Facebook messenger secrets

Facebook Messenger Secrets And Tricks Of 2020 (Latest Hacks & Updates)

Some Hidden Tricks And Secrets Of Facebook Messenger and Explore or of the Unique Icons


It all started when Facebook removed the direct messaging feature in 2014 from the Facebook app, forcing the users to download a separate app called Facebook Messenger which works both on the app and the web.

The story of the Facebook messenger began to take a spiral of development from then on with multiple introductions of features headed by David A Marcus. Also, Facebook announced a myriad of interesting Facebook tricks and secrets on the go.

Facebook messenger secrets


It even has chatbots to help with the business where you can order flowers, get news updates, and check flight status as well.

You might use Facebook Messenger every day but I guarantee you there are some Facebook Messenger secrets you’re still not aware of!

Did you know that you can even hail a ride using Facebook messenger? Do you want to know some of the hidden tricks and facebook secrets to juice up your conversation with friends?  Read more to find out.


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Why Do Most of The People Use Facebook Messenger? Why Did Facebook Launch Messenger as a Separate Platform For Messaging, Do You Know?

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users making it a famous free messaging platform in the world second only to WhatsApp, which by the way, is also owned by Facebook. 

Facebook messenger icons


A lot of people use apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line to text, but what makes Facebook messenger popular? Because it’s a free messaging app that has all the cool features like chat, video call, and many which I’ll be answering later on.

From August 2014, Facebook started to encourage people to install their Facebook Messenger app. Facebook claims they have done it to give the best chat experience possible, which helps in loading messages 20% faster and enable rich interactions

But the real reason might be odd because as a company, Facebook wants to access you more as a user and spread its tentacles far and wide. And that’s why they bought WhatsApp as well, targeting users who are not interested in Facebook secrets.


Some Of The Best Features And Hidden Settings Of The Facebook Messenger? 

Facebook Messenger app has become a titan of communication in recent years. Things have changed, and now a day cannot pass by without hitting one of those blue icons and slinging stickers in your chats. You’ll be waiting to know when Facebook secrets show up.

Facebook messenger settings


Let me share with you some of the nifty features and hidden settings you didn’t know before to upgrade your conversation to another level. 


1. You Can Use Messenger Without a Facebook Account

Some people who would like to steer clear away from signing up for a Facebook account, but you can still have fun in the messenger app without an account too. 

At the login page just tap on the option that you don’t have an account, and you will be able to create an account without hassle. Many chats and friends will be found on your phone’s contacts list itself.


2. Playing Instant Games

When you hit the little plus symbol in the bottom left when you’re in a conversation you’ll find a games icon. You can fire up games like snake, PAC-MAN, and Solitaire as time-wasters. You can play it in group chats to be more competitive too.


3. Make Plans With Your Pals

Messenger has a tremendous solution to schedule a time, activity, and location to hang out with your friends which will serve as a reminder. Just tap the four dots in the typing field and click on reminders which will send a timely reminder to your pals.

Now they can’t give terrible excuses for running late or altogether ditching.


4. Assigning Nicknames

Now, you can assign witty and humorous nicknames for your friends from the Facebook messenger settings. From the top of the chat window, tap ‘nicknames’  and add an amusing nickname.


5. Reacting to Messages

To give a perfect response in the chat, you can just press and hold on the message and choose the desired emoji from the numerous arrays which suit your mood. This shows you have acknowledged the message your friend has sent.


Can You Track The Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger? Is It Even Possible?

Not many people know about the secret conversation on Facebook messenger settings. 

First of all, to turn on and start a secret message, both parties must turn on secret messaging on the messenger. 

Facebook secrets


They need to be in the contacts list synced with Facebook. Now, to turn on the secret messaging option in the Facebook messenger settings. Then select a contact and invite them to the secret conversation. Their pictures and messages will be in blue.

A small red mini clock-like icon will be visible while you message, here, you can click the icon and make the text disappear after one day or one hour. 

Is it possible to track the secret conversation on Facebook messenger? How to view someone else’s Facebook messages? 

The secret conversations in the Facebook messenger app are end-to-end encrypted, which means the messages are just for you and the other person to see only. 


How Can You Hide a Secret Conversation And Is It Possible To Recover Once It Is Lost?

You can easily hide your secret conversations by archiving it. 

  1. Go to your  Facebook Messenger
  2. Long tap on the conversation you want to hide 
  3. Then tap ‘Archive’

Facebook messenger tricks


Now is it possible to retrieve the lost conversations?

