“It is easier to stay in shape if you never let yourself get out of shape in the first place.”

Sounds easy, but it did not work out well for me. Physical fitness is an essential element to measure a healthy lifestyle. Not only your body, your face and neck also require exercises to stay toned.

face exercises


If you want to avoid innovative face treatment and invasive injections, it’s time to follow the yogic way to sculpt a face like Angelina Jolie. But remember, consistency is vital, so keep reading to find different face exercises to get chiseled cheeks.


What is Facial Exercise? Do Face Exercises Really Work?

Facial exercises consist of making repetitive motions and broad expressions to build and tone the facial muscles. The primary purpose of doing the exercise is to avoid facial aging caused by the loss of elasticity.


facial exercises for women

Doing face exercises may help produce exceptional resistance training to the face by strengthening the jaw and skin under the eye. A study conducted at Northwestern University showed that doing facial exercises for 20 weeks straight daily makes a face appear fuller and youthful.

The participants, sixteen in all, went through an exercise protocol of 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks. After the completion of the study, the participants deemed themselves 3 years younger than before.

If you stick to the dedicated time to perform exercises, favorable results can be seen without fail.


Which Foods Causes Face Fat?

You may think that particular food may lead to bloating of the body, but did you know it also increases face fat. If your face looks unusually puffy, it is time to notice the difference.

face exercises

Here is the list of snacks you must avoid at all costs if you want a slimmer face:

  •   Sushi
  •   Milk
  •   Cheese
  •   Pretzels
  •   Ramen
  •   Alcoholic beverages
  •   French Fries
  •   Chips
  •   Soy Sauce
  •   Teriyaki Sauce
  •   Meats like bacon, salami, and ham

There is no other way to prevent face bloating from foods that are high in carbohydrates and salt. It is better to avoid these kinds of foods and focus on healthier diets with less refined carbs.


Facial Exercises For Women To Stay Toned

Are you ready to hit the skin gym? Here are the different face exercises you need to give a try.

face exercises

1. Upper Eye Exercise

Upper eye exercise gives a little boost to your face. Take three middle fingers of your hands and place them beneath your eyebrows. Now push the eyebrows up and use your forehead muscles to push down against the fingertips.

face exercises

Hold this position for ten seconds, and in the middle, close your eyes and keep your eyebrows anchored. After ten seconds, relax your position and repeat it again at least three times.

2. Puffer Fish Press

Pufferfish Press is a famous face exercise that helps you reduce the laugh lines around your mouth. Although the appearance of the pose is weird, I usually do it when I am working, making sure that nobody is around. 

facial exercises for women

  •   Close your mouth
  •   Puff up your cheeks firmly
  •   Move the air from one cheek to another
  •   Repeat this action every 30 seconds.

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3. Facial Yoga

Doing facial yoga has so many benefits. Just like how our body relieves tension by yoga, it increases blood circulation in your face and neck. All you need to do is hold back your breath and expel air out in a disciplined manner.

face exercises

How to do this exercise?

Stand straight, take a deep breath. Now puff your cheeks, all the while holding your breath in. Hold the breath as much as you can and exhale through your nose. Repeat these procedures at least 10 times a day for visible results.

4. The Jaw Flex

If you want a toned jawline, this face exercise is the right one for you. Believe me, if you have a double chin like my cousin, this will be the right one to give you a defined look. 

face exercises

  •   First, joust your head back and look at the ceiling.
  •   Start moving your lower lip over your upper lip. While doing this pose, you might feel jaw muscles near your ears.
  •   Hold this exercise for 10 seconds and complete 10-15 sets every day.

5. Neck Curl Up

Reducing wrinkles on the face and neck is very important. This exercise is similar to an abdominal exercise. It is usually done by lying on your back with a tongue press on the roof, activating the neck muscles.

facial exercises for women

  •   Firstly, bring your chin up to your chest and lift your head off the ground for 2 inches.
  •   Continue this position by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions without lifting your stomach.


What Exercises Slim Your Face?

