How many times have you lost your important data like photos, videos, music and whatever that you store on the computer? 

If it’s innumerable, Then this is for you!

Everyday hard drives keep getting bigger and bigger. You probably noticed that a robust space is allocated for different drives sparingly. It’s not fair. For example, if there are only two partitions on our computer, one comprises of windows operating system ( Local disk C:) and the other has different kinds of your personal files.

EaseUs Partition Master

So basically, all of our sentimental personal files are stored in one partition which makes it difficult to browse certain files ( my best friend’s embarrassing pic) because there are gazillions of files to sift through.

In this case, it’s better to create partitions to divide the files separately as a unit. EaseUS Free Partition Manager software is one of the best to do the deed.

About EaseUS Free Partition Manager Software

Doesn’t matter if you are an  IT expert, software administrator or just a computer enthusiast, we’ve all come up with or heard about EaseUS at least once.

There are over millions of active users in 180 countries around the globe both private and business.

First, let’s get to know the tech giant who is pretty infamous in the disk partition software. EaseUS is a China-Based powerful software that provides data backup, data recovery, and disk management solutions for the data last due to –

  • Human error
  • Damaged
  • Formatted
  • Partition loss
  • Virus attack 

If you’re wondering about the reliability, fret not, because it has been ranked as one of the finest in the top 10 Software as one of the finest.

As the name itself suggests EaseUS Partition Master Free is a free tool that is used to resize, extend, shrink and move partitions so that computer performance and disk space can be put to better usage.

Please don’t worry about being a tech nerd to use it, the user interface is like a five-finger exercise.

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How to Resize/ Shrink Partitions With EaseUS Partition Master

Well, of course, you need to download the EaseUS Software as the first step.

  • Shrink the Partition size
  • Create a new partition
  • Set up the size of the new partition size, label, and file system
  • Click on apply and reboot the PC

After rebooting the system the resized or shrank partitions you desired will be partitioned successfully.

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Benefits of using the EaseUS Partitioner

Split up partitions makes it possible to have other data available in case windows spews errors.

For example- You can accommodate 4 backup files of a 250 GB hard disk in a 1TB. It sounds amazing right! Hence, makes the process painless compared to traditional sluggish ways.

The beginners who are newbies at using EaseUS find it much helpful because there is an explanation found in the user’s guide section. Another awesome thing is, it is not only restricted to partitioning files but can also function as cleaning garbage files, complementing the activities of Ccleaner does. 

Split up partitions

Besides the company is so confident that they’re making the software accessible for free. 

If you want to resize, merge or clone it displays the size of each partition making it effortless to partition the format you fancy.

If you are into the phrase Old is Gold and wish not to work with new versions of windows, then don’t panic because it is perfectly compatible with old OS like Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Paid Version Of EaseUS

The paid version can perform top-dog performances like moving information from one hard drive to another, backup, recover and deleted files, and even more move the entire operating system from one disk to another.

The free version supports about 8TB disk while commercial one’s supports up to 

16TB. And the sublime thing is it can remodel between GPT (GUID Partition Table) and MBR ( Master Boot Record) very swiftly with practically no data loss.

To Sum Up

I’d like to make it clear, that it’s not absolutely necessary to have partitions on any discs, but you need one partition at the least so the search for never-ending piles of files becomes much easier and low complex.

Overall I really liked some neat features in the software and combined with the fact that the free edition actually works gives the software a bleeding-edge over beating other competitors.

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Does partitioning an external hard drive have any benefits?

Yes, it has a myriad of benefits. A standard Windows installation only has a single partition.

If we create different partitions to keep the files separate it aids us with improved security, ease of re-installation, and compile major operating systems with a fitting organization.

Is EaseUS Partition Master Safe?

Yes, definitely. EaseUS is considered one of the best in terms of safety. The data is encrypted with stalwart 256- bit SSL standard which is highly beneficial. It is adequate for the encryption of all the data.

How do I recover data using EaseUS Partition Master?

It’s pretty simple, just launch and install it on PC, search for the lost partitions in the selected hard disk. Once the scanning process is completed select and reclaim the lost partitions.