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A Legit Coursera Review (All You Need to know About Coursera in 2020)

Are you at home currently wondering what to do with your life? For some of us, watching memes from social media pages just doesn’t cut it.

So it’s high time that you think about the e-learning platforms that are taking over the world by storm.

Coursera review


This online education juggernaut is none other than Coursera. Yes, it is one of the top-ranked e-learning platforms offering courses from top institutions.

If you wish to learn something new from the platform, this article explains everything you need to know about Coursera to enjoy education from the comfort of your home.

Let’s dive into my personal experience in the form of Coursera review! Find out how much does Coursera cost and whether it is legit or not.

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What is Coursera? What Sets Coursera Apart?

Coursera is a famous online learning platform that covers a wide range of topics on higher education. You can expect a college-level instruction from expert professors who have a background in accredited institutions. 

Coursera review


Access to several classes is given with a reasonable amount of fee. This provides you with a much different experience from the tried and tested brick-and-mortar institutions.

One of the huge benefits is you can earn a certificate indicating that you have completed the course at a stipulated time. 

The major universities in which Coursera has partnered up with are-

  • Yale
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Rice University
  • University of Michigan

With a record of over 4100 courses available online, it is something more than useful. There are 100s of free courses in various specializations as well.


Is Coursera the Right Choice for You? If Yes, Why?

Are you wondering whether Coursera is the right choice for you? Look no further, ask yourself if you want the following points I mention, then come to the verdict if it’s the right choice for you. 

1. Courses

According to my Coursera review, it offers over 4100 courses taught by top instructors and hundreds of courses for free.

Coursera review

2. Professional Certificate

If you have the craze like me to collect professional certificates to show off in your resume, Coursera is the right choice. The certificates are no doubt recognized by an organization or school, making it suitable for the job you’re looking for.

how much does Coursera cost

3. Specializations

If you want to master a career skill, then Coursera is all eras with specialization courses related to your particular field; the series of courses is excellent in covering all aspects of your skill hunt. It has over 430 specializations.is Coursera legit

4. Degree

Maybe you like to start your own business or working full time in a good company, but this makes it hard to get a degree by attending regular classes. Then look no further as Courser has partnered with top universities like Yale and Princeton. 

Coursera review

5. MasterTrack Certificate

Certificates for MasterTrack Certificate are only given after the entire course is completed. This works as a unique program for pursuing your master’s degree. It comprises real-world projects with expert instructions. are Coursera certificates worth it

These certificates generally cost around $2000, which can be paid in instalments or upfront. Completing each course takes 4 to 8 months.

How Much Does Coursera Cost? Is it affordable? Let’s find out.

There are many free courses available in Coursera, but you want to access some mind-blowing features, you need to pay. Let’s take a view at the pricing structure –

how much does Coursera cost


  1. Individual course certificates cost from $49 to $99.
  2. Specialization and professional certificates cost $39and $70 per month. It usually runs on a subscription basis.
  3. Degreed cost more than $15000
  4. MasterTrack Certificates start from $2000.

How to Open a Coursera Account?

The registration process for the Coursera account is straightforward. If you are confused to open an account, follow the below steps-

  1. Search the browser for www.coursera.org   
  2. Click on the Join For Free option.
  3. Fill in your details like Name, Email, and create a password.
  4. Click on the confirmation email sent to you.
  5. Now you can explore a range of courses according to your needs.

What About Coursera Plus? Is it Worth It?

Coursera Plus is a new feature introduced in 2020 that gives users unlimited access to more than 3000 courses on an annual subscription. The yearly subscription cost is $399; however, you cannot get access to MasterTrack Certificates.

is Coursera legit

What is included in Coursera Plus?

Specialization and professional certificates are included in Coursera plus, and it is an excellent option for those who want to expand their horizons in multiple courses. With one certification, enthusiastic learners can get several certificates from leading universities in no time.

Is it worth it? 

It depends on how much certification you have earned in a year. It is a loss if you fail to get skilled in multiple courses. But the thing is, after paying a whopping 399 dollars upfront, you will be motivated to complete various courses by getting your money’s Worth.