Sadly, there is no way to recover a Facebook conversation once you have deleted it. It’s gone from your side forever. The simple way to find the lost conversation is to ask the other recipient for screenshots or copies of the conversation or check in the archived conversations.


The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Messenger | 20 Tips and Tricks you must know while using Facebook messenger in 2020.

If you are a person who’s always on Facebook Messenger to communicate with friends and strangers, then this is the perfect app that can be used for more than just a fundamental conversation.

Facebook tricks


Let me enlighten you some of the tricks and tips you weren’t aware of in 2020-

1. Facebook Messenger Can Be Used on The Web

Visit Messenger.com from any of the browsers, and you have a Facebook messenger right in your hands without having to download the actual app. You can access calls, video chats, photos, and mute notifications on the website.

Facebook tricks


You can save your 35 MB of storage to download something else!


2. Make Voice and Video Calls

Using voice calls and starting a video call is very simple, making it one of the easiest Facebook messenger secrets available in the list. Other outstanding features include sharing voice messages. Even if the person you want to talk to isn’t online, they can listen to it later.

3. Do You Want Assistance With Repairs?

Did you know that through Facebook messenger, you can hire companies that can help with home project managers? Just ping them, and you’ll be able to set up appointments using these best Facebook tricks.

4. Want To Send Money?

Facebook Messenger lets you pay money to your friends and family. Just open your chat and tap the blue + icon and tap the green payment option. Set up your payment account and transfer the amount you have to pay for split dinner, rent, or anything.

Facebook messenger tricks

5. Photo Magic

Now that we have started to get to the interesting point of Facebook tricks, let’s get on with the magical features of a messenger called “Photo Magic.” Go to settings> Photos> Photo Magic.

It will notify you if it detects a new picture in the gallery.

6. Share Location

Did you know apart from the Facebook app you can also share your location in messenger? To enable it first go to one of your chats then click on the icon. Yow will see the location option there and just hit the send button.

7. Conversation With Emoji

You can use a certain emoji as a theme for your conversation you’re about to have. Additionally, you can customize the emoji too. Choose one specific emoji you feel that is unique for the conversation after tapping the person’s name.

When does facebook messenger show active

8. Changing The Emoji’s Skin Tone

Would you like to come out of the traditional color of emoji? Then surprise! There is another Facebook trick that allows you to diversify your emoji’s by changing the color of your emoji. 


Facebook ignore messages


Settings> Photos & Media> Emoji (Android) Settings> Emoji (iOS)

9. Support Multiple Accounts

On the other hand, if you are one of the people who own multiple accounts; whether it be for organizations or you just have two or more accounts, Facebook Messenger supports multiple Accounts.

Facebook messenger icons


To add a new account; click your profile and go to ‘Switch Accounts,’ Click the ‘+’ button, add your info and click ‘Add/OK.’

To switch to an already added account; click your profile and go to Switch Accounts, tap on the account you want to login to, put in your password if prompted, and click ‘OK.’

10. Adding Cute Nicknames

Most probably, you might have made some close friends who love to be called by nicknames or not. It isn’t really up to them anyway.

Sometimes, most of them might be going with their surnames now, so to save yourself from the huge confusion, you can approach the Messenger’s Nickname feature. All you have to do is click on their name and the option will show up.

11. Messenger Code

Facebook recently introduced a new feature to its messenger app, except it is not actually new.

Facebook messenger settings


Similar to how Snapchat has a Snapchat code, FB has introduced Messenger Code. Their functions are the same, i.e., to alleviate the messy process of adding new friends.

You can view your messenger code by tapping on your profile and clicking on your profile pic in the middle of the screen. In the left tab, you have the ‘Scan Code,’ and in the right tab, you have ‘My Code.’

12. Uber/Lyft Rides

Facebook entered into a partnership with Uber and Lyft in 2015. Since then, you can book a cab using your Facebook Messenger app without leaving the messenger app.

Facebook messenger secrets


To request a ride, click on the little car icon on the bottom of your screen. You can then choose the service you require from the pop-up.

To avail this feature, Uber/Lyft service has to be available in your city. You will also need to sign up and have the Uber/Lyft app installed. 

The first time you do this, you will be guided through a small setup process; however once done, you will be able to view Uber/Lyft as one of your contacts and chat with them to request their services, making it one of the Facebook messenger secrets.

13. Messenger Day

Messenger Day is Facebook Messengers take on story sharing. Similar to the Instagram story, Whatsapp story, and Snapchat story, you can post various photos/videos that are deleted after 24 hours.

