Do you know that more than a billion user of WhatsApp send 60 billion messages per day? To accommodate this huge influx of user traffic, WhatsApp has been consistently introducing new features and changes to its messaging service. But most of these changes go unnoticed as the messaging platform quietly introduces them without caring much about the publicity. For that reason, it’s likely that you may not have heard of many of those changes or upgrades.

On the face, WhatsApp looks like a basic and simple instant messenger. It has not brought any radical changes to its interface or looks. But the introduction of third-party apps like Xnspy WhatsApp spy app has equipped the users with some new tricks, and WhatsApp has itself offered a number of interesting features that can be really useful for the users.


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Following are some of the top tips and tricks about WhatsApp that you must not miss out:

1. Get Rid of Blue Ticks of Misery

Suppose you are in the middle of something important and suddenly your phone beeps. You pull out your phone, glance at it briefly and get back to what you were doing. In this case, you clearly had no time to reply immediately. However, you don’t want the sender to know that you have seen his/her message. We all don’t want our near ones to feel ignored if we fail to reply to them for a couple of hours. The blue ticks in your WhatsApp take this privilege away.


The good news is that the messenger app has realized this error and silently introduced a workaround so that you get back your liberty to reply at a convenient time.

This is how you can do it. In your WhatsApp Settings menu, tap on the Account option, then click on the Privacy where you would find the option to turn off Read Receipts. Toggle it off. But after turning this off, you will no longer be able to see the blue ticks for your messages as well. That’s the only hitch here.

2. Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

While you are busy playing tricks with your own WhatsApp, how about doing the same on someone else’s WhatsApp? What if you want to see someone else’s deleted WhatsApp messages without getting noticed? Yes, this is possible. A WhatsApp spy app makes it possible for you to read WhatsApp messages on any person’s phone without giving them a clue about it. For that matter, you can use Xnspy on the target person’s phone and sneak into their WhatsApp without them knowing.

There is no long list of requirements to use Xnspy. You just need to subscribe to the app by visiting their website It works on both iPhone and Android and supports their latest as well as the previous versions. After subscribing to Xnspy, the WhatsApp spy app gives you access to the target phone’s WhatsApp and everything in it. You can see not only the chats but all the call logs and shared media on the target phone. Above all, you can see the deleted messages on the WhatsApp because Xnspy quickly uploads them on your account before the user deletes them.

3. Read WhatsApp Messages Offline

Sometimes we are so busy not to reply to any messages but the lure of the messenger wants us to read all the chats. So how can you read the messages on your WhatsApp without getting online? There is one simple way to read your WhatsApp messages without changing your last seen status. I am not talking about the Airplane Mode trick here. There is another way to do so. If you are an Android user, then use your WhatsApp widget. Any new message will be shown in your widget. You can see those messages without changing your last seen status.

Here is how you can do it. Long-tap any empty space on your Android Home screen. Tap Widgets on the screen and select WhatsApp in this list. Hold the widget that is showing messages in it. Drag it to your home screen. Any new messages will be shown in this widget that you can easily remove or add any time after reading the messages. And there is no compulsion to have a widget added to your home screen before you receive a new message.

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4. WhatsApp Keylogging

Agreed that tracking a single key does not give enough information, but sometimes a single word is all that you need to dig a secret. For this reason, keyloggers are in vogue that record every key the user presses on the device. While they have been in the market for computers and tracking keyboards strokes, keylogging smartphone chats and especially WhatsApp activity is relatively new. And luckily, there is one way you can track the keystrokes on an Android phone using WhatsApp spy app. Xnspy offers another trick under your sleeves with a keylogger feature in its latest version for the Android phones.
To use this feature, install Xnspy on the target phone by subscribing to it. It will record the keystrokes on the phone and upload it to your Xnspy account. In your account, look for the Keylogger option in the features list. Click on it to see the recorded messages. Another perk of using Xnspy WhatsApp spy app is that it not only logs WhatsApp chats, but also other major messaging platforms including Facebook, Skype, Viber etc. You will see all the keystrokes logged to your Xnspy’s person online account.

Xnspy Keylogger

Figure 1 Xnspy Keylogger

5. Send WhatsApp Messages without Changing Last Seen Status

I have already shared how can you see the WhatsApp messages without changing your last seen status, but is there a way to send messages from WhatsApp without updating the last seen status? There is one way you can do this without opening your WhatsApp. Google Assistant would help you in doing so. To do this, you would first need to set up Google Assistant on your phone. If you already have it, launch your Google Assistant by pressing the Home button of your Android phone.

Give the following command to your Google Assistant: “Send a WhatsApp message to Jason.” Include the contact name (Jason in this case) in the command and make sure the number already saved in your contact list. The Assistant will then ask you to dictate the message. After you are done speaking the full message, it will confirm before sending the message. In this way, you can send a message without changing your last seen status.

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