Truvy Pills Really help you lose weight

Do Truvy Pills Really help you lose weight? Complete Truvy Review

Weight loss transformation is a much more complicated process. Usually, people restore to unhealthy diets that leave them drained, hungry, and frustrated with almost no improvement.  It got us thinking – what does it really have? Does it really work or just a marketing gimmick? Are Truvy weight loss supplements and other products truly legit or a Pyramid scheme?

Truvy Pills Really help you lose weight

To get answers to all of these questions, we decided to do extensive research over the product, its features, and what their customers have to say about their products.

What is Truvy? Who founded it?

Truvy has been the talk of the town recently with its new weight loss supplement, especially on

If you are not aware of Truvy, It is a company that offers supplementary products that help with weight management and loss.

The company claims that it only uses natural products. It reads that it is infused with plant-based extracts that accelerate the body’s capacity to burn fats and create balanced health. The Truvy weight loss boosters claim to have helped people with weight loss. In Truvy’s weight loss boosters, you get five products that will support you in your weight loss.

  1. Truvy Boost Drink
  2. Truvy Boost 30-day combo pack
  3. Truvy Boost Drink combo
  4. Truvy 30-day combo pack

To begin with, let’s look into the brand more and learn about how Truvy supplements really work!

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Truvy brand overview


Truvy, previously known as Truvision Health, started with the purpose of helping people build a healthy lifestyle in the modern world. They have two lines of supplements – Tru and Vy. The Tru line of supplements supports blood flow and provides more energy. The Vy line is complementary to the Tru line – which provides necessary antioxidants to the body.

Who is the manufacturer of Truvy?

The product is manufactured under TruVision Health (also Truvy). The American wellness company has its own manufacturing unit that offers many healthy lifestyle products. The company was set up in Utah, the USA, in 2014 and was renamed Truvy in 2020.

Brand Details

Company’s Name: TruVision Health

Industry: Retail – Vitamins, Supplements and Health Stores

Revenue: $13.7 M

Funded: 2014

The company is known to sell products through self-employed distributors via direct sales. Truvy sure does have a wide range of products that includes different vitamins and nutritional supplements to serve different purposes.

Is Truvy safe to use or just a scam? How does it work?

The Truvy supplements are claimed to be natural with accurate formulas that help the body reach optimal health. The pill serves two purposes – despite being marketed as a supplement that helps to boost the metabolism, it is also portrayed as an appetizer to suppress hunger.

These two strategies would work really well with weight loss. It is claimed to be safe for use as it is made 100% from natural ingredients. Even though the whole thing sounds promising and effective, the problem is that it lacks scientific evidence for such claims. There is no evidence for the claims to be true.

Another aspect is that there are so many nutritional supplements backed by research and results – so just claiming the end result won’t help much. The supplement’s “special” formula is claimed to provide energy to the body, increase metabolism and reduce the cravings for more food.

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Are pills legit? Is TruVision Health A Pyramid Scheme?

It is true that most of their products do contain viable natural ingredients that can deliver a lot of health benefits. Unfortunately, the proportion of the ingredients are unknown. This raises eyebrows towards the authenticity of the products.

Looking at the customers’ reviews, Some have suggested that it has indeed provided better results. However, these claims might be sugarcoated as TruVision is an MLM company. They are involved with self-employed distributors who would purposely put positive reviews for the direct sales. It helps them with the cost and goodwill altogether.

As far as the effectiveness of the product is concerned, it might help weight loss management to a certain extent, but the claims of achieving it without exercising and proper diet seem to be a bit fad. Getting the diet right is a prerequisite to good health, even when you have the most effective supplements.

Warnings and concerns

As per the manufacturer, Truvy weight loss supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients that help to burn fat and control appetite. However, since there is no clinical evidence for the same, it is recommended to be taken under control. You can further read this article to know more about the users and their genuine feedback.

Is Truvy the same as Truvision? Is Truvy an MLM?

Truvy is the brand that belongs to TruVision Health. It is primarily an MLM company that sells nutritional supplements. MLM is a marketing strategy where the companies directly sell their products via distributors who go door to door.

Distributors get commissioned for the products sold. This way, they hire more fresh distributors, train them and send them to sell their products.

