Sadly, no one has found the fabled Fountain of Youth but there are still things that you can do to stay looking young and vibrant despite the passage of time. Good genes along with a regular skincare routine can help your skin maintain some of its good looks, but you may still want a boost to look your best.

Complex plastic surgery comes with risks and a hefty bill, and Botox injections are just not the look that everyone is looking for. Juvederm facial fillers are an affordable and highly effective way to get back some of the youthful looks and feel to the skin of your face.

Everything You Need To Know About Juvederm Facial Filler Treatments

Juvederm treatments are a long-lasting alternative to collagen fillers that help to revive areas of the face that have sunken or lost their natural fullness due to age. Hyaluronic acids are used to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles or add fullness where needed.

Before you head to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office you should have all the facts about Juvederm treatments.

What Is It?

Juvederm fillers are composed of a naturally occurring sugar found in the body called Hyaluronic acid. This protein, once injected into the tissues of the face, helps to produce more volume without the frozen look that you can end up with from other procedures.

How Does It Work?

The sugar compound in Hyaluronic acid helps to promote and maintain fullness under the skin of the face. It acts like a moisture sponge that takes in water from the skin’s surface and keeps the tissues plumped. As a result, the skin looks more supple and youthful. 

The natural aging process causes a reduction in the amount of Hyaluronic acid produced in the body. When Juvederm injections are used, the presence of the acid back in the body can actually encourage collagen regrowth in the face.

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What Is The Procedure Like?

Getting Juvederm treatments is among the easiest procedures that can help you to drastically look younger without going under the knife. The treatment can take as little as 15 minutes following an initial consultation. The treatment area will be cleaned with an antibiotic agent but there will be no topical or injected freezing used.

A fine pointed needle will then be used to administer the Juvederm treatments. There is very little discomfort and patients claim that there is only a slight pinching when the serum is injected.

How Long Does It Last?

The length of time that the treatments will hold up depends on where on the face they were administered. In locations around the cheeks and mouth, there is more natural movement, and this will cause the fillers to break down more quickly. Results will last a bit longer in other places, like around the eyes, where constant movement is minimal. You can expect to enjoy great results for 6-12 months.

Types Of Treatment

Juvederm treatments can be used in almost every area of your face and neck. The most common procedures involve plumping and shaping of the lips. Drooping or deflation of the cheeks along the contour ridges of the mouth is a target for many treatments.

Hyaluronic acid treatments have been very successful in dramatically reducing the signs of regular aging, droopiness of the skin and even the appearance of acne scars.

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Everyone wants to look their best regardless of their age. With Juvederm treatments, you now have the option to get natural-looking and clinically safe fillers that will give you stunning results. Always consult your doctor and make certain that your procedure is being performed by a certified technician.