What does the future hold for a post-pandemic society? As we see in-person businesses like brick and mortar retail and events management crumbling, we’re also seeing a rise in plenty of other fields at the same time. Could you imagine this pandemic happening to the world if we didn’t have the internet? Now there’s something to horrify you for the next hours.

There is a new world emerging

Digital Businesses for a Post Pandemic Society


Meanwhile, let’s check out five different digital businesses that are just taking off and will be guaranteed to continue to bloom in the years to come.

Remote work service providers

Now that we’re all getting used to remote work as the default, we’ve all realized that it can actually work quite well – for more office workers, anyway. What this means is that there is a trend towards service providers who are able to set up complete remote work experience. Platforms such as AWS Workspaces give organizations a shared working desktop environment with enterprise safety built-in. These types of platforms and the people who are able to roll them out are in hot demand and will continue to be. The remote work trend was already coming, it just arrived a little sooner than we anticipated it would!

Online casinos

Casinos have completely shuttered their doors during this pandemic period. The gaming houses which are usually packed with people lay empty, their lights switched off. But over on the internet, the lights are still on, the virtual tables are teeming, and business is thriving. Those who are used to going to a venue to gamble will now be relying more on online gambling to get their adrenaline rush. Online casinos offer gorgeous gameplay for table games as well as slots with graphics to rival those on the casino floor. You can find a variety of casinos to play at listed here. All you’re missing is someone to bring you the drinks!


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Over the course of lockdowns around the world, healthcare providers have increasingly been offering online consultations, as people don’t want to run the risk of going down to their GP clinic. While this was already offered in a similar way in the UK, via their in-pharmacy consult rooms, which connected you to a doctor online, at home consults take this one step further. This is good news for healthcare practitioners who are able to offer their services online. In the future, this may be a more widely used tool, cutting out floor space, commute times, etc. This is especially efficient for things such as filling scripts, offering counselling services, and other services that don’t absolutely require a physical service.

Influencer managers

While this is already a job title, yes – influencer manager, online influencers are picking up speed. More people are harnessing their creativity and talent and starting to blow up on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch and more. However, with newfound fame, brings a new set of responsibilities. That means it’s better to have a person or team in the back help manage these responsibilities, ensure correct strategy, and help influencers not only gain a bigger following and fame, but turn that into money. There are plenty of influencers out there who are only just scraping by, have a ‘real job’ behind them, or savings to live off. These are the people who need managers to help with their online brand.

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Crypto financial advisers

As the crypto field matures throughout this crisis, with crypto shoring up as an investment safe haven amid a sea of fluctuating economies, there will be more focus on it becoming a bonafide financial field. That means along with solo and group investors, we’re also likely to see a bigger range of financial products and services on the market. This will include crypto worm algorithms to see which coins to invest in, and financial advisors to inform those who don’t have the time which coins are good for investment in the short term and long term. With regulations surrounding crypto investment settling and becoming more finalized, it’s not just Bitcoin that people are focusing on anymore.

As you can see, there are plenty of roles that are on the rise. It’s not all doom and gloom, so long as you look at it from the right perspective – and perhaps upskill yourself quickly for this brave new world.