“It doesn’t matter about money; having it, not having it. Or having clothes, or not having them. You’re still left alone with yourself in the end,” this quote by Billy Idol may sound humanistic and humble, but do you believe in it?

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I believe that even if I cry for being lonely, I would instead do it sitting by myself in an expensive car rather than a bicycle. The main question that plagues the mind of teenagers and adults alike is, “how can I make money from my phone for free?” Is it possible? Does such a way exist, or is it legal?


Well, if you fall into any one of the categories I mentioned above, then you are in the right place. Ordinarily, people ask these questions as we all spend so much time on our phones to access data. To brighten your day, let me tell you about some of India’s convenient money earning apps!

What is Money Earning Apps? Is it Legit or just a scum?

Everyone is bent on making more days; in fact, the whole world is driven by the mere idea of making money endlessly as it provides growth and self-esteem. Since the inception of technological development globally, people are finding more and more ways to use their time earning money.

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One such way is getting additional income from money earning apps for Android in India. This is suitable for those people who are fed up with 9 to 5 jobs. 

Is it Legit?

The internet is providing more information; in fact, some unnecessary information on money earning apps. Taking it to advantage, there are countless potential scammers to exaggerate their earnings to get people trapped in their honey web.

That’s why to help you to make an informed decision, and we are here to hand out our research products that countdown to reliable money-earning apps. To be safe, it is better to do your research as well. It’s never too late to be overly cautious.

Top 10 Best Money Earning Apps in India That You Must be Aware of in 2020

Top 10 Best Money Earning Apps in India:-
  • Meesho –  Reselling Products
  • 4Fun – Convert coins into Cash
  • Loco -Daily games to earn money
  • Google Opinion rewards – Get Paid for Surveys
  • Frapp – An App for Students to Earn Money
  • Cash Buddy – Rewards for Various Tasks


Kindly take into consideration that this rating does not indicate its ranking in particular. 

money earning app

1. Meesho – Reselling Products

If you are interested in legitimate home business, or entrepreneurship Meesho is the hassle-free option that provides it. Currently, for many Indian women, Reselling is considered as the famous work from home. 

money earning apps in India

Well, You no longer need to have a real shop or investing capital to get started. All you need to do to start the business is to have a smartphone with a steady internet connection. Download the app, and you can begin to browse through lakhs of products in various categories.

How does it work as a money-earning app?

Start by sharing the images and details of the products you like on social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook. If you receive an order request, the margin amount quotes will be yours.

The earning from this app depends on how well versed you are in understanding the customer’s needs. On average, people make twenty-five thousand per month by reselling, but people have managed to cross over two lakhs as income as well.

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2. 4Fun – Convert coins into Cash

4Fun is another one of the money-earning apps for Android in India that helps you make money on the side. The opportunity is to get around to make rupees 50 instantly and rise to earn rupees 7 in the PayTM wallet.

money earning apps for android in India

After installing the app on your phone, you get 50 rupees instantly. To get started with the app, you have to login through the app by Google or other social media accounts. 

As one of the trending money earning apps in India, it can help enthusiastic people to get rupees 100 per day. The coins can be achieved and easily converted to Cash. From referral, you can make six rupees to each of the friends you bring to use the app.


3. Loco -Daily Games to Earn Money

If the favorite thing you like in the world are money and games, Loco is the best online money earning app that gives users excellent earning potential. One of the best features is that you can play games in preferred languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, or Marathi.

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The app is full of a myriad of money earning games that lets you make and earn at the same time. This requires you to answer general knowledge-based questions to get good pocket money. The money earned will be transferred to your Paytm Wallet.

Currently, the money earning app allows people to make a decent amount, but the one drawback about the app is the games only start at specific times. You cannot play throughout the day.

Make sure to remember that you may lose the game with anyone’s wrong answer to the question. So before starting to play the game, make sure to get acquainted with some trending general knowledge questions to keep earning money online.

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4. Google Opinion rewards – Get Paid for Surveys

If there were one app for a reward that I like the most, it would be Google Opinion Rewards. You might have heard of other paid surveys apps, but nothing works better than Google Opinion Rewards, according to my experience. 

