The past two years have been the most active years where marketing strategies have changed rapidly, and Digital Marketing is considered to have encountered the maximum number of it, however the digital marketing strategies used by start-ups today are not mandatorily effective, some strategies help the companies hit the bullseye while others may fail miserably.

Digital SEO Marketing Strategies Online Examples

The question arises that which strategy should opt for your digital market. Here are some examples of digital marketing strategies that are best for the start-ups:-

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The decrement in the use of e-mails does not change the fact that e-mail marketing provides a handsome Return to Investment (ROI) to the marketers. The survey conducted by Data and Marketing Association (DMA) concluded that e-mail marketing had an ROI of 122% which was four times higher than other marketing channels like paid search, direct mail, social media, etc, resulting email marketing to become the best digital marketing strategy. Even though e-mail marketing is the best, not all companies are able to harness its true powers. Check out for web marketing related ideas.

How can you create a successful e-mail marketing campaign:-
Your subject line should be catchy, engaging and benefit-rich.
Try to write in a plain and persuasive language.
Do not write everything in one go, use bullets and make subheadings.
Try optimizing your e-mails for mobile devices.

2.) Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is said to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. A report from Social Media Examiner stated that 90% of the marketers have confirmed that SMM is important for their business and they also stated that SMM has helped them increase their ROI. SMM has its own benefits.

Social Media Marketing

Benefits offered by Social Media Marketing-
SMM helps increase exposures and traffics.
It develops loyal customers.
It increases sale and establishes thought leadership.
Businesses these days are adopting an SMM strategy than any other strategies.

3.) Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click Marketing)

Pay-Per-Click marketing uses search engines to bring visitors to your website; it is a powerful tool to generate sales-ready leads. It serves you with a lot of advantages like:-
It helps you reach your customers at right time through right advertisement.
It gives you high ROI since you pay only for the interested person clicks.
One can control the amount of money they spend on it.
However, PPC has a disadvantage; it exhausts the budget quickly, so it requires a certain kind of expertise to engineer a successful campaign.

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4.) Influencer  Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing trend; it is observed that almost 84% of marketers are expected to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next 12 months, whereas 94% of the marketers considered it to be effective.

Influencer marketing

Reasons why start-ups should adopt influencer marketing:-
Customers have now become immune to traditional marketing channels and Influencer marketing is a new thing for them.
It is considerably less expensive than other promotional strategies.
Influencer marketing is easy-to-implement.
Due to the authenticity of influencers, customers tend to engage more with your brand.
For start-ups, big influencers are not possible but micro-influencers work fine with them.

5.) Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become a must for businesses these days, whether it is B2B or B2c, all the domains are working with it. 90% of B2c organizations are committed to content marketing whereas 88% of B2B marketers agree to the importance of content marketing in digital marketing.

Adopting content marketing strategies helps you in many ways-
It increases the visibility of the brand.
It helps you build a lasting relationship with your customers.
It boosts brand awareness and its recognition.
It builds credibility, authority and creates thought leadership.
The content market also supports your SEO and SMO efforts.

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6.) Viral Marketing

Going viral on the internet is the latest trend, but this latest ongoing trend can be a part of digital marketing strategies too. Creating a buzz about your brand via going viral on the internet can be of great help. As a start-up, this is the best way to gain popularity overnight.

A viral video can surely cause a major traffic on your website for a certain period of time.
Building a successful start-up takes a lot, but by using the right digital marketing strategies one can definitely beat the competition in no time.