Best Call of Duty Game in The Series?

There are many games in the series which are the best. It varies from person to person and it is complicated to tell which is the best. But still here is the list. BEST STORY SETTER: – CALL OF DUTY 4MW.

7. Do Gamertags expire? 

Yes, all Gamertags expire after five years of inactivity.

Do you think the gaming usernames given in this article are cool? if yes, do let us know in the comments section below.

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