discord top secret control panel

Discord Top Secret Control Panel To Chat With Your Freinds While Gaming – Complete Set Up Guide

Are you wondering about the discord top secret control panel?  Every online game player who loves to connect with other game players knows about it! So, if you are interested in it and want to make your online games enliven you then read the article!


 discord top secret control panel


What is Discord and for What is it Used for? (Top Secret Control Panel Discord)

Discord is basically a software that has features like chatting, message board, and VoIP Chatting system that comes along with top secret control panel discord. It can effectively be used on devices like phones and laptops so that you can communicate with your friends, followed by connecting through Facebook and YouTube accounts.


discord top secret control panel


It became tremendously popular since the inception of mind-boggling games for teens – “PUBG” (Player unknown battlegrounds). The game created a wildfire-like addiction to the point it was banned in many countries and localities.


What is Discord for?

Discord is an amazing software that allows you to create chat rooms and chat poems of communities. As a user, you can download discord and create or join a discord server and stay connected with your followers during the game. What’s better than having each other’s back in the game! 

discord top secret control panel

How to Download Discord? How to Configure the Discord?

Configuring and downloading the discord is very easy, all you need to do is- 


discord sign up


  • Navigate to the official Discord website and then click on download.
  • After it is downloaded, install it in your device and open it.
  • It’s time for discord sign up so that you can easily create an account.
  • Once account creation is complete, proceed to configuration.
  • The configuration is easy, all you have to do is follow the steps displayed in the site.
  • Once you’re done, share the code with your friends and followers.
  • Now, invite them to your own discord server and have each other’s back with a genius way to communicate during the game play.

But there is still more! As a rookie, you don’t know that the discord has a top-secret control panel with a PC version of it. The option can be located if you right-click on the discord icon. But unfortunately, the feature seems to be disabled, What to do now? How can the top secret control panel discord be given access?

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What is the discord top secret control panel? How to Access it in a simple way?

Before exploring everything, you might have heard about the top secret control panel right? Because all the You Tubers who stream PUBG use the discord often. So lets’ about the discord top secret control panel in depth.


discord sign up


First of all, to access them you need to install discord on your Windows platform. Follow the steps to achieve it-

  • Download the app from disocrdapp.com.
  • After installing, head towards the notification bar and click on the “Update” button. (This is because you have to update your current version of discord into latest version)
  • After you’re done with updating, navigate to the notification bar one again where you’ll witness the button “Discord Top Secret Control Panel.”
  • Now what? Click on it and you’re finished.top secret control panel discord

What is the reason for not accessing the top secret control panel Discord in the first place? 

That is because the button is usually accessible for developers of discord for the purpose of maintenance and development. Some of the users who tried to navigate to the “top secret control panel” button in discord have also mentioned that there is no function behind it. 


 top secret control panel discord


Another enlivening theory is that it is created to intrigue interest in the users and has no anticipatory top secret features in them.

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How is the Discord top-secret control panel accessed?

According to the reports, there is no information regarding the activation of the discord top secret control panel feature. And there is no announcement of what actually lies behind the top secret control panel button. 


discord top secret control panel


The only information we have is one user’s argument and opinions against others. It is still under development and even if it’s delivered it won’t be for fun. So, wait patiently as Discord might introduce a new feature better than what you expected that lies behind “top secret control panel discord.”

Anyway, you can experience a wonderful interface with Discord as software for Windows PC where you join the fun where all players interact with each other. Have a great gaming experience with players around the world!


What are the advantages of Discord? Is it Beneficial for Gamers?

Here are some of the advantages that you need to know when it comes to top secret control panel Discord –


top secret control panel discord


  • Interesting Interface

Have you seen the sleek and user-friendly interface of discord? It just makes you fall in love with it more and more. I know! What a geeky thing to say. But the interface provides all the features right at your fingertips.

You can easily switch channels, add hashtags, upload screenshots that can be included in the conversations. The quality of the conversation is even more wonderful as you can also include dynamic content like emoticons, GIF s, photos, and videos to your liking.

The interaction you have with your friends and followers is uninterruptible without any annoying advertisements from external sources. Enjoying smooth communication is a rare opportunity indeed.


  • Awesome features for gamers

Who do you think discord top secret control panel and Discord is made for? It’s for a gamer, so your guess is right! There are loaded features that are extremely beneficial to gamers during the gameplay. The friend addition process is simply amazing as it provides the chance to invite friends to interact in fame.


discord bots, discord download


Based on your recent activity and email address it also suggests prospective friends adding to the flexibility of the app. It has a touch of social media app as well as identical to twitter.

Without going to the chat room you can interact with friends through direct messaging. A dashboard is a place where you can view all the status of your friends. The in-game overlay where you can participate in the conversation while playing the game is essential for all gamers.


  • Security

You don’t need to worry about hacking or leaking of your messages to unknown people. The security in discord is rock solid with encrypting all messages which you send. 

It also concepts your IP address so you can be safe while interacting with anyone. The back end server is ensured to be safer from possible DDoS attacks. 

What is the Importance of Creating or Joining a Chat Room in Discord?

discord top secret control panel


After you have downloaded Discord and done with solving the curiosity regarding discord top secret control panel, start with creating a chat room. It is essentially promising and entertaining for a group of gamers who are puerile in talking about the same topic -game, gaming trends, and a console.

If you’re not into creating a new server then you can join in the existing public servers. After finding one with your requirements participate and talk rapaciously about the gaming topic.

The invited member will be listed on the right side of the dashboard. You can view their profile, deafen them, mute them, and highlight them in the conversations. It also helps in setting up roles for your members.

What do people think about discord top secret control panels? According to recent internet research and people’s reviews!

Here is what people talk about top secret control panel discord in an animated way, let’s take a look at the screenshots below-


top secret control panel discord



discord sign up

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The Bottom Line

Ultimately Discord is a messaging software intended for gamers to interact and have a fun conversation while playing games. As far as top secret control panel discord is concerned you need to calm down and patiently wait for the next update.

The new updates might have better features and you can rock in your game inlay conversations. Discord has emerged as the latest way to converse with other players and this game-centric application is a must download for all those obsessive gamers.

The main advantage is that you can easily join public servers or create your own chat room to invite members from your friend’s list and followers easily. Have a fabulous gaming experience with Discord as the exceptional software. Don’t worry about how to access its top secret control panel.



1. What does IG mean in Discord?

IG usually means “in-game” when it comes to gaming circles. Apps similar to Discord like Telegram, TeamSpeak also use a similar word. 

2. Is Discord for gamers only?

Although discord focuses extremely on gamers as it has become an unstoppable force in the gaming world; it is not only exclusive for gamers. The app is identical to Slack or Microsoft Teams which helps you in creating services with multiple channels. 

Discord bots support various roles like custom permissions and help to integrate with any third-party software.

3. Is discord safe for kids?

Discord is just like any other social media apps. It can be safe but also iffy on one side. Since it allows in creating both public and private groups, the risk for kids may be tiny or huge. It all depends on how the kids use the platform.

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