What are the Pros and Cons of Coursera Online E-Learning Platform

are Coursera certificates worth it



It is one of the largest platforms for online higher education.
You can get the option to choose self-paced courses or timed classes, which ranges to 12 weeks.
 Discussion boards are administered pretty well.
Authentic certificates are provided for proof of participation.
✅ High-quality education from top instructors
✅ 100s of free courses


❌ Inadequate assessment
❌ On-demand courses are difficult to follow
❌  Limited interaction with the instructors
❌ Barriers in entry 


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Which is The Range of Subjects Offered in Coursera?

Each of the topics has more subtopics that you need to explore. If you want to learn one course at a time, Coursera is the precursor of various benefits.

is Coursera legit


  • Data Science
  • Personal Development
  • Business
  • Language Learning
  • Computer Science
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Science
  • Math and Logic
  • Social Sciences
  • Art and Humanities
  • Engineering

Most of the subscriptions for specializations started with a 7-day free trial. The charges begin immediately after the 8th day unless you cancel it.

are Coursera certificates worth it

Another advantage of you or on a very tight budget, Coursera is ready to provide financial assistance where you can apply for financial aid or scholarship. 

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Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? Is Coursera Legit?

Yes! Coursera has revolutionized the education industry with innovation and much-needed quality. The courses are offered free or low cost, which is no joke for many of us. But I know many of you are hesitating to pay for the course. 

are Coursera certificates worth it


The main question you get is whether the Coursera certificate is worth it or not! When we see the bright side, anyone can enroll in the hard to come by when you want the in-class experience in particular regions.

However, it does not mean that having a Coursera certificate indicates that you are committed to learning unquestionably. It all depends on the skills and grasping powers you possess. 

With specialization and professional certificates, Coursera is hitting the roof with popularity, which adds more value to the certificate. Once you get the certification, you can add it to your resume or LinkedIn profile to show your employer your additional prowess.

Many positive reviews are stating that people are happy with the courses during the time they are staying home idly.

Each class offers a detailed account of what you will be learning and how it benefits you at the end of the course. You can check out the introduction, instructors, and syllabus details from the dashboard.

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Top Features of The Coursera Course That You Must Know

Here are the best features that I discovered about before my Coursera review:-

Coursera review


1. Interactive Transcript

Most of the lessons offered are in Video Format, so you can get the interactive transcript and tool for taking notes in the middle of the session. 

If you miss concentrating on the video, you can easily follow along with the transcripts that appear below the video. And amazingly, you can jump to any given moment if you feel it’s essential.

2. Readings

There are required readings that you take just before the start of the next session in some courses. You will be informed of this beforehand as it is a prerequisite for further lessons. 

3. Assignments 

Some causes have weekly requirements, and they are “Assignments” This can be anything between writing assignments to taking tests or surveys on the platform. 

As they are the prerequisites for other lessons, you need to mark them complete to meet deadlines. However, you don’t need to worry about getting penalties so that you can work at your own pace.

4. Graded quizzes and peer-reviewed paper

Graded quiz and peer-reviewed papers are other prerequisites that are required to gain certification. Once you submit the assignment, all the other students can have access to it to receive feedback. You will need to provide honest feedback to other papers as well.

What Do People Think About Coursera? According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion

Here are some of the popular reviews posted by people about Coursera review. Take a look at the screenshots if interested. 

Coursera review

are Coursera certificates worth it

The Bottom Line

Taking a Coursera course provides you with an outstanding experience, a sense of achievement no matter what. The fully committed lectures in video formats, quizzes, review material, and many others are a harbinger of kindling the interest.

Every course I have taken is merely stimulating and helpful in many ways. But sometimes, keeping up with all the assignments and completion, of course, needs strong will power and determination. 



1. Can I add a Coursera certificate in my resume?

Yes, you can list all your Coursera courses on your resume or share it via LinkedIn so that your peers or employers can view it. 

2. How much is a Coursera course?

It is divided into three parts,

Type of Course

Time Taken

Price Range

Individual Course 4-6 weeks $29-$99
Online Degree 1-3 years $15-$25,000
Specialized Program 4-6 months $39-$79 per month

3. How much financial aid does Coursera give?

Although there are variations of fee structure in various courses, Coursera provides 100% financial aid.

4. What are the best courses on Coursera?

  1. Google IT Automation with Python by Google
  2. IBM Data Science by IBM.
  3. Machine Learning by Stanford
  4. Google IT Support by Google.
  5. The Science of Well-Being by Yale

5. How long is Coursera’s financial aid?

To complete the application in financial aid, Coursera takes up to 15 days.


If you have found this article helpful do let us know in the comment section below !!

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