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How to Disable the CQAtest App From the Devices? All You Need to Know About the CQAtest App

An app named CQAtest suddenly showed up in your app drawer. At first, you thought this app would eventually disappear, just like the person you thought you would marry. But, the reality is something opposite to it.


If you have already faced unexpected problems because of this, don’t worry. Your favorite blog website is here to tell you how to get rid of this CQAtest app. But first, let’s discuss what the CQAtest app is?

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What is the CQATest app? What exactly does it do?

CQA (Certified Quality Auditor) identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a production system. CQATest app is mainly a quality monitoring application. Android phone manufacturers use it for quality control purposes.

This software app measures the quality assurance of the phone and makes sure that your device runs smoother. You can’t uninstall or delete the CQAtest App because it is a system default app. 

cqatest app

CQAtest app ensures high-quality system performance in your device. It measures the strengths, weaknesses, glitches, and all other technical activities of the system production to keep your device away from any issues. 

Now, what does the CQAtest app exactly do?

Okay, let me give you a scary news fist. CQAtest app is hidden in your device means the device creators can access your system information. But don’t worry that information excludes your data.

Your smartphone gets the reports regarding the update of system operation. Moreover, the device receives information on the functional status of all the applications that are running on the phone.

All the system information is assembled by the CQAtest app so that it can ascertain whether the performance of each product in your device is up to the required standard or not.

When you switch on a new android device, you will find the CQAtest app-related data in the “terms and services” agreement.

In a nutshell, the CQA test app runs on your Motorola device as a hidden software and takes care of the entire system status. CQA test app hides by spoofing its actual location. 


Is Cqatest available on every smartphone? If yes, where is it located?

what is cqa test

No, the CQAtest app is not available on every smartphone. You may find this quality auditor in some specific kinds of android smartphones. Specifically, the CQAtest app is found in Motorola devices.

Usually, the CQAtest app is installed on the devices at the time of manufacturing. The system engineers prefer to hide this application, not to find it in the app gallery. This application mainly functions as a hidden diagnostic tool, so it is tough to see it around.

Then, where can you find the CQATest app?

You can’t see this application on the app menu or app drawer. And, as I have already said, this application is not available on every smartphone. So, there is a possibility of your smartphone not having this app.

The best method to find a CQAtest application on a smartphone is going to “Settings” and scrolling down to the “Apps’. Now tap on the “apps.” You will get a list of applications that exist on your device. 

You will find the CQA test app in that list if it is present on your device.

cqatest app

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How does the CQAtest app get onto your device? Do you need to delete the CQAtest app?

You already know that the CQAtest app is a hidden diagnostic tool. System manufacturers install it on some specific android models when they build the smartphone. You won’t find this CQAtest app on your general homepage or app drawer.


You can still access the list of applications that your phone has under the system menu to get CQAtest apps quickly.

Now, is the CQA test app deleterious? Let’s find out!

Firstly, let me assure you that the CQA test app is not a harmful one. It won’t affect your mobile anyhow. It just keeps running in the background of your smartphone to indicate that your device is functioning normally.

If you can see the CQA test software in the app gallery, some bugs are there in your smartphone’s component or function. Therefore, you don’t need to delete the app generally.


How can you disable the CQAtest app from your android mobile? Should you do it or not? 

You already know that CQA test apps usually don’t cause an issue to its users. It runs silently in the backside of the system. Once in a while, the CQAtest app can lose its purpose, but the cases are sporadic.

cqatest app

If you have that eternal fear, here are the different methods to disable the app altogether.

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First Approach

One of the first methods is to go to settings and uninstall the app to clear the problems. Sometimes the issues can be resolved by clearing cache as well. 

Second Approach

Another step is to go to settings and reset the whole phone. To do this, you need to go to settings→ Backup and Reset→ Factory data reset.

Third Approach

Clearing your cache is another step to get rid of the CQA test app. Go to the settings→ Chrome→ Clear history→ Website data. It’s Done.


All in All

CQA test app is not harmful to the phone as it is meant to run in the background. If you find it in your app drawer, consider that something has gone wrong with your android device. You can easily access the app by typing *#*#2486#*#*. This will open the app, and you continue to test your components. 



1. What is a CQA test?

The full form of the CQA Test is Certified Quality Auditor. This software involves the principles and standards linked to auditing. CQA test uses several assessment techniques to identify the strengths and weaknesses in quality control.

2. What does CQA mean?

The full form of the CQA Test is Certified Quality Auditor.

3. How to use the CQATest app?

You have to find out if the CQATest app is available on your device or not. If you don’t get an in-app gallery, you need to type *#*#2486#*#* to open the application. Now you can measure the performance of the components of your smartphone.

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