Mr. X: I am depressed

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Mr. Y: You might be sad, not exactly depressed

Mr x: Nobody understands


Sounds familiar?

These types of conversations happen a lot among friends and family circles in the 21st  century. Naturally, human beings have happy and sad moments. That is a parameter of life. 



dealing with depression


Many of them misunderstand that depression is just feeling sad, but it’s more complicated than that. 

Did you know that even having stomach problems and headaches might be symptoms of depression? Unfortunately, it is, and there is a lot more you need to know if you’re thinking of how to fight depression and how to cope with depression. Let’s find out!


What is depression? Why do people suffer from it?

Depression is a clinical disease that involves mood swings, negative thoughts including suicidal, disordered eating and sleeping habits, and feeling worthless about himself or herself.

Why do people suffer from it?


1.Stress and anxiety, use of drugs, Hormonal changes

Stress is emotional, physical, and mental tensions that try to adjust to the changing environment. Anxiety is a kind of thinking about the future or tomorrow, and They feel an extreme fear of it.

Addicted to smoking, liquor, and other drugs will lead to depression also. Especially in teenagers, a lot of hormonal changes happen that will impact the mood of teenagers.

2. Bad events happened in life

Loss of valuable things, death of loved ones, and being abused will cause depression. Depression comes, especially for those who can’t handle the worst things in their life. It haunts them, and they will be surrendered in that cage of negative matters.

3.Circle of family and friends

A person is being molded by the circle of his or her family and friends circle. The environment of both circles will impact a person. Depression might come for those who are being mentally tortured in their close network.

4.Attitude towards experiences in life.

Life is full of ups and downs. We can’t expect good things only out of this living process. Some people go to depression when their expectations don’t match the results. That problem is rooted in not understanding that life is tough.

Different Types of depression people go through most of the time

1.Major depression

Major depression is characterized by mood swings, fatigue, sleeping disorder, changes in weight, feeling hopeless and suicidal thoughts. If you experience it more than two weeks continuously, it can be termed as major depression.


Dysthymia, a persistent depressive disorder (PDD). It is a type of chronic depression. You may not be interested in daily activities, feel hopeless, and have low self-esteem. Those feelings end up lasting for years and may interfere with your relationships, school, work, and daily activities.

3.Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is an extreme or low change in the mood of a person. Sometimes he seems extreme like a maniac or feeling low like a dead person. This type of behavior also comes under the type of depression.

4.Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression affects women, especially at the time and after the pregnancy. Mood changes, anxiety, irritability, and other symptoms are not uncommon after giving birth and often last up to two weeks. PPD symptoms are more severe and longer-lasting.

5.Seasonal affective disorder

In some seasons, you feel good and vice versa, then you suffer from a kind of depression called a seasonal affective disorder. It affects the normal rhythm of the body of the patient in a particular season. And in other seasons he or she will be completely fine.

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How to know whether you are under depression or not? Are there any symptoms that show it?

These are some of the symptoms when you go through depression-

1.Consistently sad

Do you feel that you are sad most of the time? Consistent sadness is the symptom of depression. When you feel that your grief lasts more than two weeks continuously, you are under depression.

natural remedies for depression

2. Loss of interest once you enjoyed

You were very interested in playing football, but now you have completely lost interest in that for a certain period. This situation tells you that you have depression.

 Situations like not having pleasure and loss of enthusiasm in particular stuff once enjoyed the most, are the symptoms of depression.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety is the fear of tomorrow. Before the exams, job interviews, and public presentations naturally, people get anxious. Here when a person is anxious about a normal course of action, he or she is anxious for most of the days. 

how to fight depression

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. Being anxious most of the time will lead to depression.

4. No self-esteem and No confidence

What do you feel about yourself? If you feel worthless or hopeless about yourself, it seems you have confidence and self-esteem issues. If that feeling haunts consistently, it is a symptom of depression.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are interconnected. Comparison with others is the key reason for low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

5.Disorder in eating and sleeping

Do you have sleeping disorders intermittently? If yes, it is a severe issue. Quality of sleep ensures the quality of life. A regular time for sleeping is the best for mental and social well being.

Less appetite or overeating is the symptom of depression. It affects physically also. Eating disorder and trouble in sleep are the core of depression. 

6. Trouble in concentrating

If the level of concentration diminishes, you might suffer from depression. People can’t concentrate on studies, work, and even daily activities due to the growing depression.

7. Feel Guilty

I am to be punished.

I feel guilty.

I shouldn’t have done that.

These are the common dialogues of a guilty person. If the feeling of guilt haunts a person, it seems like that person is going to be depressed soon.

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What are the causes of depression? And How to fight with depression.

Here are some of the causes of depression so that you can learn how to cope with depression-


1. Family background

If the family has a history of chronic depression, There is a chance to transmit that disorder over the generations. And the negative environment of family networks opens to the possibility of depression.

2. Abuse

Commonly victims of physical abuse go through a severe depression. Mental trauma and wounds may appear in them because of the abuse gone through. Victimization attitude of the society also usher into the depression

3. Personality

The character and attitude of a person will be the cause of depression. Personality traits like moodiness, anxiety, sociability, and the nature of extreme introversion will constitute a mood of depression.

4. No mental strength

Some people have not an appropriate mental strength by default. They are vulnerable and too sensitive. Lack of mental strength makes them so weak when they face challenges. 

How to fight depression?

how to cope with depression

1. Strengthen the power of the mind

The thought process of the mind can be altered by positive inputs. Your mind should be controlled by you only. The mind gets harder when it goes through bitter experiences and hardship.

