Before we start with Cuemath Review

The way the pandemic pushed us into our home caught all of us scampering just for getting through the day. Everything started becoming tough, especially classes for kids, which left more questions in the parents’ minds.  At the top of the list, most were asking.  

“What online courses to go for? Are the teachers qualified and suitable? Is online learning going to help? How much screen time is okay for a kid?” 

Being a teacher for almost all my life, I became the go-to person for advice on the best way forward for kids. 


As a Cuemath teacher, the most frequently asked questions were – How is Cuemath, and which is the best online resource for Math and Coding?

Let’s get down to the answers and review Cuemath. If you don’t know what they do – Cuemath is a global online education company teaching math and coding to kids. I am going to talk about both:

  • from a parent’s perspective
  • from a teacher’s perspective

Knowing how things work as an insider will enable me to give a clearer picture instead of just going by hearsay. 

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Why I joined Cuemath

I joined Cuemath almost seven years ago. It wasn’t through a recommendation or suggestion. I was looking for teaching opportunities, almost done from my hectic routine as a school teacher, and stumbled upon this young organization, led by Manan Khurma. I did not have any plans for how long I wanted to stay or what to expect. It was one step at a time, and see where it takes me. 

Cuemath Curriculum –  Does it make a difference?

The first thing that struck me was their curriculum. It had everything that was taught in school yet somehow seemed far more impressive. The fascinating way the concepts were presented and applied in real life and how students were introduced to them. Even today, I would say their curriculum:

  • Forms a solid base for all the advanced stuff, like the Cuemath app they have built over the years. 
  • Challenges the methods practiced in schools and private tuitions in a good way, just completing the syllabus being one of them. 
  • Isn’t dismissive of what’s taught but takes corrective measures as to how it’s being done. 
  • Ensures rote learning and memorization are a big NO. 

As teachers, we were made clear on staying away from these practices during our classes. 


What’s missing at school?

I never wanted to indulge in these practices, but you automatically start taking shortcuts because of how the school system is structured. Worrying about only completing the syllabus or focusing merely on scoring grades is not suitable for education. It becomes an equivalent of machine work, which we as teachers and parents should be aware of. There is so much more to education than that. 

“He knows all the answers, but when I asked, ‘how did you get it,’ he goes blank,” a parent complained his sixth-grade son’s weak concepts. 

A better understanding helps tremendously in the long run and subconsciously stays with you. Cuemath stands firmly for these principles, and it reflects in the performance of the students. They become more confident and don’t get intimated by complex problems. It’s a massive step towards nurturing tomorrow’s problem solvers, and not everyone is willing to take it, making it all the more critical.  

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The shift

Earlier, the classes I took were physical, but we had no choice but to shift online completely with the pandemic panning out. To be honest, as a teacher, I prefer online classes. There are a bunch of perks that come along with it. But for students, I felt the physical classes are more important. Social interaction is part of learning. It helps them grow as a person. The good thing with Cuemath was: 

  • They replicate aspects of a physical class in online classes. 
  • The whiteboard, simulations, geometry tools, and more helped a long way in keeping the subject fun and engaging for the kids.

Plus, it’s also easier to manage a class when naughty ones are not sitting right next to each other. 

Cuemath vs. Tuitions

It’s not just about doing a Cuemath review and comparing it to school, Cuemath reviews cover a lot more.  

If you pitch it against tuitions, Cuemath is a winner hands-down. After what happens at the tuition classes, the teachers focus on doing damage control or slipping in shortcuts to enhance performance. It’s the fundamentals that end up suffering. 

‘The answer should be correct. It doesn’t matter how you get it,’ said a fellow teacher once at a tuition center. 

Don’t even get me started on the lack of student attention, simply because of the sheer number of students present in most classes, especially if you talk about competitive exams. At Cuemath, with the direct focus on the student, and the transparent system keeping the parents involved at each stage, the student gets the attention they deserve, and the parents get detailed feedback.

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Perks of being a Cuemath teacher

While working in a school, my personal life had gone for a toss. With kids around, I was struggling to find time for them. Even though I wanted to spend time with them, striking a work-life balance was not happening because of the commitments at school and the mandatory hours you have to put in. I wanted to remedy that, but not at the cost of quitting teaching altogether. With Cuemath, I could get the right balance. Things finally got into my control. The number of kids I wanted to teach, its timings, everything was crafted according to me. In this way, I could plan my days better and find ample time to do all the things I love, minus all the stress I had to go through, worrying that I am missing out on stuff.

You deserve to be compensated nicely if you put in the hours, which unfortunately does not always happen in our teaching world. As I am doing this detailed Cuemath review, I can’t leave out the finance angle. The monetary benefits here are good, especially considering the flexibility they give you regarding timings and the number of classes. The payouts are variable and largely depend on how much you want to put in. You can plan as per your requirement. If you are looking at it as a side income thing, you can take lesser students under your wing, but if you want it as a steady income source, feel free to increase the student and class count. 

Cuemath Review Summary – I’m glad it happened.

My journey with Cuemath had been a phenomenal one, and I can’t help but tell how generous they have been in almost everything they promised and offered. If it were not for me moving out of the country, I would still be teaching with them. 

I hope this Cuemath review would help in making the right and informed decision for you. Be it joining them as a teacher or enrolling your kid for learning math and coding.