How does it work? – Science Behind Truvy supplements

Truvy supplements are based on plant-based ingredients – Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones, and Green Coffee Bean extract that is claimed to suppress hunger, burn fat and keep the body energized.

The ingredients and the benefits are listed on the website, with the recommended dosage. However, these claims are not backed with any scientific evidence or research. The results are not available.

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What is the Truvy Product line?

TruVision Health offers 14 products, categorized into three different categories. Some of the significant ones are

Core products

  1. TruFIX – The supplements are made from natural and toxin-free ingredients that are claimed to improve blood quality. It helps to improve the quality of blood, liver functioning, and overall quality of health.
  2. TruControl – It is specially designed to stimulate metabolism and revive natural energy and stamina.
  3. TruKeto – As the name suggests, it is a high fat, low carb shakes with natural caffeine to help the ketosis process, which eventually helps with weight loss and boosts energy.
  4. Heart & Hydration – It is a drink that provides hydration and replenishes electrolytes, and revives the cells.

Other products

  • Mend – It is an anti-ageing cream that helps with lines and wrinkles.
  • TruSlumber – It helps to get good sleep, making you feel relaxed and focused.
  • TruSoothe – It is a mix of essential oils that helps you to feel refreshed and treats fatigue and brain fog.
  • Trust Spritz – It helps to reduce sugar-based soda cravings that help with weight loss.

They also have a range of essential oils that serve different benefits – physically and mentally.

Most rated Truvy product for weight loss – TruFIX

TruFIX is one of the most rated products in weight management, which also helps to maintain and check blood quality. These sugar-free products can be taken as a capsule or as a drink. TruFIX is claimed to contain green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, and cinnamon that promises to accelerate weight loss.

Ingredients in each product

Truvy claims that all the ingredients are natural. Upon the research, we found that –

  1. Green Coffee Bean Extract – It is quite popular in the wellness and dietary community as it contains high levels of oxidants like chlorogenic acids that are quite beneficial. The extracts are taken from raw, green coffee beans.
  2. Alpha-Lipoic acid – It is an organic compound that is already present in our bodies that offers some benefits like treating inflammation, nerve functioning, skin ageing, and controlling sugar levels.
  3. Green tea extract – Green tea is quite rich in caffeine and is well known to help with weight reduction. It instils a process in the body called thermogenesis – a process in which the body burns down the calories and improves metabolism.
  4. Black Pepper Extract – Black pepper is a well-known spice with a series of health benefits. It improves metabolism, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and also reduces cholesterol levels significantly over a period.
  5. Raspberry Ketones – The raspberries contain compounds that improve the quantity of adiponectin – a hormone that impacts the metabolism. It breaks down the fat cells and improves fat burning.

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Truvy weight loss: Does it really help in weight loss?

According to the reviews that are available on the website, the products are found to have worked for many people, while there is also some negative feedback. The company does state that the users need to use within the recommended quantities and should also consult a physician before taking any pills. Let’s look into the efficiency of all the ingredients –

  1. Raspberry Ketone: There is not enough scientific evidence that it helps to improve human obesity. It is recommended to take raspberry ketone supplements in limitation.
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid: There is a study that shows the acid has improved effectiveness to address metabolism and aid other health problems.
  3. Green Coffee Bean Extract: Studies have shown that it is effective with weight loss, but more studies need to be done to prove its safety in the form of supplements.
  4. Green Tea Extract: Studies have shown that Green tea extract is helpful in healing many ailments.

What are Truvy’s weight loss side effects?

Many people have complained about the side effects of Truvy. There have been reports of headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and rapid heartbeats. These simulations are claimed to be a result of the compounds reacting. We would recommend consulting a doctor before you take up any dietary supplements.

What are the Pros of Truvy Pills?

  1. Truvy is designed to suit all kinds of customers like men and women without any age restrictions.
  2. Within a week of the recommended dosage, the company claims some improved weight loss effects.
  3. Over time, you are likely to have fewer cravings.
  4. It also proves to boost energy levels.

What are the cons of Truvy pills?

  1. There is no scientific or clinical proof of the claims or records.
  2. It is not recommended to pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding.
  3. Some of the common effects include nauseousness and dizziness that have been reported by the consumers.
  4. There is no 100% money-back guarantee.

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When should you use Truvy products? Is there any age limit?

