A new age of weight loss requires new-age solutions. Meal replacement shakes are a promising solution even though the concept is a decade old. All you need to do is replace a one-time’s meal with meal replacement shakes without doing exercises.

Best Meal Replacement ShakesBest Meal Replacement Shakes

Before that, let’s find out whether the best meal replacement shakes work, or are they just another myth? Can they truly replace meals and help one lose weight, or are the rumors false? Kindly read on to find out.



Why you should consider having a meal replacement shake? Does it really work? 

Meal replacement shakes are a modern concept invented to suit the present-day fast and busy lifestyle. Meal replacement powders are made from many different vegetables and fruits. They contain all the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbs that a regular meal contains.

Meal replacement powders are usually mixed with warm milk or warm water and had. They can be gulped down in a few minutes. This makes them a very convenient meal in today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle.


They have low calories but high in nutritional content. So people who want to stay healthy but lose weight find meal replacement shakes very usefully. You should also try one.

There are many reputed brands available in meal replacement shakes. However, meal replacement shakes will not contain antioxidants and other substances that natural, unprocessed foods have.

How can meal replacement help your body?

Meal replacement shakes are rich in nutrients like proteins, vitamins, fibers, fats, and carbs but low on calories. No brand of meal replacement shake contains more than 300 calories. Therefore, since they are low in calories, they help a person lose excess fat and weight. Since they are rich in nutrients, they keep a person healthy.

So meal replacement shakes are coins with heads on both sides. It must be noted that consuming meal replacement shakes alone cannot help you lose fat and weight.

If you consume foods that are rich in calories and fat (processed foods and junk foods).

They will more than compensate for the low amount of calories present in meal replacement shakes and keep you fat every day.

You can have meal replacement shakes along with a balanced diet to achieve optimum results.

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Having a problem losing weight or gaining muscle? Doesn’t know which meal replacement is good for you?

Every brand of meal replacement shake is unique. Some help you lose weight faster, some help you get more protein, some are meant for vegans, etcetera. You should choose a brand that best suits your requirements.

Best meal replacement shakes

Generally speaking, meal replacement shakes are high in nutrients but low in calories. Hence, they help a person lose weight but remain healthy. If a person wants to lose weight, just consuming meal replacement shakes is not enough.

low-calorie diet has to be followed along with consuming meal replacement shakes to achieve optimum results.  

How can you choose a meal replacement? What are the best meal replacements in the market? 

Each brand of meal replacement shake helps solve a particular problem or aiding in a specific health goal. How specific brands of meal replacement shakes aid in specific health goals is listed in the table below:

Brand Name


Beachbody’s Shakeology Beachbody’s Shakeology This brand is made entirely of vegan ingredients. It also contains whey protein. It is full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics that reduce junk food cravings. So if you are putting on a lot of weight due to junk food intake, kindly consider taking this meal replacement shake. It will reduce your junk food cravings.
Herbalife’s Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake It has ingredients like café latte, mint chocolate, wild berry, and dulce de leche. It also is rich in proteins, fibers, and vitamins. It is for people who want their meal replacement shake to be tasty as well as nutritious.
Orgain Clean Nutrition This brand of meal replacement shake is especially rich in protein. It is for those people who want to build their muscles. Doing a workout after eating this brand of meal replacement shake will do wonders for your muscles.
Garden of Life’s Raw Organic Fit This brand is especially for vegans. All its ingredients are vegan. This brand’s protein does not come from whey or soy but rather from sprouted grains, legumes, and seeds. It also contains ashwagandha, coffee bean extract, organic cinnamon, natural fiber, live probiotics, and enzymes. This brand may contain vegan ingredients, but it keeps one filled for a long duration.
Nutrisystem’s TurboShakes This brand comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors and is rich in protein and dietary fibers. It is also rich in carbs and vitamins. So if you need a quick release of energy and a boost to your metabolism rate, this is the brand for you. This brand is for busy bees.
Medifast Shakes This brand is more suitable for women than men. It is rich in vitamins and minerals but not proteins and fats. It is very low on calories (only 200 calories per unit) and helps people lose excess fat and weight fast. Again, people must not consume a lot of junk food, and this brand lest it will be rendered ineffective.

