Does He Like Me

Have you ever liked someone and wondered if he likes you back?

When he gives butterflies one day and suddenly everything gets awkward the next day, have you thought if it’s all real and meant to be? 

Have you been in a situation where you have been slammed with mixed signals and don’t know which one to pick up on and which ones are straight-up red flags? 

If yes, you’ve come to the right place for help!signs-like-him However, the first step is to ensure that you like him and that his behavior is not comparable to your normal daily mood swings. 

You should rely on your instincts, his signals, and GOD at this point because it can be difficult to determine someone’s true intentions or feelings when they are unsure of how they feel themselves. 

Particularly if it’s a guy! Understanding their emotions and signals is as difficult as figuring out how their brains and thought processes operate. But not all men…BUT the point is made. 

It’s crucial to understand the basic personality of the person in question in order to ensure that you won’t regret it later. (avoid a guy with red flags like how you avoid unnecessary problems) 

Before communicating your feelings, make sure he’s not into anyone else (don’t be a stubborn brat and wait for them to break up) but when you do communicate you tend to give them a chance to offer you their perspective and some clarification on the status.

Always remember patience and understanding their perspective is a key factor to any relationship, be patient enough to give it some time and be understanding enough to comprehend his side and opinions. A relationship is never 50-50 sometimes it’s 60-40 or 90-10 so put in effort on those days he cannot and he shall reciprocate when you cannot.  

Gaining a deeper understanding of one another’s feelings and creating a stronger, more transparent connection depends on how open and honest you are during communication.

Here’s what you can learn to know if he truly likes you

In order to understand yourself, here is a popular Youtube channel Social Psychology Masters page that helps you establish a real connection and find out the psychological behavioral changes of a person who likes you!

Due to the fact that different people express their emotions in different ways, it might be challenging to tell if someone likes you. However, we can provide you with some fundamental pointers on how to gauge someone’s level of interest:

  • Observe body language: When he is near you, pay attention to his body language. (Pay attention to how his body language is around other people too!). Attraction can be indicated by behaviors like making frequent eye contact, leaning in while you’re speaking, mimicking your motions, or facing you directly. (But if it makes you uncomfortable. Don’t hesitate to let him know, if you put up with it, people tend to feel you’re fine with it).
  • Determine whether they actively listen to you and retain specifics of your conversations. People who are interested in you are more likely to listen attentively and remember what you have said. (I mean who even likes a one-sided conversation?)
  • Reciprocates the conversation: When he is equally indulged in the conversation, not distracted, not making unnecessary remarks, or especially when he reminds you where you left off the conversation.
  • Contact is made: Pay attention to whether they phone you or send a text message to establish contact. A person who contacts you frequently may appreciate your company and wish to keep in touch.
  • Time and focus: A person who likes you will make time for you a priority. They might make arrangements or look for occasions to spend time with you, even if it’s merely for social gatherings. (But always remember, just because he cannot lavishly spend time with you does not mean he doesn’t like you, in such situations talk to him about it, let him know that you need his attention, and don’t wait for the telepathic connection to be established miraculously.)

What if I met him online?

Met a guy online? Found him cute? Small crush? Butterflies? 

signs-looking-forHere are some tricks to find out if he likes you.

  • Whether he messages you often or only when he’s bored- make sure he’s not just bored therefore he dropped by, if a guy likes you he’ll text you to ask about your day or just how you’ve been doing and what you’ve been up to. He’ll put in the effort to establish a conversation regardless of his schedule and there will be some days when he just cannot make time, that’s when you put in the effort to initiate the conversations.
  • He shows interest in getting to know you- Meeting someone special online can be such a fuzzy and sad feeling in one go, but the better you know a person the stronger a connection is established. Talk to him about yourself enough to expect him to remember details and get to know him enough to understand his personality, behavior, intentions, and perspectives. It is important that you both put in effort to get to know each other better.
  • Respect your personal time and know his limits- In order to have someone respect your personal time and know their limits you need to communicate your boundaries. You need to let them know when you are in your only me-zone and when they are crossing their limits and need to stop. If a guy likes you he will keep it in mind and respect you and your boundaries.
  • Calls you without any reason- Men usually call for no reason or just to ask about your day and or simply chat. (So if he’s calling you often and talking for hours take the hint!)



However don’t really rely on what guys you meet online say, when you cannot see them you cannot judge, it’s obviously not in every situation, but beware don’t give into sweet talks quickly and always give every relationship the time it takes to build and develop.