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Being one of the most popular money earning apps for Android and iOS, you can find exciting rewards for each survey. To make money in the app, you must register with the app and participate in the survey once you get the notification.

You don’t need to worry about answering complicated questions that other websites prefer to ask; instead, the problem ranges from “Which logo is the best?” or “Have you seen this product?” 

For filling in this survey, you get rewarded up to 32 rupees and use that amount to purchase games, music albums, movies, and more.


5. Frapp – An App for Students to Earn Money

Frapp is another one of India’s money earning apps that lets students earn money after finishing up with college. As a trending app in the country, teenagers in their 20s are given unique opportunities.  

money earning apps in India

Students can get work experience and allow them to get acquainted with reputed companies for jobs. These jobs involve them going to the office and completing tasks, getting their first step in the corporate world. 

Once the students complete the job, they will be rewarded. Some of the popular jobs preferred by students are campus ambassadors, volunteer work, event management, and network marketing.

Not only work opportunities, but Frapp also provides attractive opportunities and discounts that are exclusive to students. They are free to use these coupons at popular eateries that are frequented by college students.

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6. Cash Buddy – Rewards for Various Tasks

Cash Buddy is an excellent app that qualifies as an earning app. It fetches your rewards for completing a variety of tasks. The task includes watching promotional YouTube videos, user referral schemes, and enduring rewards.

money earning apps in India

The rewards range from rupees 50 and credited to your Paytm Wallet that you can redeem later. Experience a great time earning money for simple tasks.

How Safe is to Use Money Earning Apps? 

When it comes to the safety net in using these kinds of app, it depends on your purpose. Most of the apps offer genuine benefits and rewards for specific tasks.

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But there are malicious apps that can contain malware as well. These apps can steal your personal data and sell it to third-party apps to make money.

Hence, before using any money-making apps, it is better to check for its authenticity.

Do you need to Jailbreak your device to download these apps?

money earning apps for android in India

No, you don’t need to jailbreak your phone to use money-earning apps as they can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.

After our authentic research, yes some apps do provide you with the opportunity to earn money while others take time to provide the results.


What are the Pros and Cons of Money Earning Apps in India?

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Signing up for money-making apps has its pros and cons:-


✅ Accessible from anywhere
✅Easy download from play store or App store
✅ Incentive-based rewards
✅ Easy setup
✅ Seamless fund transfer
✅ Hassle-free service


❌ Time-consuming to earn money
❌You need to get involved intensely
❌ Does not integrate fully well with revenue flow systems
❌Takes a lot of tries to get a steady flow of earnings

What do People Think About Money Earning Apps in India? According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion

Here are the opinions you must know before downloading the apps and starting to earn money:-

money earning apps in India

money earning apps in India

The Bottom Line

Apart from these apps, other money-earning apps pay you for watching videos with good ratings. As there is the widespread use of smartphones and the internet is free by becoming accessible to significant populations in India, it is safe to say that money using apps in India are gaining traction. They are top among the list to get work from Indian college students’ options to earn something extra. 

All you need to do is establish and create a profile to explore the app and to get more options without making any investments. 



1. Is mCent a good meaning app for making money online?

Yes, mCent is a popular money making an app that is used by Indian mobile users. It mainly focuses on giving rewards as the users perform various simple referral tasks. People can earn free mobile recharges and other opportunities. 

2. Is Userfeel a good app?

UserFeel provides quick opportunities to make money. The app’s primary goal is to help website owners evaluate their strengths site performance and its weaknesses. Available on the Google Play store, the surveys are known to be answered, and you can get 10 dollars for every site you successfully evaluate.

3. Is Google Pay the best app for earning?

Yes, if you invite friends to the google app, you can quickly get aid from 51 rupees. All you need to do is get your referral to transfer one rupee to your account.

4. Is Phonepe a safe app for earning money?

You can get instant 100 bucks using Phonepe, and then you share the referral link, it is even more probable to rant fast money. Not only that, you can do last-minute transactions at any time you want.


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