Today in this modern world it has become a fashion for the youth to go to the gym and do heavy exercises to make them fit. They are so concerned or rather we can say seriously towards their body that they even forget about their important daily chores. The exercises they do varies from person to person whether he wants to gain muscles or wants slim body and depending upon their choice they are being guided by the trainer to do the exercises.

In order to be fit exercises are not the only requirement, a properly balanced diet is the main criteria, and it plays a very important role in shaping the body. If we are continuously doing heavy exercises without the intake of the proper diet, then all our doings will simply be a waste. In other words, we can say that both balanced diet and exercises are inter-related. One cannot just think of a strong body if he is mainly focused towards one of the things. A person should think about both of these things in shaping the body. Well, apart from the food and the heavy exercises it is also crucial to know that which exercises should be done which is required to get the result.

10 bodyweight exercise to get perfect body shape


One day when I saw my friend doing wrong workouts, I thought of writing this article to make the viewer understand about the exercises to make the body in shape. Many people think that there is no such specific exercise and simply doing the workouts their body will be automatically in shape. But it’s not true, and people should know about these thinks. Simply doing the exercises will not bring your body into shape. Sometimes the wrongdoing can cause an adverse effect on your body. So, I am here with this article that would tell you about the ten bodyweight exercises which one should do to bring their body into shape.


Bodyweight exercises include the following exercises that use body weight as resistance and by continuing doing only one can have control over these exercises.

  1. PUSH-UPS: – Push-ups are considered to be the best bodyweight exercise, and it has also been said that it is the best exercise ever in comparison to the machine based exercises. The main thing about push-ups is that it can be done anywhere and it exercises our chest, biceps, triceps. It is an all in one exercise in comparison to other bodyweight exercises. To do push-ups, one should keep the arm just below the shoulder and widen their legs to an appropriate distance. One should keep his/her face in the neutral position and go down by applying force to the ground. While going down, it is very important to note that our back must be straight.

body weight exercises

2. LUNGES: – Lunges is also one of the best bodyweight exercise that one can do without machines and is considered to be the best one for our legs. In this exercise, the person walks up-to-the appropriate distance by alternatively bending the legs such that both of them make an angle of 90 degrees.

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3. SIT-UPS: – It is also a bodyweight exercise that is done without the help of machines and is considered to be the best exercise for making abs. In this exercise, one has to rest his/her upper part of the body on the ground and bend the legs such that the knee is pointing upward and the feet pointing forward. The hands must be behind the head with fingers locked and raise the upper part of the body by applying pressure on the abs.

bodyweight workout and excercies

4. GLUTE BRIDGE: – It is also done without machines. In this exercise, the person rests his upper part of the body on the ground with their hands also resting on the ground. The legs are bend as in the case of sit-ups, and the hip is raised off the ground by applying force on the ground through the feet.

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5. SPIDER LUNGE: – In this exercise, the body is in the same position as in a case of push-ups and in the same position only legs are moved forward and again move it backwards in the rest position alternatively such that in each step both the legs are 90 degrees to each other.

bodyweight exercises

6. DEADLIFT: – Deadlift exercise is one of the versatile exercises that works on our arms, legs, and butt. It burns the fat, maintains our posture and increases the pumping action of the heart. There are many types of deadlift exercise that a person does, but the most common done is the exercise that we see in the weightlifting sport, where a person lifts the weight according to their convenience.

7. BENCH PRESS: –  This is the most common exercise for the men’s fitness which works on chest, biceps, and triceps. It seems to be easy but it ‘s hard to do unless the true technique is known to us. In this exercise, the person lays down with the upper portion of the body on the bench. After choosing a suitable weight bar one first pulls the bar towards his/her middle of the chest and then applying force to the bar through the hands the bar is pushed upwards. The step is repeated until the person stops.

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8. SQUATS: – It is known as the king of exercises suited for the lower part of the body. The exercise can be done either by using weights or without using it. When someone is using the weights, then the person put the bar on the back, that is on the shoulder and fully bend down with the weight, and in the absence of the weight, he does the same thing without external pressure on the back.

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9. TRICEP DIPS: – It is one of the toughest exercises that one does in order to shape his body, and it can be done either with the help of elevating equipment or without using the equipment. In this exercise the one who is doing the exercise with the help of elevating equipment push the body upwards by applying force on the rod. This exercise mainly works on our triceps.

10. PULL-UPS: – In this exercise, the person hangs by holding the hands on the rod and then push the body upwards by applying force in the opposite direction. This exercise makes the person taller and makes our arms stronger.

the Only 10 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape

Here are all the categories of bodyweight exercises which can help your body to get in shape.



To become slim it is very important to do workouts in the gym, but if one is not comfortable in going to the gym, then the advice of the health advisor or the doctor must be taken. Simply just dieting will not make you slim.


The answer is straightforward to yes. There are lots of online personal training site are running which can help you to do your exercises perfectly and help you to become slim asap. They having lots of online video tutorials which can guide you on all your way.


There are many exercises which one can do at their home in order to get slim arms and shoulders. One can do push-ups, pull-ups, triceps dips to help you tone up your arms and shoulders.