What you can do to improve your chances with him

  • Firstly, focus on developing your worth as an individual. Know your likes and dislikes, your interests, hobbies, etc. before you share yourself with another being. Find things you like doing by yourself– you are the first love of your life.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and pay attention to what he has to say to demonstrate your sincere interest. Inquire about his life, interests, and experiences by asking open-ended questions and displaying interest. This illustrates how much you respect him as a person.
  • Spend time with him: Look for chances to hang out with him, both in groups and alone. Take part in things you both like to do or events you both like to attend since these activities will help you bond even more.
  • Be genuine: Avoid trying to be someone you’re not by being authentic. Building trust and creating a sincere connection requires authenticity.
  • Subtly flirt: To signal that you’re interested in someone, make small, playful movements like complimenting him or lightly teasing him. To determine his level of interest, pay attention to his reactions and reciprocation.
  • Be supportive and kind to him: Be kind and supportive to him. Encourage him when he is having a hard time and acknowledge his accomplishments. Kindness and encouragement can make your relationship stronger.
  • Respecting personal boundaries and giving him space when necessary is essential. Recognize that everyone has their own relationship comfort zones and pace.
  • Be patient since relationships take time to form and progress at different rates. Be patient and let the connection develop naturally. Rushing things could put undue pressure on things.

Still confused? Take a Quiz!

If you’re still in two minds about a guy like you, you can take a quiz determining the likelihood of a guy being interested in you. We will just need some basic information about you.

Most of them are multiple-choice questions, and the quiz estimates your chances of being liked by a boy depending on your answers.

It would be wonderful news if your crush turns out to be truly interested in you. You may have a promising future ahead of you *wink wink* 

If you have a partner willing to take the quiz with you, even better! The more similarities you find in your answers, the more commitment, understanding, and loyalty you exhibit for each other. 

You should complete the following quizzes crucial to your future connection with your perfect companion.

The quiz’s rules are straightforward. A few questions must be answered. Each query will be relevant to both you and the individual you are considering. 

You will ultimately learn if he likes you after responding to all the questions.

Find out if the boy you’re thinking about is indeed interested in you by starting this incredibly accurate quiz.

Let’s begin! Start the test now!

Try answering the questions with a simple yes or no to the best of your ability:

  1. Does he try to find opportunities to be with me and spend time with me?
  2. Does he genuinely care about me, recall the facts I’ve provided, and inquire about my day?
  3. Does he first text, call, or message me on social media to make contact?
  4. What’s his character like while we’re together? Does he appear focused, interested, and attentive to our interactions?
  5. Has he praised me or shown enthusiasm for my traits or accomplishments?
  6. When he’s around me, does he exhibit any nervousness or shyness?
  7. Has he ever made jokes or given any hints that they might become more than simply friends?
  8. Does he act in a protective manner towards me, such as watching out for my safety or becoming envious when I attract the attention of others?
  9. How does he respond when I make personal contact or touch him? Is he at ease or does he start to withdraw?
  10. Has he ever gone above and beyond to show his thoughtfulness or special affection for me?
  11. (Here’s a bonus question because you should always put yourself first!)
  12. Has he given me the space and freedom I deserve and did not make a fuss about me drawing boundaries ?

If most of your answers are yes, Congratulations!

like-me-quiz It is highly possible that he likes you! Be open, be honest with him during a conversation, it will only benefit you in the longer run. The only way to be certain is openness, so wear your heart on your sleeve and let things unfold!


Remember that these tips and advice may not always yield the desired outcomes. 

You cannot force someone to like you! It’s crucial to be authentic and promote a positive, respectful connection. 

An open and honest discussion can also increase your chances of getting along with him because communication and understanding are essential in every relationship.  

Being authentic, being truthful with one another, and allowing the connection to grow naturally is crucial.

And always remember, do not give in to anything you do not like or want, always make compromises only when it’s necessary.



  • What gifts can I give him to make my chances stronger?

Some people prefer gifting as their love language and some people just don’t like gifts. Once you understand his personality and preferences you’ll understand what he’s inclined towards.

  • Can I introduce him to my friends?

Give it some time. Introducing your crush/partner always needs time and acceptance. Once you feel you’re okay with letting your friends know about how you feel only then talk to them about it. Do not give in to peer pressure.

  • I just met him, and I think I love him already. What should I do?

So there’s a lot of difference between liking and loving someone. How do you find out? Ask yourself if you see him in the future with you and if you’ll not regret this decision. It’s important to understand that not every like turns to love. Give it some time and space to build.

  • I think he does not like me back. How can I change his mind?

Well, don’t! Either it happens mutually or he realizes it eventually and comes back. Do not waste your time convincing someone of your value and worth. Make yourself a better individual and enjoy the process.

  • I think he’s sending me mixed signals but I’m not sure. Am I overthinking?

Well, have you spoken to him about it yet? Sometimes, establishing direct communication is much better than wondering if he likes you back or not. Talk it out. And find out!

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