Today, the nature of business is such that sales reps spend hours on the phone rather than having face-to-face conversations, talking with prospects and customers with the aim of selling. These calls are made to introduce new products,  promote existing products, inform customers of an ongoing deal or even conduct a market survey.  But what happens when you’re making so many calls yet leads are not converting to customers and your sales reps are losing track of conversations? This is enough reason to consider investing in auto dialer software.

Your business can benefit immensely from running outbound call campaigns using auto dialer software. This platform helps to sequentially and automatically dial telephone numbers from a  contact list or database. The working of this software is such that it only transfers connected calls to agents as it can detect answering machines, busy tones, voicemails, unproductive numbers and disconnected calls.


By automating the call process, this software optimises the call experience for everyone so that agents can only focus on customers while sales managers on the other hand have access to KPIs. Most importantly you will not have cases of customers getting calls at odd hours. Here are some of the benefits of using auto dialer software to manage your business calls:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency

In the absence of auto dialer software, agents have to take time and put in some effort to manually dial telephone numbers. Furthermore, they cannot tell the difference between productive and productive numbers. Using auto dialer software helps to enhance operational efficiency by automatically dialling telephone numbers after which the only route answered calls two the agents. This provides room for sales reps to focus more on improving customer engagement and experience. Similarly, the productivity of agents will increase because of an increase in the call connection ratio. 

  •  Increased agent talk time 

Using auto dialer software increases the agent talk time significantly compared to if they were to dial the numbers manually. When there’s minimal idle time and a better call connection ratio agents will spend more time talking to customers and prospects on the phone. On average, using auto dialer software will increase the agent talk time by 40 to 50 minutes per hour from 15 to 20 minutes per hour. This means high productivity and better customer engagement.

  • Minimum idle time

When agents have to dial numbers manually, they will have to wait until the call is connected. The amount of time wasted listening to the busy tone, facing disconnected calls or listening to answering machines is significant. The auto dialer software is designed to detect such elements and skip the call upon identifying any time-wasting signal. This effectively minimizes time wasted as idle time because it will only route calls that are answered to agents and ultimately increases sales.

  • Real-Time reporting and monitoring

Auto dialer software offers insights into agent activities that reflect via the dashboard and customisable reports. These are instrumental in improving decision making ability for managers as well as agents so that they take quick action to not only improve but also identify problems in real-time. Managers are also able to monitor the performance of agents and ensure the quality of calls made is up to standard. This platform also makes it easy to measure and track the important call centre metrics at given intervals to ensure higher operational efficiency is maintained at all times. 

  •  Improved lead conversion ratio

Using auto dialer software for the complex sales processes that involve valuable leads introduces agility to the outbound calling process. Autodialers can give the agents a quick snapshot of the customer’s details thereby allowing the agent to prepare adequately before the call is connected.  When agents have access to the right information, they can drive conversations that are personalized thus engage the prospect better. The outcome of this is an increase in the rate of lead conversion, hence an increase in revenue.

  • Improved management and organisation of client database 

You can seamlessly integrate cloud-based auto dialer software with an existing CRM system using specific application programming interfaces (APIs). This can help your business to automatically update customer information thus growing your database of clients. You can also use the contact list management feature to manage leads and customers efficiently

Given the benefits associated with the auto dialer software, any serious business can’t afford to do without one. Even then, you must begin by identifying your needs to determine the software that best meets those needs.