Without any doubt, in today’s time, machine learning is everywhere. It is making progress faster than anything. Plus, machine learning brings results that we have never imagined. Hence, different companies plan to employ machine learning projects in their business by taking help from a machine learning development company.

But the question is, for what projects can one employ machine learning? Well, in this article I will be talking about it only. I will be talking about some of the common areas to consider taking machine learning development services.


So here we go:

For what projects should you employ a machine learning development company?

1. Movie Recommendations with Movielens Dataset

In today’s time, many platforms let you stream movies and TV shows online. But as a viewer, it is often a tedious task to find what movie or TV show to watch next. It is where machine learning can be a great help.

Machine learning shows recommendations based on your watch history and preference. So the machine learning program would understand what type of content you like to watch.


As a result, you will be able to get movie recommendations that you would actually love watching.

2. Sales Forecasting with Walmart

As of now, it is not really possible to predict future sales accurately. But businesses can definitely come close to machine learning. For instance, Walmart provides datasets for 98 products across 45 outlets. As a result, the developers can access information on weekly sales by locations and departments.

Also, the goal of this project is to make better data-driven decisions in channel optimizing and inventory planning.

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3. Stock Price Predictions

Just like sales forecasting, stock predictions can also be possible through machine learning app development services.

A machine learning program will use datasets from the past, volatility indices, and fundamental indicators to predict stock prices. Also, many online applications are already doing this.

4. Wine Quality Check

If you are a wine lover, you know that when shopping for new or unfamiliar wine, the taste can be really good or bad. Also, there is no way to tell if the wine is high quality unless you are an expert who has a lot of knowledge about wine.

However, in this case, machine learning can be used for testing the quality of the wine. A machine learning project can contain details that help in predicting the quality of the wine.

5. Breast Cancer Prediction

Using this machine learning project, you can determine the likelihood of breast tumors. A machine learning program can use different factors and consider them to predict the chances of breast cancer. For instance, it can collect data like lump thickness, number of bare nuclei, and mitosis. Also, these types of projects are already in the making and making tremendous progress.

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5. Turning Handwritten Documents into Digitized Versions

These types of projects are also coming into real life. There are lots of apps available for Android and iOS that let you turn hard written documents into digitized versions. The program uses image recognition which is one of the key areas of machine learning.

Final Words

So those were some of the project ideas where you can take the help of a machine learning development company.

 Even if you don’t know how machine learning can help you grow your business, I would recommend you talk with a machine learning software development firm. They will understand your needs and help you with your machine learning solutions development needs. 

Anyway, if you have any other questions to ask, then feel free to comment below.