Facebook secrets


Messenger day boasts a collection of 5000 frames, stickers, and effects to satisfy all your story needs.

Your story along with your friends are shared at the top of the Messenger app. You will have to update your Messenger app to its latest version to make use of this feature.

14. Secret Conversation

To all you Privacy Savvy people out there, Facebook Messenger has one to one encrypted communication, i.e., “Secret Conversation.” They use Signal Protocol (Which even Edward Snowden approves of) such that only you and the other person can view it.

Facebook secrets

Tap on the information ‘i’ icon in the chat of the person you intend to start a secret conversation with and tap ‘Go to Secret Conversation.’ You will be directed to a new chat where all your messages are encrypted.

You can send messages with a timer such that they self-destruct after they’re seen, and the timer is up. Almost James Bond right?


15. Message Requests

Did you know that you have another folder of messages that you don’t see?

Facebook tricks


Facebook Messenger titles it ‘Message Requests.’ These are messages sent by people who are not in your friend list. Facebook Messenger typically associates these messages with spams and doesn’t send you a notification. Only in rare cases where it thinks you might know the person who sent the message will you be prompted.

Tap on your contact list, found at the bottom of the app, and tap ‘Message Requests’ to access these messages. It might be a good idea to periodically check this other inbox in case you miss a message from someone you might know, making it one of the Facebook messenger secrets.


Facebook Messenger has a load of chatbots available for you to fiddle with.

Ever wondered what it is like to chat with an algorithm?

Facebook messenger tricks


Tap the lightning-shaped icon on the bottom right of the app and select any of the bots from the list to find out!

From NEWS organizations such as CNN, Wall Street Journal or The Guardian to sports news such as Machaao (Cricket assistant) and Goal.com to organizations such as 1-800 Flowers to directly buy flowers; there is a plethora of bots available to satisfy all your chatbot needs.

17. Third-Party Apps

Now, Facebook Messenger has a load of third-party app support. To view them, open any chat and tap the ellipsis on the lower right side of the app. There you will find an option for ‘Get apps for Messenger’; which has all compatible apps listed.

If you need to send a word document from your Dropbox; you can install the Dropbox messenger app. What about sharing music with your friends? Use the Spotify extension to make use of Facebook messenger secrets.

There are various games as well as an app that are compatible with messengers such as Giphy, Bitmoji, Pinterest, Gfycat, and more.

18. Facebook Lite

For all you people who have a slow, bad, or limited internet connection, you can download and try Facebook Lite.

When does facebook messenger show active


It is fast and is only 10MB in size. It uses less mobile data and works everywhere.

It also runs on most phones as long as your phone uses Android version 2.3 or higher.

19. Organizing Group Conversation

If we want to communicate with multiple persons within a conversation then it’s a great way available here for organizing such a conversation. 

Facebook messenger tricks


For that, we just need to start a group conversation by opening a new window and giving the names of the person we want to include in the conversation. 

We also can leave the group whenever we want. We just need to click the information button followed by three vertical dots for more options.

20. Save on Data Plan, Downloading Media Using WiFi Only

Generally, the messenger allows us to send or receive photos and videos automatically. That is good when the phone’s data connection is off. But when a data connection is on, it can cause consuming more data at a faster rate. Also, we can shorten the use of data by clicking the gear icon on the topmost right side of the chat. Then we just need to use fewer data options.

Also read, 5 Questions About The New Facebook News Service

If stickers aren’t your thing, you can also input various Gifs. You can choose from the top trending GIFs or search for an appropriate GIF. Just click on the emoji icon and swipe for stickers or GIFs.


21. Stickers

Stickers are the sweetest thing of the messenger. There are a lot of stickers showing different expressions. Some of them are very funny too. If you click on the smiley face, the sticker will start to pop up. We just need to download the stickers which we want to use.

If we don’t want to see the notification for a while then we can easily mute the notifications until some time. 


22. Messenger Story

Like Snapchat, Facebook also introduced a story option on Facebook and Facebook messenger through messenger Camera.

Now you can share your moments or customized any photo with tonnes of face masks, stickers, filters, and frames.

you can also choose to whom you want to share your story but unlike Snapchat, your story does not fade away in 24 hours making it a worthy Facebook trick.

Just go to the setting option of the Facebook messenger, there you will see your profile pic surrounded by a mind-blowing frame, tap on that frame your messenger code, your messenger code will be displayed, now you can share code to the friend who is searching you for a while.

Or if you want to find a friend, then where your image code is displayed there you will find another tab ” scan code”, tap on it, your camera will be open, now scan your Friend’s image code and get instantly connected through this amazing Facebook messenger secrets.