Concentrating on weaknesses, trying new hobbies, exercising, and a professional way of dealing with problems will help to strengthen the mind.

2. Being aware of the inner self

Knowing yourself is the best way to fight depression. If you are well aware of yourself, nothing can make you depressed.

Having surety on goals, the purpose of life, and belief are the key examples of the understanding of the inner self.   

3. You can’t do anything with yesterday and be in the moment

Baggage on your shoulder is too heavy for you. “Live in the present” is the common saying. But most of us are in the cage of worries of the past and future. We have to inculcate ourselves with the thought of being in the flow.

We have this moment only. Whatever happens in the past, just leave it behind and lead a happy present.

4. Set daily goals

Daily goals help to have an exact flow of life. When you meet daily goals, you will be proud of yourself. This type of consistent behavior enriches the true happiness in you.

Breaking up large tasks into smaller, scheduling, and follow up will reach you to the path of achieving little things.

5. Discover new avenues

Monotony is boring. Change is highly recommended for any individual. Meeting new people, visiting new places, learning a new language, and skills will improve the quality of life. You will be ensured that you are doing something new by exploring new avenues.

6. Share your story

Man is a social animal. A normal way of life of an individual is sharing with other beings. Sharing your problems will soothe you but keeping secrets will make you suffocate. 

Suggestions and advice from others are important to tackle a problem. So don’t hesitate to share your story with whom you trust the most. 

How will it affect you mentally and physically? How can you cope with depression?

Dealing with depression is difficult; it can drain your energy mentally and physically to take the next step forward and get better. That’s the catch of depression recovery. 

The things which felt normal to do are hard and to recover from it, you must do the most difficult things. Sometimes it may seem impossible; the point is you must start small and build bigger from there.


home remedies for depression


  • Firstly, look out for support and stay connected with your loved ones. Those people who make you feel safe are the step on how to cope with depression.  Instead of relying on texting, make time for people by personally meeting them.


  • Get a pet if you want, we know that nothing can replace personal human connection, but in comparison, pets can bring joy into your life.
  • Join the support group to deal with depression to blow away the sense of isolation in you.


  • It’s hard to force yourself to have fun but pick up the former things you did as a hobby or sport or express yourself by writing creatively, music, art, etc.
  • Depression usually includes sleep problems like you may sleep too little or much more than needed but support your health by aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep.


  • Practice relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to get off stressful things.
  • Boost your ever sour moos by sticking to an exercise regimen. It can make you feel.


  • Eat feel-good food, but make sure to cut out junk foods. Don’t try to skip meals, try to eat more B vitamins food like citrus fruit, leafy greens, chicken, eggs, and beans as it is found that deficiency in Vitamin B can trigger depression.


  • Also, take a walk on your break to get a dose of sunlight that can help you boost the serotonin level and have coffee outside.
  • Challenge the thought of negative thinking like irrational and pessimistic attitudes, replace them with a  more balanced way of thinking as they are the major anchor fueling your depression.

What are the natural home remedies for depression? According to the internet research and experts review


Dealing with depression can make you feel helpless, but there are the best natural remedies for depression. You can do much more to fight depression than moping around in a closed space.


  1. Find or make a routine. Ian Cook, MD, the director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA and a psychiatrist, says that having a routine can really help to fight off depression.


2. Regular exercise helps to boost temporary feel-good chemicals like endorphins. It can help to rewire your brain in many positive ways.


3. No diet can fix your depression, but eating healthy foods helps you feel better. Dr.Cook says that eating foods with omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and tuna can help with depression.


4. Start with small goals to make the feeling of can’t accomplishing anything go away. For example, start with small goals like “I’ll do the dishes today.”


5. Depression can be really stubborn when it comes to sleeping. If you sleep less, it can make depression worse. Start by going to bed and waking up at the same time.

When to consult with a professional?

If you followed all the self-help mechanisms and made changes to your lifestyle that are positive, and yet you feel you’re getting worse and worse with depression, then it’s time to seek professional help. 

dealing with depression

You may feel like you’re losing it with hatred and concussion with lots of negative thinking, but remember that depression can be treated, soon you will feel better.

But before that, once you start getting professional help, don’t forget to follow the above self-help tips. They can help you in the long run and speed up your recovery plan.


Depression is a slow poison. It kills a person slowly and destroys his/her mental and physical well being. Depression makes life harder.

If you feel negative emotions for a long period of time persistently, then it is depression. Follow the natural remedies for depression to prevent depression from returning.


1. Is a genetic factor or family hereditary depression?

Depression is hereditary percentages stand at 40-50%. Most of the cases of depression have like and factors connected with parents or siblings.

2. Do children get depression?

Yes, children can suffer from depression. It may range from normal blues to complicated emotions as the child develops. You can term it as depression illness if the child’s sadness interferes with schoolwork, interests, daily activities, and more.

3. Is depression curable for life long? 

Just like diabetes- when a person gets it, you must live with it for the rest of your life, but it can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes. The same way depression has no cure, but there are a  myriad of effective treatments to recover from it.

4. Do I have to take medication for depression forever?

No, you don’t need to, but you must take the prescribed medication as long as the doctor recommends. Most doctors tell their patients to take it from 6 months to a year.

5. Is depression classified as a disease?

Depression is more like a mental disorder, mental illness, or systemic disease. It has the ability to disrupt your mental functioning.

Do share your experience if you have gone through depression; it can really help someone to overcome in the comments below!