What are the benefits of meal replacement? The most important ones according to the consumer’s feedback.

As stated before, meal replacement shakes were invented to suit the modern-day busy and fast-paced lifestyle. People who don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal at home or don’t know how to cook find meal replacement shakes very convenient.

Meal replacement shakes also come in handy for people who are health conscious. If you want to get enough nutrition from your diet and want to remain slim at the same time, then you should consider taking meal replacement shakes.

Since they are low in calories, they will keep you slim (unless you eat a lot of junk food). Since they are packed with vitamins, proteins, carbs, fats, and minerals, they will take care of your daily nutrition needs. Working out after consuming meal replacement shakes will do wonders for your muscles and physical health.

There are so many reputed brands of meal replacement shakes that they can satisfy everyone’s nutritional and health needs. One is spoilt for choice. The general advantages of meal replacement shakes are as follows:

    • They are quick and convenient to have as they do not require elaborate preparation.  
    • Unlike regular food, you don’t have to worry about what nutrients they contain as they contain all the nutrients from many different food sources. 
    • They keep a person healthy and slim unless he or she deliberately consumes a lot of junk food.
    • There are many brands available in meal replacement shakes, so one is spoilt for choice to suit one’s nutritional needs. 

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Here are the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss and gain including diet shakes plans. 

Meal replacement shakes can aid in weight loss as they are low in calories. Even those meal replacement shakes that are not specifically for weight loss do not make you obese. 

Rather, they provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and strengthen your muscles. I have listed the top 5 meal replacement brands below. Some of them aid in weight loss. Others are for satisfying one’s daily nutritional needs.

1. Truefit

This brand contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals. It also has 25 grams of whey protein, 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids, 3 grams of polyunsaturated fats, and 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid.

Best weight loss shakes
This makes Truefit a true meal replacement shake as it has all the nutrients that a complete meal has. Truefit dissolves easily in water and milk, and it is to satisfy one’s daily nutritional needs.


This brand of meal replacement shakes aids in weight loss. It is very low on carbs and calories (only 200 calories and 2 grams of carbs per unit), but it has sufficient nutrients to satisfy one’s daily nutritional needs. 

meal replacement shakes

It has 24 grams of whey protein and 11 grams of micellar casein. This brand also has an enzyme called ProHydrolase, making our body absorb micellar casein twice as efficiently.

3. Slimfast Original

This meal replacement shakes for weight loss is specifically meant for people who want to lose their excess weight. It is low on calories (just 200 calories per unit) and carbs and thereby helps a person lose weight fast. 

meal replacement shakes for weight loss

It also tastes very good and is popular with a lot of people. It keeps one’s stomach filled for long durations. A unit of this brand has 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of soluble fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals to fulfill one’s daily nutritional requirements. 

This brand’s good taste makes people want to drink more of it and thereby people tend to lose weight faster by consuming this brand of meal replacement shake. 

4. Mocha Click

This best meal replacement shakes for weight loss comes only in chocolate flavor. So if you’re a chocolate lover, this brand is for you. It is also for people who are looking to shed their excess fat and weight.

best meal replacement shakes for weight loss

This brand is low in calories and carbs and helps people lose weight fast. It has 150 mg of caffeine to give it a Latte-like taste.

It helps in the quick release of energy and gives a boost to your metabolism rate. This brand is also for “busy bees” who need an immediate release of energy every day.

This brand contains certain proteins that digest slowly in our stomachs and intestines. Hence, this brand keeps us full for long durations. It has 23 essential vitamins and minerals that fulfill our daily nutritional needs.