23. Filter Messages on Facebook

Facebook is known to have two kinds of filtering systems – the basic and the strict. Under basic filtering, users will be able to see messages in their inbox from their friends, friends of friends, etc. Strict filtering, on the other hand, blocks messages from unknown persons.


How to Take polls in Facebook Messenger?

Are you facing an endless argument in a group chat on Facebook Messenger, then the best way to handle it is by casting a vote? That’s where the Poll option comes to use.


  1. First, open your Facebook Messenger App.
  2. Now, go to your group conversation.
  3. Click on the four-dot menu button from the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the Polls option.
  5. Fill your questions with possible answers.
  6. Now, click on Create Poll.

How Many Types of Icons Does Facebook Messenger Have? Check out some of These Rare Facebook Messenger Icons

Facebook messenger icons


I have researched some of the common icons that are used on Facebook messenger. Aren’t you curious to know what they mean?

There are four Facebook messenger icons list  – 


1. Open Blue Circle

Facebook secrets

This pretty open blue circle means that your message is currently being sent. So don’t venture away from the message while this symbol is present, as there will be a risk of losing your message if you exit suddenly.


2. Open Blue Circle With a Check Symbol

Facebook messenger secrets

This symbol means your message has been sent to the recipient. Now, you can safely navigate away from the chat session without any worries about losing your message.

3. Filled Blue Circle With Check

Facebook messenger settings This filled blue circle means your message is delivered. The recipient may not have seen the message, but it is available to them when they check your phone in the meantime.

4. Red Triangle With an Exclamation

Facebook messenger icons

This symbol is usually visible if the message is not sent due to internet connection usage. To ensure that your text is not lost don’t venture away from the page until the connection is restored.

What Are The Facebook Terms And Conditions When It Comes To Privacy And Why You Must Be Aware of It?

The aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal had a major backlash on Facebook’s obsessive data collection policies. The contract you sign-up is non-negotiable on Facebook, which means parents know what their kids are getting into and it is as important as knowing about the Facebook messenger icons list

Facebook messenger icons


1. Facebook Wants To Bring The Whole Community Together

The Facebook agreement is a commercial one. As you become more connected and millions of others are connected, more money Facebook makes by selling your personal info. (note that it only sells demographic info and not your address or email)


2. Facebook Wants To Customize Your Experience

Facebook’s privacy policy also states that the data of the users in connection with choices and settings and sharing are to personalize the experience.


3. Helps You Connect With People And Organizations 

Facebook enables you to maintain stronger ties with communities and believe in connecting groups and organizations you care about. It basically wants you to have a lot of connections and know what kind of target audience you are.


4. Facebook’s Terms of Service Are Just a Part of The Story

Facebook’s new term of service usage policy that can be easily understood by the general audience is not the entire deal. Because you have to visit the company’s data and privacy policies to understand the whole deal better. Some of the terms in the contract are quite misleading.


Facebook Messenger is available on every platform like the Web and windows phone. People feel that Facebook messenger with its high-quality features like sending money and sticker options. So take a look at some of the reviews-

Facebook messenger settings
Facebook ignore messages

The Bottom Line

More than 1.3 billion people have been using the Facebook messenger app each month. But is it worth it with the secret and hidden features? Yes, despite the bad reputation Facebook has gained regarding privacy issues,  it has given a lot of ever-innovative ways to present your conversation with friends and groups along with the Facebook messenger icons list.

There are a lot of third-party apps that are lined up with Facebook to make your experience, even more, smoother and simple. You can also use fun 3D animations to make your messages look interesting.  So, What are you waiting for?



1. Is messenger really private?

No messenger is not entirely private, but if you use a secret conversation feature, then your chats will be equipped with end-to-end encryption.

2. Is there a difference between a Facebook messenger and Facebook?

Messenger is just a part of Facebook, while Facebook is the social media network. There is a difference in its storage capacity and features too.

3. Can someone access my messenger?

Facebook messenger app has fair security with end-to-end encryption. The protocols used in the messenger app are the same as the one used in banking and other secure sites.

4. Can you be logged in to Facebook on two phones?

Yes, you can be logged into Facebook with multiple devices, there are no restrictions on the number of logins you can make using the same credentials. Two computers, a computer, and phone, phone and tablet, etc.

5. Can the police monitor Facebook messages?

Yes, Facebook monitors your chats for suspicious criminal activities, and they have the right to report to the police if they find something out of the ordinary.


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