A Guide to help you out with Hair Prosthesis

Give that there are many parts of our body but hair is where every person faces problems.
Be it if you have dandruff or are short on hairs. Hair is the most prominent part of one’s body as they define the age of a person.

And if you are short on hairs and curious to know how to get your hair back, this article will be your ultimate destination for your needs.

By now you might have tried and tested various tonics and oils which claim to give your hairs instant growth but instead take a lot of time with no satisfactory result at the end.


So what is that might help you to get your hair back(you might have the read the title I guess), and the trick which I am about to suggest requires no surgery and is completely harmless.

So What is Hair Prosthesis?

Hair prosthesis is a piece that is made to cover the baldness where hair is supposed to be or is the part where there is no hair left. The prosthesis form individually or in a group along with the fabric that exhilarates the human skin.

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Capelli Natural a Contatto(CNC) Is a breakthrough process of printing hairs with the help of 3D printing technology. CNC is a product developed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories from Bologna, Italy. This technology is known as the CRL method which is advanced and dermatologically tested which help you recover from baldness with full and partial hair replacement system.

With this innovative technology, you will get back the hairs you once had and enjoy the everyday life. The thing about hair transplant is that you can relish the things which you cannot do it with wearing wigs on or having done a hair surgery.

Capelli Natural a Contatto(CNC)

But moving ahead with article have a look at the candidates that are liable to use this technology.

Irrespective of the gender both men and women can get the 3D printed hair placed on their head. People with diseases like hair loss or alopecia, scarring alopecia, burns which lead to scalp injury, radiation or surgery for brain cancer, hair loss due to chemotherapy, accident or other sorts of trauma and failed scalp reductions.

Women mostly require hair therapy as they require more durability and activity-friendly as they are less likely to opt for surgical treatments.

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This one of a kind hair replacement technology is made from 100% unprocessed virgin or European human hair. But all it requires is some proper care and maintenance that can satisfy the longevity of the strands.

Although the making procedure remains unknown, but as far as I know the making involves 39 steps and approximately 240 staff hours of work.

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The process of how CNC helps in giving you hairs back is way different and beneficial from the wig you put on to cover your baldness. So before heading onto the CNC mode to get the hair replacement, you might as well look at the process to know how it is done.

CNC helps in giving you hairs back is way different and beneficial from the wig you put on to cover your baldness

People at the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories(CRL) system provides a natural hair thickening system which gives a second layer or second scalp, which is entirely on the choice of the client’s needs and preferences.




The very first step is the mapping of the scalp area and the alopecic area with the help of a computer. The mapping process measures the scalp and as per that it prints out the hairs.



The cast production takes control of the computer imaging and replicates the contours of skull and scalp to give the perfect size and shape to fit in the hairs.


The Cloning and Pantone Matching gives the scalp the exact shape, lines, and pantones with new and productive use of its robotic technology. The matchup process will leave your friends and family members guessing that your hairs are real ones or are 3D printed.

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With this process, you will extend the favors from CNC as not only it gives the kind of hair you require but also chooses the colors of the hair you want. And if you expect the strands to be that of the same color as the present one CNC does that as well.



After you are done with selecting the hair and mapping the structure of the scalp, the strands will now be implanted individually into the membrane. Each hair is inserted separately to maintain the original direction where the hair is currently growing.


As I mentioned earlier that the process of making a hair through the 3D process requires no kind of surgical treatment to implant the hair onto the scalp. After the membrane is successfully placed now it is all up to the hair stylists to give the style you require.

3D process requires no kind of surgical treatment to implant the hair onto the scalp

As you have successfully planted your hair with the help of the CRL system, now the hair can be exposed to perform activities like swimming and other water-related activities. But in the case of wearing a wig, you might not even experience activities like swimming or taking a heavy shower.   


  • With the kind of experienced professionals that professionals at CRL have, you can settle your scalp and hair related problems.
  • With the hair replacement therapy, you can now cover your baldness without letting anyone know. You can now freely stand under the sun and expose yourself as you no longer can feel the heat.
  • The main advantage is that the hair transplant with the 3D technology is sweat, and water resistant and is far more superior regarding putting on a wig.
  • It goes an extra step when protecting your skin with an antibacterial layer of protection which is dermatologically tested.
  • Now you no longer need to stay inside as CNC gives you the right amount of exposure to try all those activities which were once not on your radar. You can now opt for stylists for giving you hairs the perfect makeover.
  • Although it is not permanent, it makes sure that it creates a long-lasting solution.

And now let’s come to the point where I tell you how you can create wonders with the technology we have today.

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  • The glue or adhesive used to stick the hair onto the scalp can sometimes cause health issues in some people.
  • People who often face itching in the scalp and later on might develop scalp infection, so this is a big no for all those.
  • Although the hairs might appeal as real looking ones, a clone can never be called as an Original one, right? The amount of chemical that goes into making these hair look real is way more contagious than you think. The chemicals which I am talking about giving the real feel provide hairs with more rich and robust feel.
  • Also requires regular maintenance.

When compared the disadvantages to advantages, you can clearly say that there are way more reasons for you to get rid of baldness by a non-surgical therapy. And before leaving this site clear all your doubts by checking through the FAQ’s and if you do not find the solution to your problem, mention them in the comments section, and I will get back to you.

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  • Although you can shampoo your hair but make sure that the shampoo for use does not contain salt and avoid using products that contain any alcohol substance.
  • The use of creams and conditioner close to the base should be avoided as it weakens the nodes and strength of the hairs.
  • You know by now that enjoying activities high octane sports and swimming is more comfortable than before, but you might consider washing the prosthesis then and there.
  • Do not go hard on the hair even though it is not your own, to prevent it from breaking when you shampoo the hair try massaging them gently rather than going hard on it.

If you’re looking to cover the empty plot on your head which is exposed to heat during summers and get drops of water when it is raining. And if you from India, Cesare Ragazzi has clinics only in Bangalore with six branches.

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  • What is the cost of the treatment and prosthesis?

The costs entirely depend on the length of the hairs and the scalp you want to fill.

The Capelli Natural a Contatto(CNC) scalp prosthesis will cost you around 3500 USD.

If you want to opt for a replacement and are looking for something in cheap then can try with Synthetic hair which is cheap when compared to the natural hairs.

  • What is Alopecia?

Alopecia derived from the Greek word Alopex meaning thinning or hair loss. And the treatment for this is either medication or opting for surgery.

  • Does hair loss occur naturally?

This is the standard physiology, and it is said that we lose approx.150 to 600 hairs a week. And losing hairs in high quantity is experienced while washing them.

  • Are there any differences between male and female hair?

Irrespective of the gender the leading causes of hair falls are diet, hormones, pollution, genetics, stress, Vitamin B deficiency. And when it comes to females, it is mainly because of hormonal also due to pregnancy. Pattern baldness is common in Men.

  • Is this a treatment or a wig?

No, the treatment is a clone of hair which takes the measurement of your scalp and place it right precisely on the scalp with the actual direction to grow the hairs.

And once you are all set, you can engage yourself in all sorts of activities like swimming and hair styling treatments.

  • Does this treatment leave marks or scars?

CRL promises to you that the treatment you opt for does not leave any mark or scar after the treatment is done.

Various dermatological universities have given the nod to this treatment, and if you still hesitate before the treatment, you can always go for a patch test before the procedure.