5. Orgain Organic Protein

This meal replacement shake is suitable for vegans. Its proteins are derived from 23 different herbs. It contains a blend of peas, chia seeds, and rice bran. It also has 5 grams of insoluble fiber and 3 grams of carbs.

meal replacement

This meal replacement brand contains only 150 calories per unit! It is USDA certified and free of GMO, gluten, dairy products, and artificial flavoring agents.

It is great for vegans and people who are looking to lose weight fast. You can have this meal replacement shake pre or post-workouts.

Since it is rich in plant proteins, it will strengthen your muscles during workouts. Since it is also rich in fiber, it can repair wear and tear in your muscle fibers post workouts.

To conclude, this brand is great for vegans, people looking to lose body weight, and athletes who do heavy exercises.

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Do these shakes have enough protein? How many calories does it contain? Is it enough for your body protein consumption?

Meal replacement shakes are full of proteins, polyunsaturated fats, carbs, and at least 20 different vitamins and minerals. They also contain good amounts of branched-chain amino acids, glutamine, and glutamic acid. 

All these nutrients are found only in complete meals. Hence, meal replacement shakes get their name. 

Meal replacement shakes are low in calories. They contain between 150 to 300 calories per unit. Hence, they aid in weight loss. So the answer to the question is “yes.” Meal replacement shakes contain 10 to 20 grams of protein per unit (usually 500 grams), and that amount of protein is sufficient to meet our daily nutritional requirements.

Is it safe? Does it have any side effects? According to the consumer’s feedback.  

There are many brands of meal replacement shakes. Some of them are good in all aspects. Some of them have harmful side effects. The side effects mentioned below do not apply to all the brands but are the brands’ dangerous side effects. 

  • Some meal replacement shake brands contain harmful minerals like Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Selenate, and Potassium Iodide. They can cause a burning sensation in one’s eyes and skin, cause food poisoning, and cause rashes and fever.
  • Some of the brands contain artificial sugars, which can cause stomach upsets and bowel inflammation. 
  • Some of the brands contain refined vegetable oils, artificial coloring agents, and artificial preservatives, which can cause health complications like bowel inflammation, obesity, and a burning sensation on the skin and the eyes. 
  • Some of the meal replacement shake brands contain a lot of bulky insoluble fiber derived from rice bran. They can be hard to digest for older people.

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What do people think about this? | According to internet trends and reviews on multiple platforms.  

I know that you’ve all been eager to read this. So let’s get to the point. Most of the brands of meal replacement shakes have excellent reviews from their customers.

Only a few brands have a few negative reviews. I have listed the reviews. Kindly read them and decide for yourself if meal replacement shakes are worth your money.

meal replacement

Best weight loss shakes

Best meal replacement shakes


The vast majority of US customers feel that meal replacement shakes are worth their money because:
tastes good, they address one’s daily nutritional needs, they aid in weight loss, it is easy to make and consume, and they give a quick release of energy required to do everyday tasks.

Meal replacement shakes have gotten numerous positive reviews from people. So I would suggest that you try a reputed brand yourself. You must be careful not to eat too much junk food along with meal replacement shakes lest it will defeat your health and weight loss goals.

To conclude, I would say that meal replacement shake is a good invention designed to suit the modern-day lifestyle and to meet one’s daily nutritional needs. It is the perfect food item that “busy bees” can have.


People also ask

1. Do meal replacement shakes aid in weight loss?

As meal replacement shakes are low in calories and carbs, they can aid in weight loss, but one must not consume excess junk food along with them, as doing so will defeat health and weight-loss goals.

2. How are meal replacement shakes different from protein shakes?

Protein shakes give a person only protein. They contain only a few other nutrients in trace amounts.

However, meal replacement shakes are full of proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, branched-chain amino acids, glutamine, and glutamic acid that can only found in a complete meal. They give a person overall nutrition, unlike protein shakes.

3. Can meal replacement shakes truly replace meals?

It is unwise to live off meal replacement shakes entirely, but you can replace at least one meal a day with meal replacement shakes, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!