Are you thinking of giving a great gift to your sweetheart? If so, what can be a better present than presenting personalized DNA art or KISS portraits to your loved ones. DNA 11 are an expert in producing unique art portraits likened to your taste.

dna art

Technology is soaring to heights, and this company is being revolutionary with its innovative products. By using exceptional technology between humans, the introduction of DNA art has turned many heads.


If you get ready to get a personalized “art made from you,” let’s understand the concept to stand out among the crowd.


What is DNA Art? Why is it Becoming so Popular?



DNA art is an impressive self-portrait made by you for you. As our DNA is shared with other humans at a density of 99.9%, only 0.1% of DNA makes us unique from other individuals. Dutch molecular geneticist Rudolf Wessels first developed the work. 

He understood the significance of creating true personal images and came up with individual self-portraits with several characteristics. Understanding this scene, DNA 11 introduced the world of DNA art to the public in 2005, and it has been a success ever since.


The one of a kind art is all about you, and the process is effortless with only a swab taken from the inside of your cheek. Combining both the modern art and scientific feats, getting personalized art portraits like fingerprint portraits, KISS portraits, and others is a dream come true.

dna art

The two friends Nazim Ahmed and Adrain Salamunoic realized that they have much in common with their love of art and science; they accidentally discovered DNA art. As the Co-founders of Dna11. A California-based biotech company, they started with few DNA template images.

Later the samples taken from their DNA were sent to the lab to be morphed into images. This is what led them to print it on canvas and hang it on the wall. Sooner, the founders saw the growing popularity and launched a successful platform as DNA11.

It gave DNA art a personal image and became famous as a unique platform of artwork. Since then, their firm’s laboratory is on the onset to create, invent, and craft eye-catching personalized art that defines your 0.1% distinctiveness.

Ultimately, the work was praised by many websites and magazines resulting in various retail partners signing up for their idea.

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What is the Process of Creating DNA Portraits?

Dna11 identifies all the characteristics followed by lengthy procedures to come up with a great DNA canvas for those who want a more individual self-portrait. As a cutting-edge blend of art and science, the company has specific processes to create high-quality results.


DNA art and fingerprint portraits are created in high-tech labs, including several detailed procedures to get the desired results. The laboratory first isolates DNA from the sample you have given with the process known as DNA isolation.

Dna11 extracts DNA and purifies it through various biological techniques, When the copies are received, it is put through a gel, and DNA strands will separate from that process. To get the final price, the current is applied through the gel to the DNA pieces. 

After the faster movement, the DNA will be set in place, resulting in a gorgeous visual representation of your genetic material. It is entirely you.

Customers have the option to download their art pieces as well digitally. The high-quality copy can be used as a screensaver, and you can add it to your personal items or business cards for flexibility.

Take pride in the artwork by sending it to your relatives and personal contact and see their fantastic reaction. To recognize your artwork, a custom option is available to add your signature as well. 

dna art

When it comes to colors, clients can choose from 16 colors. But the company is flexible to work with personalized colors specified by as well.


How Do Customers Receive Personalized Art?

DNA art

From a mere swab to canvas, customers receive a DNA collection kit through mail. With clear and detailed step by step instructions on how to proceed further, it is really helpful for the person to move forward. 


A foam-tipped instrument is sent to you, which resembles an earbud. With this, you have to swab the inside of the cheek to get the cell sample. All you have to do is efficiently place it in the chemical patch and mail it back to DNA11. This kit is usually received within two to three working days of your order.

Moreover, customers are given the liberty to choose color, size, and frame of choice to make unique DNA art even greater. 

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What is the Cost of DNA Art? Is it Worth it?

As it is an inventive approach, anyone can order one of those portraits. Typically the cost of each picture may range from $200 to $2000. The price depends on the type of picture you select and the size of it. Whether it is a mini portrait, framed portrait, or others may include extra cost as well.


Overall, since it is a matter of pride to see your very own genetic material handling as a canvas on your wall, it indeed shows you as a unique person who loves art pieces that no one else ever thought of buying.


Things You Must Know About DNA Art From Dna11

DNA art

  1. To create personalized art, you only need to give a cheek swab and no need for blood.
  2. The art piece is 100% authentic, and you can expect to be satisfied.
  3. You can choose from various ranges of styles, frames, colors, and sizes.
  4. You can get it in tons of colors and unique styles.
  5. The DNA collection kit will be quickly sent to you within 2-3 working days after placing the order.
  6. You can also add signatures to your art piece.


How is the Response to DNA art so far?

The response to this unique approach has been phenomenal. The company has already partnered up with various hospitals and luxury apartment builders to connect with more clients. Moreover, the company is trying out new techniques to widen the choices for people.


The Bottom Line

DNA 11 has touched the hearts of so many people with their offering, which has a deep meaning to the customers. Each DNA has a different reading, and it is well explained by the results you get. Understanding this particular need, they have converted a typical client into an artist of the genetic code canvas.

When it comes to affordability, it depends on the type of portrait you choose from. If you want a family DNA portrait, it can be arranged but at an additional cost. The overall process is easy and painless. It all comes down to swabbing the inside of your cheek.



1. What is the cost of DNA art?

Depending on the size and type of portrait, DNA arts prices range from $199 – $2000.

2. Why Should People Invest Their Time and Money in DNA Art?

Gifting or receiving your personalized art made from you is quite astonishing. It is unique, and no two prints are ever alike. Emphasizing your 0.1% difference among humans and capturing your DNA in art pieces is worth it. Overall, getting a personal DNA picture print is one of the best things to invest in.