The website suggests taking two doses every day. The website also claims that taking doses combined with a good meal regimen and exercise routine can significantly help improve the results.

Truvy supplements do work for a short time but relying on the supplements for a long time is not recommended. It can cause a calorie deficit and can cause serious side effects over time. It is essential to have a good diet and fitness routine to keep up with the effectiveness and overall health.

We need to understand that supplements are not the direct answer to weight loss. It needs to be combined with workouts and diet to ensure healthy weight control.

The manufacturers of TruVision claim that it is safe for use by anyone who wants to reduce a healthy amount of weight.

The manufacturer acknowledges that there can be some potential side effects as the body gets ready. It is also not safe for some people.

For those under 18, it is recommended to consult a doctor before use. It is also not safe for consumption by pregnant women and those who have some serious medical conditions.

What are the Pros and cons of Truvy Pills?


  • It provides short-term energy because of the caffeine content.
  • It proves to result in weight loss.
  • It reduces cravings significantly.


  • It contains Octodrine which is banned for use by athletes.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Vomiting
  • Nauseousness and stomach upsets are common complaints.
  • For best results, you might have to use a combination of the supplements.

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Which is the reliable source to buy Truvy?- Truvy packages, deals, and prices

Truvy products are available for sale on the official website. The pricing depends on the products that you wish to purchase. The products vary from oils to tablets. You have options like:

  1. Truvy Boost – One-time purchase or monthly subscription
  2. Truvy reNU – One-time purchase or monthly subscription
  3. Truvy truSLUMBER
  4. Truvy Balance
  5. Truvy MSM

Truvy Customer reviews and reports – what do they have to say?

The users of Truvy weight loss supplements have given overwhelming support to the brand. The majority of the reviews have stated positively that the supplements have indeed helped them to reduce weight significantly. 

Some have also noticed a reduction in appetite and boosted the overall metabolism. Just like any other supplement, the results can vary from person to person. Some have felt no difference in their weight reduction as well as appetite. 

ruvy weight loss review ruvy weight loss review ruvy weight loss review

People also ask (FAQs)

1. Does Tru weight loss work?

Yes, this is the short answer to this question. Truvision is a reputable firm that has been in the industry for many years. Despite the fact that Truvision does not provide a money-back guarantee, the firm appears to be real and trustworthy. You will receive what you paid for, but there is no assurance that any nutritional supplement will benefit you.

2. Can you drink coffee while taking TruVision?

You will have enough energy, but it is not recommended to have a lot of caffeine at once and consume more coffee and soda.

3. Are truly products safe?

While the goods claimed to be harmless, there is still a danger of sensitivities induced by specific chemicals. Some customers have reported adverse effects to include sleeplessness, panic, pounding heart, headaches, and digestive troubles, according to Truvy reviews.

4. Is truvy a pyramid scheme?

After reviewing the information on the website and the customer reviews, we don’t think it is a scam or pyramid scheme. After reviewing all of the information about Truvy, I do not believe it is a pyramid scheme or a scam.

They provide all of the elements required to be a compliant MLM company.

5. Can TruVision make you sick?

No, but overdose can cause anxiousness, vomiting, and headaches.

6. When should I take truvy?

You can take the doses twice a day, as per your physician’s consultancy. The website says that it works best with appropriate meals and exercise.

7. How does truvy work for weight loss

The natural ingredients that are present in these supplements burn calories, suppress the appetite, and improve metabolism.

8. When should I take truvy?

You should take Truvy if you want to reduce weight.

9. Can I Use Truvy If I Have A Health Condition?

No, it is not recommended if you have a health condition.

10. What is a Truvy Money-back Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?

Truvy has a 90% return guarantee on products returned in Tradeable conditions in thirty (30) days of the shipping date. All Affiliate and Customer requests solely from Truvy must be refunded to Truvy at the cost of the Associate/Customer.

11. Truvy alternatives

PhenQ is one of the best alternatives.

12. Is Truvy safe – complaints and warnings

The website claims that Truvy is quite safe. However, if you have a medical condition, pregnant or under-aged, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

13. Is Truvy worth it?

It depends on your goals with weight management. Based on the reviews, we think it’s worth a shot.

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We hope you find this detailed review helpful. Have you tried Truvy before? If yes, comment below your experience with Truvy weight loss supplements!

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