With the automation of many sectors of the economy, most folks are losing their jobs to machines.  Technology has completely reshaped the nature of the workforce industry. It doesn’t take a genius to know that no matter your line of work the future won’t look like the past. The robot writing is on the wall, and it’s up to you to decide which side you want to fall on. Do you want a placeholder job or a long-term career? A few careers that have stood the time and guarantee job security are listed here.

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Nurse Practioner

This is a nurse who has the clinical abilities, knowledge and diagnostic abilities to practice independently. Whilst you have to acquire a graduate level education, the training period is not as long as that of a doctor. In response to the shortage of physicians and growing population, slots for nurse practitioners are expected to rise by about 20% over the next 10 years.


It no secret that the health sector will always have a wide gap between supply and demand and the only way to fill it up is to stack up mid-level clinicians. The aging baby boomer generation will need additional nurse practitioners for primary care services as well as long-term geriatric services.

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Truck driving

Transportation is a very vital segment in any nation’s economic political and social development. It contributes up to 10% of the nation’s GDP. Of this, a huge portion is amassed from transporting all kinds of goods from fuel to everything else in markets and stores. It’s for this reason that that truck driving offers job security.  Without truck drivers, factories, and other businesses would not be able to function efficiently. The increased demand for transportation of goods has seen truck drivers take home an average salary of $40,000.


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Law enforcement and security

The law enforcement industry encompasses a number of jobs ranging from CCTV surveillance staff to police officers and security guards. For as long we live in a democratic government peace and order will have to be maintained at all times.

For as long as people will find ways to skirt laws this industry will always be in business. Albeit the pay is not all that great especially for security guards, you are assured of job security.

Dealing with the dead

As natural as death may be, most people shy away from dealing with the dead. A number of people would rather be unemployed than be a mortician, that has created a very big demand for people with a heart to be in the presence of the dead daily.

The industry is not only limited to morticians but covers funeral directors and the ground person at a graveyard.

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Final thoughts

The length of this list may portray doom and gloom for other sectors but that’s not necessarily the case. There are still many other industries that seem to withstand the modern cutthroat completion, high pressure of global markets and mass production.