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Top Websites Like Couchtuner You Must Be Aware Of In 2021

Are you worried that Couchtuner is no longer ideal for you? No worries, You are at the right place. As you are an avid fan to watch movies and TV shows, I understand your constant need for interesting content.


If you have answered “yes” then it’s time to look out for other sites like Couchtuner to stream online movies seamlessly. Apart from paid sites like Netflix, or Amazon I have listed the lesser-known sites to enjoy a good dose of entertainment. Let’s dive in!

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What is CouchTuner? Is it Free Or Paid?

Couchtuner is a popular platform that allows you to stream TV series and movies online from major entertainment companies like HBO, DC Comics, Warner Bros, CNN, Cartoon Network, and many more.

Couch tuner

Are you surprised, well I was at first? Because it does not cost a dime to watch your favorite series and movies on Couchtuner. Why? Again the site is not responsible for hosting any content in its own servers rather the platform lets you stream hosted content from third-party providers.

It is offering unique content since 2010 and many viewers have considered the site as their primary go-to option to watch movies. In fact, the success of the website resounded in the whole entertainment industry as it made use of pirated material.

Is CouchTuner Shutdown? If So, How?

Since Couchtuner used pirated content on its site, it led to severe backlash from the legal side. Due to this legal problem, it was shut down. The reason for the shutdown is its huge success which alarmed the entertainment industry of pirated content. 

my couchtuner

As a replacement, there are alternative sites available with similar features namely Couchtuner.uk or couchtuner.edu creating confusion among users. Many sites have malware in them which can be unsafe for the user’s device. 

To border safely it is recommended to have a safe connection with the Best VPN available. 

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Is CouchTuner Legal?

Whether the site is legal or illegal is decided by the law in their jurisdictions. In most cases, it is illegal to broadcast copyrighted content without permission from the owners. Obviously, Couchtuner is a site with pirated content, so it is legal.

This is the reason why the site is always getting blocked which in term leads to them getting subdomains to continue their streaming. Those users who are already frustrated by this activity can find solace in Couchtuner alternatives which are plenty on the internet. Let’s dive into some of the alternative sites where you can enjoy free movies and TV series.

Top 10 CouchTuner Alternatives You Must Know

Here is the list of alternative sites that will let you access your favourite content through third-party streams.

 Couchtuner 2.0

1. Soap2day

Soap2day is one of the best Couch tuner alternatives to stream movies online. It provides you content from all genres and the interface is very well designed so that you can easily find the trending content. 

couch tuner

Soap2day offers easier access for you to save content and make requests to get certain movies for you to watch. Just like any other site, Soap2day does not store files on its server and the content is taken from third parties. You can easily get your favorite stuff trending on the internet.

2. Watch Series

Watch series is another famous alternative site to Couch tuner to watch movies, dramas, Tv shows, and more. The endless collection of episodes and series will surely mesmerize you. The website is known for providing high definition content without missing a single detail.


You need to register for an account and login through Facebook to be a part of the community. The movies are free of cost and serve as a source of entertainment for many of the subscribers. 

To make streaming even easier, Watch Series provides the option to subscribe to favourite Tv shows so that you never miss an episode once it’s released in the future.

3. TV Muse

One of the important features of TV Muse is that you don’t need to register to watch all the collections. TV Muse takes your entertainment to a whole new level which guarantees great satisfaction to all its users.

my couchtuner

The platform covers everything from animations to movies updated recently.  It is free to download and the interface is pretty easy to navigate making it one of the best Couchtuner alternatives.

4. Just Watch

In this countdown, Just Watch is another on the list best known as the couch tuner alternative. You can watch any kind of Tv series from across the world.

couchtuner 2.0

The service of the website is amazing and I found it easier to navigate. The Library is characterized well making it easier to get attracted to new Tv shows.

It is very easy to navigate the site as the interface is quite minimal and clear. You don’t have to pay for watching movies as it is provided for completely free.

5. Xfinity

Xfinity is another great couch tuner alternative and a safe haven for binge-watchers. There is a myriad of categories to choose from, everything from family to romance is available. Totally you can see 20 genres of movies on the website.

couch tuner

The best thing about the site is that you don’t even need to register for another account. All you need to do is download the favorite movies and watch them from your computer. 

Compared to its counterparts, it displays fewer ads when using the platform. So, users can expect fewer annoying ads and popups while watching the content seamlessly.

6. PopcornFlix

Among the free movie streaming sites, Popcornflix is considered one of the safest of them all. In fact, it is an advanced couch tuner alternative among all others. This amazing platform is not only available as a web application but also as a mobile application.


The app is compatible both with iOS and Android devices. So you can start downloading the favorite shows and enjoy the shows at your own pace. All the titles are lined up on the basis of genres, so you can choose your ideal genre to watch the best pick.

7. Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie is a site with some of the best classic hits of all time. The latest blockbusters and trending movies are waiting to be explored by the users. As a couch tuner alternative, the website has highly competitive content with a vast collection of movies.


Moreover, you can find your favorite movies through appropriate genres. It is the best platform to watch golden hits of all time. Movies are also segmented on the basis of languages as well so that many people will be able to watch the movies.

8. Vid Strum

If you have a love for drama and a golden collection, Vid Strum is one of the best entertainment streaming sites among others. It is regarded as one of the best sites like couch tuner which offers free content to all its users.

couch tuner

The user interface of Vid Strum as the website is extremely user friendly. Also, the frequency of popups and annoying ads are less so that you can watch the content well. 

When it comes to quality, the platform just acts as a mediator and points towards other third-party streaming sites. The site is not restricted to countries or regions so you can easily enjoy movies from anywhere.

9. RainierLand 

RainierLand is a platform with an excellent collection of episodes from various Tv shows and series available around the world. The site is capable of providing high-quality content with both old movies and new releases.

couchtuner 2.0

The latest episodes are instantly uploaded so that you can catch up on your favorite dramas soon. Accessing the content is absolutely free and you can easily search your favorites through the genre.

10. Fmovies

Fmovies is another one of the free alternatives to Couchtuner 2.0 that provides you access to stream favorite movies. The interface is extremely user friendly and offers various URL sources so that you can stream favorite entertainment shows.

my couchtuner

The platform has a movie request section wire you can put in your requests if you did not find the favorite. But the thing is, you need to give your email-ID to access all the films. 

The unlimited collection of high definition movies is really worth checking out. 

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Is Couchtuner Safe? 


Couchtuner does not host any content of its own rather it uses third-party content providers. Therefore the website is not liable for copyrighted content and even the admins say that.

This is why many are unable to access Couchtuner as it is likely that the internet service provider may block the access. So to watch it safely, users get two options, one is using the best VPN service which helps in bypassing the content filter.

And the other using the 10 best alternatives to Couchtuner listed above.

What Do People Think About Couchtuner and its Alternatives? According to People’s Reviews and Popular Opinions.

Take a look at these screenshots to know more

couchtuner 2.0

my couchtuner


The Bottom Line

Couchtuner is a popular online streaming site there is. It has a lot of features to offer and we have listed the top 10 for your considerations. These sites make sure that you enjoy your favorite shows satisfactorily.



1. Is Couchtuner down?

Yes, Couchtuner is down as of now legal issues related to copyrighted content. Another reason can also be that your Internet service provider is blocking your access.

2. Are all Couchtuner Alternatives Free?

No, not all alternatives are free but the majority are free to access. You can enjoy the recent content without spending a single dime.

3. Does CouchTuner have viruses?

Couchtuner is not entirely safe to use as there is a high risk of getting malware into your system. You need to follow certain steps to avoid the risk of viruses.


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