This question is posed by many women on the internet to know whether face exercises really work, or is it just bogus? But various studies do suggest that facial exercises make your skin look more supple and younger. People committed to achieving natural beauty feel happy to save money spent on expensive beauty products.

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20 weeks of this exercise can give you firmer upper and lower cheeks. Here are some facial exercises to help you get a firm face.

1. Jawline Defined

To do this exercise:

  • Join your hands together under your chin in a flat fist.
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and keep your chin tucked away from your chest.
  • Repeat this exercise for at least 5 counts.

2. Eye-firming cheek plumber

Place your hands horizontally below your lower lash line on the cheekbones. Make sure the index fingers are under your lashes while the fingers are placed under cheekbones. This is where you press your hands on the skin to hold the muscles.

Squint your eyes simultaneously by squeezing cheeks up. It looks similar to making a sour face.

Hold this position for 5 seconds and iterate it at least 5 times a week.

3. All Over Face Tone

This exercise is about forging a resistance under your chin again by putting your hand together in a flat fist. Make sure to squeeze every smooth muscle in your face and pucker your lips. Alternate the exercise and hold for five counts and repeat these three to five times.


How to Enhance Your Face Exercise Routine?

facial exercises for women

If you want to see results, you need to properly optimize exercises in doing them regularly:

  1. Consistency is the key according to experts, you have to do facial exercises six days a week for at least 12 weeks straight.
  2. After this time, your face starts to look younger, and it can be maintained if you keep up your face exercise routine. If you do the exercise while watching TV, it can fit into your schedule.
  3. Another valuable insight given by expert Marino is to stick to upward motions. If we are manually toning the face, it is necessary to always move in an upward motion.
  1. Do not pull or continuously tug at your skin. High pressure is not going to make your face slimmer. When it concerns your face, you have to give firm pressure. The ligaments and other layers of tissues can handle the workout. So, make sure to apply firm pressure to get them moving.


What are the Benefits of Facial Exercise? Does Chewing Gum Help The Jawline?

Here are the top 4 benefits of facial exercise:

facial exercises for women

  •   It strengthens the muscles in your face.
  •   It increases blood circulation.
  •   You can see the reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face.
  •   It firms and tightens the facial skin.

Does Chewing Gum Help The Jawline?

Chewing gum can aid in your jawline definition. It may sound ridiculous, but it is one of the easiest ways to lose your face fat.

If you do not have enough schedule to do face exercises, chewing gum can be your last-ditch attempt to work those muscles all day long. So, yes, chewing gum, does help tighten up your jawline and chin area.

But excessive chewing games can lead to many jaw problems. It can also result in jaw clicking and headache.

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Does Your Face Need a Workout? According to People’s Opinion and Internet Research

 Take a look at these screenshots to know what people are thinking about Face Exercises.

face exercises

facial exercises for women

The Bottom Line

Doing facial exercises regularly can make you look younger, and science seems to support it too. The participants did the exercise for 30 minutes a day to make it younger and attractive. So, if you like to stick with this 30-minute challenge, you could possibly look a couple of years younger. 

The exercises can make your face look sillier, so make sure to close the bathroom door before starting to work up your muscles. The results will speak for themselves with proven efficacy over time.


People also ask

1. How can I lose my double chin fat?

  •   Do ball exercise
  •   Tongue stretches
  •   Neck stretches
  •   Avoid processed foods
  •   Eat avocados and nuts
  •   East three servings of fruits

2. How can I slim down my face?

  •   Do facial exercises
  •   Eat more fiber
  •   Limit alcohol consumption
  •   Do cardio as a routine
  •   Reduce refined carbs intake

3. What causes face fat?

Face fat occurs due to weight gain, and it is caused by wrong foods; sometimes, it can be genetic too.

4. Do Models Do Face Exercises?

Huh…weird question. I found this question on the internet in the “People Also Ask” section. So. Yes, models do face exercises to enhance their gorgeous visages. They give special care to working out their lip, jaw, and cheek muscles.


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